Texas Attorney General’s Stand Against ‘Woke’ Banking

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Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB 19, the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, into law in 2021, which requires corporations competing for municipal contracts in The Lone Star State to certify they do not hold discriminatory policies against lawful firearm businesses. IMG iStock-884200682

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, praised Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton’s determination that Citigroup’s antigun discriminatory policies of refusing to conduct business with Constitutionally-protected firearm businesses violates state law.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB 19, the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, into law in 2021, which requires corporations competing for municipal contracts in The Lone Star State to certify they do not hold discriminatory policies against lawful firearm businesses. Citigroup submitted a certification letter attesting they do not hold such policies. Their own website, however, demonstrates that the corporate bank refuses business with firearm businesses that do not comply with their unconstitutional restrictions, including age-based gun bans, unlawful magazine restrictions, and bump stock bans (which was recently ruled unconstitutional in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.)

“The firearm industry is grateful for Attorney General Paxton’s steadfast commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of Texans and his refusal to bow to the corporate ‘woke’ agendas that seek to eliminate the Constitutional rights of all Americans,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “Attorney General Paxton’s determination that Citigroup is, in fact, unlawfully discriminating against firearm businesses tells these corporate entities that the Second Amendment is not for sale.”

The FIND Act requires corporations seeking to do business with the State of Texas and local governments to certify that they hold no policies that discriminate against firearms or ammunition companies and will not implement any such policies while the contracts are in force. The law ensures that taxpayer-funded contracts aren’t used to benefit policies that discriminate and deny services to firearm and ammunition-related businesses. Texas taxpayers won’t be burdened with funding discriminatory policies that undermine their rights and throttle the businesses that provide the means to exercise those rights.

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NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit nssf.org

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TX Gov Abbott and AG Paxton want to run banks out of Texas that violate our constitutional rights. The woke banks lie and then try to find ways to circumvent or even ignore TX SB19. Ken Paxton don’t like that.


We need more Ken Paxton’s in the world.


We could sure use one in WA ST. And a Greg Abbott too, for that matter.


I hope Paxton sues and wins big.


I understand that Wells Fargo has done the same thing here in Florida with a few FFLs. DeSantis and the Republican establishment has done nothing about it. Taking action is probably on the same list as Constitutional carry.


Hazcat….I’ll never understand how Desantis got a reputation for being pro-2A. He’s done nothing to get rid of ERPO’s, nothing about advancing and getting CC passed into law, and you can bet he won’t act on the woke banking problems. Law-abiding Floridians deserve so much more than Desantis will ever deliver.


Desantis has mentioned Florida gun rights in comments
while on the stump. Gasbagging for attention and a placid acceptance because he SOUNDS right on the issue.
Makes no effort no follow up.


DeSantis banned guns at his event and a gentleman was even arrested just for being near the event. DeSantis is just a typical Republican who talks a bug game about rights and then does nothing.


Thanks for the information. We keep hoping for a real leader and keep being disappointed.



Here are a couple of links about it. The man was protesting the event being a gun free zone and DeSantis was the headlining speaker at said event. This gentleman never even stepped foot on the property. He was protesting peacefully from a public sidewalk just holding a sign and the people from the event sent government thugs to harass, kidnap, and violate his rights.




Stag, sounds like something Gov. Murphy would pull in NJ don’t it? I can’t believe law-abiding Floridians aren’t raising 24/7 hell with Desantis over this and so many other infringements. Floridians will continue to have their 2A ignored and abused with Desantis as Gov. Florida doesn’t need him and the country damn sure don’t!

Last edited 3 days ago by Ope

Stag, a couple months back Desantis even pointed the blame at an 86 year old hag named Marion Hammer, and a woman named Nikki Fried for his failures to get CC passed into law. But he also said he would sign it into law if it ever crosses his desk. He knows that will never happen.


He reminds me a lot of my governor. They both claim almost the exact same thing word for word that they’ll sign any pro-gun legislation that comes to their desk and yet they’re never pushing very hard to get that legislation to their desk. My governor has the ability to call a special legislative session whenever he feels there are important things needing to be addressed that we’re left out of the regular session. The few times he’s done that he has refused to add constitutional carry, gun free zone repeal, or any other pro-2A item to that agenda. Like… Read more »


Ch*** Bank did this sort of thing back in the mid 2000’s. I opened a gun shop, initially funding it out of the proceeds of a thriving construction related business that used Ch*** Bank. Applied for a line of credit for the gun shop, and was told that Ch*** Bank would not open any new accounts with gun related businesses.


Good reason to not do business with Chase. BofA is just as bad if not worse. Find a good state chartered bank.


I have found that credit unions are far better than “banks”. Local, responsible to their MEMBRS (we are not “customers” to br fleeced and abused, but members to be respected and served). Find one that is part of the nationwide network linked together.I can do business with my tiny local CU anywhere in the US with my ATM card. Best interest rates too.




Why not spell it out instead of goig crypto? Chase Manhattan Bank, or JP Morgan CHase, are right up there with Wells Fargo, Bank of America,

Wild Bill

How is your gun shop doing?


We need a way to do away with banks. Crypto currencies could do that if they could find a stable method of creating the value of the crypto. Maybe there is a less technical way to do it, but I can not think of it. Perhaps gold backed crypto.



There is Gold backed crypto from what I understand. But I can’t remember the name. And it doesn’t hold anymore stature or usefulness than the other cryptos. I thought that would be the way to go also. To give cryptos some sort of VALUE. Besides wasted electricity. Personally if I buy gold I want to hold it. But the Govt has manipulated PMs value, just like everything else they touch. I even found a silver note in some change I received last week. It apparently was only worth face value. lol


Yes, value (backed by something real), usable (with or with out computers and networks), and independent (no government), would allow a different currency like crypto to make the flim-flam currencies of the world and their control of our lives obsolete. So crypto is a digital currency, and that allows it to make instantaneous transactions across the globe. But being digital does not mean it could not operate independently of such networks. And digital is easy to control if governments get their digital fingers in to the network, but the currency can be encrypted. Complicated, but not impossible.



I think the Govts fingers have been in it from the beginning. Question should be are they done with it ? Or are they going to use it to start a new platform that you will have no option to use if you want to participate in society ?


Unfortunately, the answer probably is that we will never have an unbiased stable currency that we can use across the world. Since the governments are responsible for that, it seems like we should use the government supply chains for our needs in time of revolt.



So right my friend.


If you know anything about the history of investing and tiniest bit of computer tech you will understand this:
Bitcoin = TulipBulb.jpg


Add Wells Fargo to that list. The National Border Patrol Museum in El Paso landed a deal to sell 100th Anniversary Commemorative Glock 47s to only active duty or retired in good standing Border Patrol Agents. Unfortunately they were banking with Wells Fargo and when Wells found out that is what the credit card purchases they were processing were going towards they canceled the credit card transactions and refuse to process any more. Awful ironic for a company that uses a stage coach with somebody riding shotgun on all their imagery.