WA Governor: ‘Ban Assault Weapons, Require Training’

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U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Washington’s Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee’s “State of the State” address to kick off the 2023 session of the State Legislature removed any questions about his intention to make life tough for Evergreen State gun owners.

He accused the “gun lobby” of having “worked for decades against commonsense gun safety measures.” He wants to require gun buyers to have “safety training before they purchase a gun.” He says, “we must increase accountability among manufacturers and dealers and give families, and victims access to justice when those entities fail to do their duty.”

Inslee wants to ban so-called “assault weapons,” and he has requested legislation to make it happen. Twenty-three House Democrats have agreed to sponsor the bill. House Bill 1180 and its companion legislation, SB 5193, would ban “assault rifles” and is written to take effect immediately upon signing. This 15-page bill lists several specific firearms that would be banned. People who inherit such firearms cannot sell them to anyone other than a licensed dealer or can turn them over to a law enforcement agency.

House Bill 1143 and its Senate companion, SB 5211, would mandate training, institute a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, and prohibit firearms transfers prior to the completion of a background check. Critics assert this creates an open-ended background check environment where the State Patrol could literally deny citizens their Second Amendment rights by simply pending the checks for weeks or months.

Critics also argue that nobody should have to get permission from a law enforcement agency in order to exercise a constitutionally-protected right. Opposition to this proposal is something Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat doesn’t seem to understand.

“Ten other states have had similar laws over the years,” he wrote recently “In 2018, researchers at Johns Hopkins compared gun violence in 136 urban counties (including four in our state) and concluded that these permits to purchase guns had cut gun homicides by 14%. How? By reducing the share of guns that fell into the wrong hands or onto the black market.

“It’s possible that the application process required to obtain a permit,” he quoted the research, “which puts the purchaser directly in contact with law enforcement, acts to hold potential purchasers more accountable and reduces the likelihood of straw purchases made on behalf of prohibited persons. The added time to conduct the background check may also make it easier to identify and screen out prohibited individuals who may be at increased risk of using that firearm to commit a homicide.”

There is an interesting theory about requiring permits to purchase, an idea that was part of neighboring Oregon’s Measure 114, which is now being challenged in federal and state courts. By having to obtain a permit and going through the check to buy a gun, the information could be used to create a de facto gun registry.

In a single day, more than 850 comments had been posted in reaction to Westneat’s column. Guns are definitely a hot-button issue in Seattle, where even liberals, according to Westneat, have guns.

Public hearings on some gun control legislation are looming. Ammoland has learned hearings on HB 1178 Concerning local government authority to regulate firearms, HB 1143 Concerning requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms, HB 1144 Enhancing requirements for the purchase or transfer of firearms, and HB 1240 – Establishing firearms-related safety measures to increase public safety are scheduled Jan. 17 at 10:30 a.m. before the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee in Olympia.

Possibly among those proposals is House Bill 1178, which is sponsored by 15 state representatives, all Democrats, according to TheGunMag.com. This bill would repeal Washington’s 40-year-old state preemption law, which the sponsors justify by lamenting in the preamble, “For over 30 years, local towns, cities, and counties have been blocked from taking action on their own to prevent gun violence because of the statewide preemption of local regulations relating to firearms. The legislature intends to provide local jurisdictions the ability to build upon statewide standards and adopt responsible approaches to firearm regulations to help address the epidemic of firearm violence in their communities by restoring inherent local authority to adopt firearm regulations that are in addition to or more restrictive than the requirements of state law under the police power to protect public health, safety, and welfare.”

Translation, according to critics: Democrat lawmakers want to surrender their responsibility for maintaining gun law uniformity from border to border in Washington. They want to turn over their authority to an assortment of municipal politicians who have supported defunding police. This would turn back Washington’s calendar four decades to a time when the state had a mish-mash of confusing and sometimes conflicting local gun ordinances.

HB 1178 is sponsored by Representatives Jessica Bateman, Steve Bergquist, Liz Berry, Lisa Callan, Beth Doglio, Davina Duerr, David Hackney, Mari Leavitt, Nicole Macri, Timm Ormsby, Gerry Pollet, Alex Ramel, Julia Reed, Sharon Tomiko Santos, and Amy Walen.

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell is a leading advocate of preemption repeal. Perhaps it sticks in his craw that the law has been used to smack down two attempts by Seattle and one by the City of Edmonds to defeat preemption in court.

In a 2011 case brought by the Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, National Rifle Association, Washington Arms Collectors and others, Seattle lost in an effort to ban guns in city park facilities. The case was known as Chan v. City of Seattle.

Eleven years later, a 2022 case known as Bass v. City of Edmonds resulted in a unanimous ruling by the state Supreme Court upholding the statute while striking down an Edmonds ordinance requiring so-called “safe storage” of firearms in the city. This ruling essentially nullified a similar ordinance adopted by Seattle.

Democrats have the majority in both houses of the Legislature, a result of not enough voters in conservative districts turning out at the last election. With Inslee in the governor’s office, it could be touch-and-go for Washington gun owners this year.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Who convinced liberals that lawmakers and paperwork could negate the age of gunpowder?

Last edited 20 days ago by Ledesma

Kind of a “Paper, Rock, Scissors” dynamic, eh?


The proposed ban and infringements with permits etc are blatantly unconstitutional, and citizens of the state should wholeheartedly advise the governor to shove those bills where the sun don’t shine. Citizens should then proceed to carry on their lives as usual, and openly exercise their 2nd amendment rights, as a display of civil disobedience, since any such laws passed would have no legal bearing, create no crime, and have no power from the moment passed per the Supreme Court’s numerous decisions on laws repugnant to the Constitution.


Many of our citizens are ignorant chicken shits.


That is a sad and irrefutable fact. The rest of us need to compensate for the I’ll-informed and yellow-bellied saps.


This is a very sad fact, Arizona. God willing more of our progeny will take root and resupply the few of us there are.


PoIiticians need training. In the Constitution. In minding their own business. In performing the will of The PeopIe.


If they obeyed the constitution, they would mind their own business. Our biggest mistake, as a citizenry, was to allow congress to make their positions full-time. Full time congresspeople have a need to be seen “doing something”, mainly just to justify the fact they’re full-time freeloaders. Thats how all these onerous laws get thought up. We are safest when congress is in recess. Congressional sessions, except during emergencies, should be limited to a month a year. It would be much harder to engage in mischief in a month. Congressional freeloaders should also not leave office significantly more wealthy than they… Read more »


We need to require politicians to pass a constitutional test to see if they hold American values to qualify for any public office .


I would be willing to bet my next social security check that there are no more than 10 governors in the country that know what year the Bill of Rights were added to the Constitution. Inslee has no idea which public bathroom he should use, male, female or IT..


THAT date should have been highly celebrated in this nation all along but I think Jesus’ Birthday took precedence on that time frame.


Montana… Lets require them to pass all background checks , (like I had to to be given my Top Secret Crypto Clearance when in the USAF) . Then require “Training” to see if they are capable of understanding any of it . Then require testing you mention !


Now THAT is an excellent piece of criteria for WANTING to SERVE THE PEOPLE!


Montana, these people would lie about anything to get into politics. These are the same people that violate their oath of office and are traitors to the country. Do you think they would hesitate to lie on some test about the constitution and their patriotism ?


It would be nice if they were threatened with long prison terms if they failed to abide by their oaths of office?


USMC, No threats involved, just sentence the scum to long prison terms. It would be amazing to watch how fast these traitors do an about face.


Ope … They should tried for Treason ! Aren’t the penalties for treason death ?


Yes but so far what they are up to does not rise to meet the definition of treason. Clearly defined in the US Constitution.


Back when I first moved to this insane state, 1978, we had more NRA members than any western state. The tech sector and WLP changed all of that. Too many basement dwelling Hotpocket eating gamer losers in that genre.

Last edited 20 days ago by Bigfootbob

Wayne Lapierre is the worst thing possible that ever happened to the former NRA, and the protection and defense of our 2A rights and freedoms. He transformed it into a total criminal enterprise. Most of the problems we still face today are a direct result of the former NRA’s compromising, pandering, and caving to the gun-grabbing scum. The former NRA won’t be missed.

Last edited 20 days ago by Ope

I don’t know where you are from but I lived in Tacoma, Lacy, Tracy and Tumwater back in 77. I found allot of commiefornians moving up there and the cops were such Aholes that I felt I should be back in Sacramento where it wasn’t as bad. Yes, really, that’s how bad the cops were. I left because of that, rain and Led Zepplin playing in kommiefornia and three more months of sunshine to play in. I was feeling sorry for myself living in oregoneistan because of more kommiefornians moving here and especially the new gun laws they are trying… Read more »


The only thing turning purple in Texas are the major cities… RURAL Texas is what holds the freedom and liberty together in this state! As I told you before, we’ll keep a spot open for ya!


Last edited 20 days ago by USMC0351Grunt

So long as the rural people that vote outnumber the city folks you are ok. If it ever changes it would be like the left coast and we both would hate to see that happen. Thanks for keeping a spot open for me.


As long as the 2A community continues to play only defense, instead of waging a vocal offense against the ocean of lies, narratives and propaganda,so far successfully fabricated by anti-gunners, we’ll be mercilessly vanquished. How about exposing their obsession with guns while never (and I mean NEVER) demanding stern punishment for criminal misuse of them, as an example? Anyone following the saga of the law-abiding citizen gun rights movement knows our arguments and narratives trump those of the pro perp movements (as I like to call them). We must launch an assault on these ninnies, exposing the danger they pose… Read more »

Last edited 20 days ago by Wass
Dubi Loo

Jay and PRICKter must have got drunk together last weekend. Bill looks like a cut and paste of the new Illinois law. I pray both will be overturned by the courts.


Still buying the nonsense ? NOT ENOUGH VOTERS TURNED OUT ! LMAO


Here we go. Washingtons Governor showing which one has the biggest set on the left coast. I guess i am glad the people voted on it here because we now have it in the courts being held up. It’s kinda funny but not. When we were on vacation all over Washington a couple years ago, we went to plenty of small towns and since I always talk guns to get the lay of the land and the feelings of the people I was told by multiple Washingtonians that Kate Brown who was the current bisexual governor at the time that… Read more »


When you say, “bigger than”, you are talking about hemorrhoids aren’t you?


No I am talking about a specific part of the body. When you say hemorhoids you are talking about the total package.


mm… Do “females” ?? get hemorrhoids ? I always thought they should be called herroids anyway!


OOP’s I guess now days they should be called “Theyrroids”


no yuo are confusing that one with another gland on the forward side of the lower neck


Tioni … But those are so variable . although I have heard that some are having those removed too . Seems like sooo many have boobie-do disease any more any way . (belly stick out farther than their boobie-do )

Last edited 19 days ago by Oldvet

We have the same problem here in Oregoneistan with an exception. Our Constitution says we can have guns, control of our government and that they cannot touch our guns. We also have in our constitution that Oregoneians have the right to vote to make it the Oregone we want it to be. Hence the idiot judge saying it was ok to put it on the ballot while disregarding the higher power and authority of the federal government. Thanks for the article. The east side of Washington has it right just like the east side of oregoneistan. If we could rid… Read more »


One of the bills in WA is yet another attack on State constitutional pre-emption. They want cities to be able to craft their own gun laws.


They had that in Montana when they had a demonrat governor. They dumped him and soon after made a law that cities could not make its own rules regarding carry and everyone had to follow state law.

I heard today that uncle joe is pushing to make all semiauto illegal.


If I wanted a prestigious study to show the earth was flat I’d hire Johns Hopkins. The only thing they might not “prove” with a well funded study is a conservative notion.


Oh, they can find a way to prove it. All it takes is more funding.


Ban bans. Require universal Constitutional training.


A free people does not have to ask permission of government to own arms. Free people have governments who ask the people for permission to arm government functionaries.


Democrats have the majority in both houses of the Legislature, a result of not enough voters in conservative districts turning out at the last election. When the dems in charge also refuse to vet voter rolls to remove ineligible registrations, and manage elections the way they do, I can understand WHY so many shrug their shoulders and say WHY BOTHER? That does not even begin to address the issue if CIUBTING the “votes”. Nor does it address the absolutely bogus descriptions of these bills when they get put before the people. Been that way in this crazy state for decades.… Read more »


Hold up! Isn’t this the same pansy-assed governor that failed to send the National Guard into Seattle to break-up the whorehouse creted by the lack of backbone by Seattle City Council when the thugs created their CHOP or CHAP or CRAP? Whatever it was called and they took over downtown Seattle for so long while destroying and terrorizing the city?


Don’t forget killing people.