Daily Gun Deals: CMMG Bravo AR 15 22LR Rifle Conversion Kit +3 Mags $161.99 FREE S&H

Read AmmoLand review of the CMMG Bravo 22 LR AR Conversion Kit & Video – the First Kit that Really Works

CMMG AR15 22LR Bravo Rifle Conversion Kit +3 Mags dec2022

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The gun guys at Brownells have a great price on the CMMG Bravo AR 15 22LR Rifle conversion kit and three matching 25-round magazines for $161.99 after coupon code “AMMOLAND” at check out.  Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders. You can check prices online here and over here, and you see why we like this package price.

If you have wanted to convert your AR15 rifle to shoot 22LR but were put off by the high price of conversion kits then here is your chance to get a great kit and start saving when you train.

CMMG Bravo AR15 22LR Rifle Conversion Kit

  • Brand: CMMG
  • SKU: WX2-720978
  • UPC: 815835017150
  • MPN: 22BA651
  • Caliber: 22LR
  • Model Name: CMMG AR15 22LR Bravo Conversion Kit
  • MSRP: $270.00
  • CMMG Bravo Best Price $164.99
  • Condition: New

Use Economical .22 LR Ammo To Practice More & Hone Critical Shooting Skills. Drop-in .22 LR conversion system comes fully assembled and ready to install in any semi-auto AR-15 to help you practice critical shooting skills with economical rimfire ammunition. Helps you concentrate on improving grip, sight alignment, trigger pull, and other skills without burning up expensive centerfire ammo. Simply replace the rifle’s bolt and carrier with the Bravo .22 LR conversion unit, load up the included magazine with round-nose .22 LR ammo, and you’re ready to shoot. Precision machined from high-grade stainless steel for reliable function in any mil-spec AR-15 rifle or carbine chambered in 5.56mm NATO, including most gas piston systems.

CMMG Bravo 22lr Conversion Kit
The CMMG Bravo .22lr conversion kit for the AR-15 is simple, accurate and reliable. IMG Jim Grant

CMMG Bravo AR 15 22LR Rifle Conversion Kit +3 Mags $161.99 FREE S&H

The CMMG Bravo 22LR Rifle Conversion Kit is well-reviewed and easy to install:


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In his review,  AmmoLand News’ Jim Grant says “I would give this product five (5) stars for ease of use, reliability, and for its simple design.” How many stars would you give the CMMG Bravo 22 LR AR Conversion Kit?

4/5 (2 Reviews)
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Vincent Brady

I purchased one for my M&P and couldn’t be more pleased. Before I was spending about $10 to shoot a 30 round mag. With the kit, less than a dollar to shoot the 25 round .22LR mag. I can spend a lot more fun practice time at the range now. As long as you compensate for the diminished .22LR ballistic characteristics and clean the rifle more frequently, no problems.


Exactly. I do the same thing now. Used to be cheaper than dirt is playing the game now. They have gone crazy with their prices and I don’t bother to open their sales adds or anyone else because I have learned that if I need to see the secret price that is too low to advertise, it is either the same price as normal or any competitor and sometimes more.
If more of us would do that, they would stop because they would not get the hits and they would know that they are loosing sales.

Ima Jewish Deplorable

I took my conversion kit to the range a couple weeks ago for some stress testing. I brought several different varieties of .22lr ammo, all “high velocity” and copper or poly coated, CCI, Aguila and Federal bulk pack. After 700 rounds I gave up ’cause the damned thing just kept running. I could not make it stop. I won’t be shooting this farther than 50 yards, so if I can hold 2″ groups, I’ll be happy. As for “notched” trigger .. that’s in the product details on the CMMG web page .. caveat emptor. There are plenty of non-notched AR… Read more »


I have the original Ciener (spelling?) I bought way back in 1989.
Still shoots great and was accurate enough to pop snakes in the Louisiana swamps. Head shots only. Anything else is sloppy shooting. Those were the days of open sights, or, primary sights. Red dots and scopes are adjuncts. Although at my age, I do like the red dot, but my Garand says “NO” to red dots…
Very accurate and, as you said, that design just keeps on shooting. Fouling is a problem, as with all .22 rimfire, so cleaning is a must after
targets…or snakes.


Damn. I should have bought one of these when they were $159.


i when with the dedicated CMMG .22LR system. Great for cheaper shooting!


I decided to go with the dedicated .22lr with the CMMG
BCG. Greatest buy I’ve made in years. All the same controls, but shooting costs are 1/10!

Patrick Ryan Brown

For just another $150 I can get a brand new S&W M&P 15-22 with a red dot and bag. Not sure I want to make mods to my Mowhawk. I’d be concerned about warranty coverage.

Grady Blanton

Are these magazines 10 or 25 rounds? I’ll order the kit if they are 25 round magazines.

Thank you,


Keith Dorset

25 round. 10 round available for the slave states.

John Forrest

there must be a new model coming out. Classic has them on sale also.


I got one and it works great. Ran 400 rounds though it in a few hours with hardly a hiccup . Had an occasional jam but I think it was a cheap ammo problem. Paid $16 for 500 rounds. I’m very Glad I got it.


WHEN I see this ” .22 CAL CONVERSION ” DROP TO > $149.95″ ! <


Are you adjusting your price expectations for the effects of 10% “Bidenflation?”


he is looking at the price they were with one mag and forgetting inflation, if you remember this kit was 229 or there about would go on sale from time to time I bought one on a black friday deal t put in an upper that i did not have a bcg for and there it still lives


Cool product, I bought a cmmg hammer and installed it ,bwhich was easy ,and the system is cool to shoot! No other malfunction. Highly recommend!


Got mine 3 years ago @$129.00 Works really good……About a brick through it in 2 ARs, and only three FTFs and a couple FTEs, which is about normal for cheap .22 ammo. I cleaned it once, but it really didn’t need it. Accuracy s good enough to shoot small game at 5o yards if you don’t mind a little wasting of meat….LOL


This receiver would be fine if a person wanted to shoot just to be shooting but don’t expect very good accuracy. Bullet diameter of a .22LR is .219 whereas the bore diameter of an AR-15 is .224

Last edited 2 years ago by Just1Saddletramp

modern 22lr bullets are just that, .2255″ +,- .0040″ in diameter. 556/223 projectiles are .224″ according to SAAMI specifications.
all in all, 2 inch groups is fine for 50yd groups and more affordable range time.

Last edited 7 months ago by Orion
Operator Z

FYI, I bought this a few weeks ago, have ran various 22 around 500 rounds through it. Runs great. I think it’s an excellent product. No shill just truth. See for yourself. Happy 4th of July y’all.


How much lead fowling and burned/unburned powder residue is pushed into the gas port used for the .223/5.56 firing ? .22 LR shells in general are fairly dirty firing.


From everything I’ve seen, it may foul up after heavy, heavy usage. But if you put some .223/5.56 through it after each or every other, or every third range trip (definitely depends on how much .22lr you send through it), the pressure will blow the fouling right out. You should definitely clean the internals a little bit more thoroughly than you regularly do after the .223 pressure wash. It’s an easy and accepted way to clear the port/tube out easily. If you search the web with “clean an ar gas tube after using 22 conversion,” you’ll find quite a few… Read more »


failing to properly scrub your barrel after using rimfire ammo will only embed lead shavings into the rifling and reduce long term accuracy with modern fast twist barrels. not wise, not smart…. much like most youtube yahoos.
our Army scrapped all their M261 conversion kits when the 1/7 twist A2s entered service for good reasons.


I purchased this kit last week. While I was attempting to clean and oil it prior to installation in my AR I was unable to get the bore of the chamber adapter clean. I was able to remove some copper and lead deposits that were likely left from from test firing. However, despite much effort I was unable to get a large section of the bore smooth as the surface itself is very rough with a circular ring of burrs well ahead of where the bullet would be seated. I was unable to send a patch or Q-Tip through with… Read more »


and why only copper plated high velocity ammo is all i use. stingers, mini mags or Winchester hv copper. reliable and less metal fouling. that powder tho…… well, it’s rimfire. lol.


Will this work in an AR 15 pistol that fires 5.56 / 223?

Jeremy F.

Why wouldnt it?

Todd M

If you have the Mk57 CmmG it’s a delayed blowback system and the bolts are different. May things fit that won’t work like it’s supposed to For example a Geissele trigger fits int to Mk57 but because Geissele doesn’t make a trigger for the delayed radial blowback platform and when it fails, and it will the warranty is void. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it will work

Jeremy S

Yes that’s what it’s made for, after all 556/ 223 is pretty much a 22-round on steroids

Keith Dorset

Yes, I’ve used it on one.


Will these work in a left handed set up?


No. Right handed upper receivers only


CMMG also offers a left-hand option if you already have
LH upper.


No but they make left hand kits too

Jerryr Cope

I want one

Scott A Terry

I can’t get it to the discounted price. I tried NCS as promo code

Lance E Green

Will it work if chambered in 223 Wylde?


Yes, .223 wylde is designed to chamber both .223 & 5.56 and the adaptor is a .223 length case emulator.

Knute Knute

But the 5.56 already accommodates the .223 just fine. It’s the other way that can (not WILL) cause a Kaboom. Kinda makes the Wylde a solution in search of a problem doesn’t it?


show me more than internet lore that running 556 NATO has blown out any 223 rem chamber. nato rounds are only 4-6000 psi , at most, over 223 SAAMI pressures while proof test rounds exceed 70,000 psi.


Is this compatible with Springfield Saint Edge?



Last edited 1 year ago by Finnky
John Buck

What size mags come with the converter at $164.99?


The same 25 round mag that it came with a few years ago when it was over &200.00

Mike Griffin

Does anyone know if this works with the fostech echo trigger ?


Great deal, to bad it has a 25 rd mag. And unsure if it can be purchased with only the 10 rd.

Tim Delamarter

The seller is Brownell’s. The 10rnd version is $245, with the code. Cuomo sucks! 😉


Cool idea, but the conversation does not work with Ar15 rifles with Notched hammer. Sad. It work work abit, but I have to buy new hammer on rifle.

Bob Campbell

Can the cmmg ar 15 conversion to 22 cal. With the three mags be sent to cal.92647? Thanks Bob


So you want to have .22lr rounds bouncing all over your .223 barrel from a .22lr bolt carrier. I hope your using a junk build rifle before you destroy the accuracy of your favorite rig. BTW, some triggers will not work with rim fire rounds so hopefully yours will if you ordered one already. The accuracy isn’t good as well so don’t think you can go hunt small game with this set up either. Do yourself a favor and build a dedicated .22lr upper using a good multi-cal trigger. Yes it costs money, but it will pay for itself in… Read more »

Jesse Judkins

Both .22 lr and 5.56/.223 bullet diameters measure .224 inch. There should be no ” bullet bouncing”. Mine shoots one inch groups at 75 yds. If yours is not accurate it’s due to another reason.


22lr projectiles are .22 in diameter. they will most certainly bounce. it’s the 556/223 rounds that are .224″ and if you have a modern fast twist(1/7, 1/9) barrel that does one inch groups at 75 yards with 40grain projectiles….. you my friend, have a one in a million set up.


It doesn’t “bounce around”, the .223 adaptor stays in the chamber while to the rear of it the actual bolt assembly does the work.
It’s ok, before I actually read up on it’s operation I sounded like a complete moron as well.


Atta buddy Bob; self-deprecation is always entertaining.


it’s the smaller projectiles that bounce, NOT the the bolt assembly.


Either you have zero experience with one of these setups or your experience wasn’t that good. I’ve owned a CMMG conversion for over 10 years and think it is fantastic. I can shoot the Federal Bulk Pack ammo with reasonable accuracy, less than 2″ at 50 yards, and can hit 4″ circles at 100. It isn’t as accurate as my CZ455 Varmint but good enough for a fun afternoon of plinking. After shooting I can drag a bore snake through the barrel, drop my 223 BCG back in, and shoot under an inch at 100 with my reloads. The 22LR… Read more »

Keith Dorset

The kit works great. My only concern is that light .22 bullets stabilize best in a 1:12-16 twist barrel. That’s where a purpose built upper has an advantage. Still like the kit because it is a lightweight addition to the range bag.


Should check your math on bullet diameter before you start.

Jesse Judkins

Some say 0.223, some say 0.224 on the rim fire. I measured some Green Tag at 0.224. Some cheap Winchester plain lead at 0.223. Bullets for the center fire can be from 0.223 to 0.225. I just measured several brands. The point is that a couple hundred thousandths of an inch generally won’t affect accuracy enough to matter.


ahhh… those chinese calibers are great, are they not? lol.


That’s a non issue really imo it’s best to practice with your main gun using these vs a different 22 rifle