Natural Disasters & Looting! Who has Your Back? ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Despite pressure from leftist Democrat politicians, the Erie County, NY DA is courageously prosecuting two dozen people who were arrested for looting during the recent “Western NY Blizzard of 2022.”

This DA spent time in FL and personally witnessed widespread looting following hurricanes.

Accordingly, he has scant tolerance!

Several hundred more looters should have been arrested, but the police were as paralyzed as everyone else!

Those currently being prosecuted were not stealing food or vital supplies. They are all seedy criminals, stealing TV sets, etc., strictly for thievery and profit.

This spate of looting clearly demonstrates to all (except the voluntarily blind) that anything disturbing civil order, even relatively briefly and even when confined to a local area, invites instant, widespread, grievous criminality!

Like bacteria, dangerous criminals are always present and looking for low-risk opportunities to “revert to type.” There is no felony that they will not commit! They are held in check only by aggressive policing and relentless prosecution (both of which are currently out of style).

Innocent citizens, frantically digging out from this natural disaster, found themselves simultaneously confronting motivated, dauntless, dangerous criminals, with any kind of police protection far away and unavailable- for days, maybe weeks!

Leftists have told these same citizens that they can’t have guns because they “don’t need them!” Leftist hypocrites mouthing this “advice” are themselves, of course, heavily armed!

“Private-sector preparedness is not a luxury! It represents ‘the cost of doing business’ in our post-9/11 world. It is ignored at tremendous risk- in lives, money, and national security.” ~ 9/11 Commission Report, 2004

In 2023, it would appear politicians have sincerely taken their own 2004 advice,

… but don’t want us to!


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc

As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor, John Farnam will urge you, based on your beliefs, to make up your mind about what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to ensure that its students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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John Farnam
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The only thing unusual about the Buffalo looting was it the first time many of us ever saw them use a snowstorm as cover. It’s unfortunate police weren’t more assertive in protecting these defenseless shopkeepers. Because you can be sure that Buffalo police were huge factors in why these shopkeepers are unarmed and defenseless in the first place,

Monkey Mouse

New York laws doomed these shopkeepers – you don’t comply, you get jail and lose your business too. But criminals are free to do what they want as always.


All it takes is a few examples – laying frozen in the snow with heads stove in by a stout piece of Hickory. Nobody knows who did it – gee, what happened to Rastus? “I doan knows – he waz dare den he wadnt”….lol.


These “shopkeepers”, in fact ALL shopkeepers, homeowners, and residents who care about their well being, those of their neighbors etc..need to start preparing better. You buy yourself items for self defense, you do NOT tell others you have those items. When that kind of stuff happens, you disguise yourself, establish a location that the looters and others would have a tough time identifying you – or you follow them to a place where there will be few if any witnesses. Then, you deal with them. Ruthlessly. No quarter given. Word will get out. Next disaster – no problems. Running around… Read more »

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Wild Bill

I shared that very information with the guy that drives the propane truck. If the SHTF, he is coming over with his family … and the propane truck.


We had a major snow storm and some people lost power for 9 days. Just before it hit the east coast.

I visited several neighbors asking if they needed help.

There was no looting going on.

I wonder why rural America vs big city hell holes I guess.


Rural is always best.


They know rural people are armed. It’s quite the deterrent!


Rural people are armed and won’t hesitate to shoot if need be.


Not really. The urban folks know they can disappear much faster and easily in crowded urban areas. They’re bound to stick out and someone spot them in rural areas they aren’t familiar with. If they live in those rural areas, neighbors are bound to recognize their vehicles or recognize them. Besides, it’s not easy getting away on a country road with 3ft of snow and an armful of stolen food…lol.


Steve, I have a buddy that lives 7.5mi. down the road from me that has, “I don’t fire warning shots” on all his no trespassing signs. He means it too!


Ahh, but rural people usually have acreage and a shovel !


I had just started college when Hurricane Camille came roaring ashore in the French Quarter where I lived with several other Hoosier buddies from high school. One of them, a little twit wannabe thug, decided he was going to “loot” the Rexall drug store down the street once the storm hit and power went out. That didn’t sit well with me and another roommate. So we decided to throw a hurricane party. We loaded “Bones’” (the little gangsta, 5’2” 115# baddie) drink with 2 times the booze and made him start all the drinking games. Needless to say, by the… Read more »


That story beats any of Bidens haha. I moved from N.O. to Austin back in 2005 and just missed Katrina by 6 months. Dodged that bullet for sure!


Hi bigfootbob. I have been saying the same thing ever since they started the peaceful protests that the cops really did nothing about. State Government tie the cops hands and they are basically useless. It extends farther than that. Boarder Patrol Agents are taking their own lives because of the frustration of not being able to do their job which is protect the United States so the news claims. It’s a dam shame America is turning into a third world country. This year if I go on vacation, I am going to either Nevada or New Mexico to get a… Read more »


I think it is when people get piled into a small cage and there are too many of them, it becomes like a rat society and they will eat themselves. No one cares for anyone except themselves.


It’s been scientifically ( there’s that word again) researched that rats in an overcrowded environment turn to violence and homosexuality. San Francisco comes to mind .


America doesn’t have a racist problem, it has a problem race.


Very well put!


Yeah a problem RACE with a worthless criminal corrupt government that is hell bent on destroying this Country. And they want my guns. I don’t think so.


When did it become taboo to shoot looters?

Dubi Loo

Dick Daley had it right


Every since the left didn’t want you to own a gun, let alone use it on some criminal robbing your store and house and home and persons in your home including yourself. They do it on a daily basis and we must wake up and fight these gun grabbing fools. The RED FLAGGERS AND SUCH need to be gone. . Back your Constitution people and National Gun Rights people. Send them a contribution today. Not tomorrow. Join organizations that fight the liberty fighters and get rid of these gun grabbers.You notice that it happens in the big citys more than… Read more »


Twelve gage loaded with rock salt does a fairly good job of ( mostly non lethal ) discouraging the miscreants of the looting class.
Personally though , I prefer # 4 buckshot, aimed below the belly button to discourage future procreation of the species.


Looting used to be rewarded by getting shot.


There were no antiWhite riots in armed White areas for a reason, and the street and state criminals know what would happen to them. Luckily, other folks have figured that out as well and have armed up. Buffalo, had icy road Arabs using their 2nd Amendment to protect their property with deadly force, in violation of the state laws, which protect the criminals. Living criminals are job security and means to get more authority over us Citizens. Older folks used religion to force the bad people on us and expand the government. The video, had one guy excitedly cheering on… Read more »


“Older folks used religion to force the bad people on us and expand the government.” Cuckoo for Coco Puffs? Or can you substantiate your statement? From my in depth knowledge of one “religion”, and a cursory understanding of others, thievery, wanton destruction, and murder are not acceptable norms. Many admonish adherents to obey laws and some have prescriptions for misbehavior, e.g. cut off the hand of thieves. A number have tenants that tell of the ultimate destiny of unrepentant and unforgiven miscreants, e.g. eternal lake of fire. Not even being “armed up” will provide cover for your misdeeds of heart,… Read more »


I saw that too. Twisted logic. Definitely uber liberal thinking.

Wild Bill

Yeah, Buddism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hari krishna all had the same goal to force bad people on the younger generation. What a coincidence!
This pitiful fellow has been personally victimized by hundreds of generations of older persons. Soon he will be an older person, and someone younger that has adopted “victimhood” will be accusing him.

Wild Bill

Oh, I almost forgot about the good news. I read in the March 2023 issue of “Rifle Shooter” magazine, on p. 8, that Fiocchi is building a new ammunition plant in Little Rock, Ak; and building a primer plant at the same location.
Remember all the folks demanding that the ammunition industry build more factories so that their cost of ammunition would be reduced? Well Fiocchi is doing just that!!


Thank you for that bit of uplifting news! I always liked Fiocchi ammo, glad it will be made in the USA soon.


Me too, I have had good luck with Fiocchi ammo. Glad to hear it.


No, he’s not Cuckoo for Coco Puffs as far as saying that “older folks used religion to force the bad people on us and expand the government”. If you all haven’t noticed, the so called “religious leaders” have, over the past 35 years have pushed a far left agenda just to keep their precious tax exemption. It really started getting bad during the Clinton years. And yes, this is true because when did the whole “tolerance” for the Gay agenda and big gun control push begin? Soon, there was the abortion push, the LA Riots, and the whole “it takes… Read more »


Nice try, but let’s consider some fatal flaws in your assertions. First, “religion” has been an integral part of all societies for thousands of years (that’s a lot longer than “35 years”, i.e. really, really, old folks. They have provided the essential moral compass that has guided the various societies including addressing some of the items you mention, e.g. homosexuality, rioting, “takes a village”, or murder. (we should not forget these characteristics are no less “sin” than lying, adultery, stealing, cheating, or even knowingly failing to do what is right) These principles have not change even if there have been… Read more »


And you need to tell me which of the denominations did NOT take a hard left turn over the past 40 years! I’m well into my 60s, I don’t need a title of “Ol whatever” to try and burnish my credentials in that regard. I have been more than “around the block” and disagree wholeheartedly with you. I am a true believing Christian, but I have become entirely disgusted with organized religion. It’s obvious you took his reference to “older people” personally. I’m just wondering who it was that in 2002 (Patriot Act) and 1934 (NFA) and 1971 (ATF) forced… Read more »

Last edited 5 days ago by Steve

I’d suggest you might consider the advice “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” In other words that is your job. No offense taken at “old” whatsoever. I did find fault with your assertion regarding “religion”, and my reasoning was disclosed above. Age does not have a monopoly on stupidity and therefore I suggest that you might refrain from thinking so. However, in an attempt at humorously using your logic, do you think we should have a limit on voting age, e.g. no one over 25 can vote. Because the elected representatives were voted into office to proffer… Read more »


The stupid ass people voted for these stupid ass politicians that will not hold, thieves, murderers, etc. accountable for their actions you got what you voted for!!!


At this point in my life i am wondering if any of us have voted for these people!




You know damn good and well that we didn’t vote for them. Look at our last election and the 2020 election. All crooked and stolen by dimwit politicians and crooked workers of the polls. These elections were stolen Pal by NASTY NO GOOD CORRUPT POLITICIANS. They belong in PRISON. GITMO


Don’t forget the judges that said Trumps claims were unfounded and denied that the election was stolen. They are the end result of the rigged system.


Wonder why, instead, how many good people didn’t take the time to vote against these people (or vote at all)


I am sure we have. Remember when there were problems in republican strongholds where they messed with the programming of the computer and if you voted for the left your vote counted properly but if you voted for the right your vote was transferred to the left. I think that was an obumer election that it took place. One of the safest true elections we have ever had, per the left. We never had problems until Trump, the right, won. Then it became a stolen election with Russian intervention and influence. What liars.


Well when most of them are a bunch of thieves and murderers themselves what do you expect. All of the big city’s are going to shit and you can guess why. You don’t even have to guess anymore. Just watch the news clip at the top of the page.


Spot on John – but don’t forget to place a good part of the blame on more than just “far left politicians”. I do believe it was the GOP that pushed through the Patriot Act in 2001 – and multiple Congresses have been renewing that bullschitt ever since. It increased the size, and “authority” of the Federal government over “We the People” and many of these blue states have taken that baton and run even farther down the totalitarian path with it. Far to many elements in our society look to the citizenry as “unwashed masses” incapable of self reliance.… Read more »