Attn Reloaders: Brownells has a New Supply of Primers ~ Coupon CODEs FREE S&H

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Brownells has a New Supply of Primers

USA – -( Attention, ammunition reloaders: Brownells has a great selection of new Primers in stock and shipping!! Many have purchase limits but you should be able to use the coupon codes below to save some money while stocking up.

These are the “bread-and-butter” of reloading, the most commonly called-for primers in reloading recipes. CCI standard primers are remarkably clean-burning, leaving primer pockets cleaner and extending the time between pocket cleaning. That’s a huge benefit for progressive reloaders. They are more sensitive and easier to seat than older CCI primers, and engineered for smooth feeding in automated equipment.

Federal Primers are the same primers used in Federals Ammunition. Affordable and reliable, perfect for most reloading applications.

Attn Reloaders: Brownells has a New Supply of Primers ~ Coupon CODEs FREE S&H

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1,000 benchrest primers for $166? No thanks! Not even if brownie personally delivered them to my door.


Brownells prices are usually higher than most other companies and their primer prices are ridiculous and the last time I ordered something from them it said that it was in stock on their website until I ordered it and then they sent me an email saying it was backordered after they got my card info and I canceled the order and got a refund I’m not playing that game

Last edited 7 months ago by Cooter
Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

Not even if they delivered them to my door and loaded the ammo for me. You can’t convince me that they aren’t gouging with those prices. Since CCI’s suggested retail at their website is $53.95 for 1000 small pistol primer and since Brownell’s probably pays half that, right now they are really screwing their customers. To the point that they are now at the bottom of my list for places to search for “deals” on. BY BROWNELLS! Nice to have known you. You remind me of “Cheaper Than Dirt” and their $99 a box 9mm ammo. I said by to… Read more »


oops! SOLD OUT! Brownie strikes again. And here’s the real killer – “Financing available!” What a crock!

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

I guess my reloading days are over. There is no WAY I’m paying over 10 cents a piece for primers. That is INSANE. By the time you buy primers, bullets, powder and brass and spend your TIME which is worth SOMETHING to load up a thousand rounds you might just as well pay $500 for 1000 9mm.

Dogma Factor

$500 per 1000 for 9mm? Lots of places are selling it for less than that, just need to do a little looking. Also some have free shipping!

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

That post was six months ago when it was $500 for 9mm. Recently I’ve seen it for close to half than that.

Jay Hanig

$200 for 1000 9mm cartridges on right now (1/23/2023)


AmmoLand: Stop running these bullshit advertisements without first checking to see if they’re in stock! Unless you’re reloading 5.56 your ewed-scray for anything else. Running these adds only underscores Brownie’s inability to provide and your willingness to go along with their false and misleading advertising.


Thank you Pete Brownell for being a rubber stamp for wayne lapierre to destroy the nra

Dogma Factor

Brownells and who ever post this advertisement at Ammoland should be ashamed of themselves. Some deal, overpriced primers plus $25.00 handing fee, plus $12.50 shipping for a 1000 primers. Personally I’ve never found what I’d call a good deal at Brownells, stuff is always cheaper somewhere else on the web.

Last edited 1 month ago by Dogma Factor
Jay Hanig

Not much reason to bother reading the incessant Brownell “articles” (advertisements). I read the one saying they had primers in stock not 20 minutes after it arrived and while they said they had Winchester large rifle primers in stock, adding them to my cart changed that status to out of stock.

No more bait and switch for me.


More people saying rather than reload buy it already made because it is cheaper which is true but there is one component that is missing. The fact that when you reload your rounds can be made more accurate than any company is going to do. 4 years ago I bought hornady premium rounds for my 7mm because I thought I was having a problem with my loads. The cost was 45 dollars for 20 rounds, ridiculous. It found it was the barrel but what I did discover was that all casings did not weigh the same, projectiles were not all the… Read more »


I have a 7.62×25 that I loaded with CCI small rifle primers and used Accurate #9. I loaded to max and they came in under what the max speed was supposed to be. No signs of over pressure on the case and no backed out or smashed primers. It’s not something I would recommend but when you are rifle primer heavy, short on pistol primers and all of your rifle brass is loaded, why not. Like they said, start low and then go up in increments until you reach what you are looking for safely.


Still a RIP-OFF. I cannot get through the “protection scheme” in order to see the purchasability of these advertisements!


Why are we getting a new old article with discount codes that are over? An inquiring mind wants to know. Is this article like the back side of an album where they needed something to fill the blank space?


The only thing to see here is totally ridiculous prices on primers . No sale at current gouging prices !

Jay Hanig

Nothing but clickbait. Why bother clicking when they claim they haver large rifle primers in stock yet if you choose them they say they’ll notify you? Screw that. The one thing I’ve learned here is that it isn’t worth your time to click on anything Brownell has “for sale”. It’s a dream that never comes true.

Dogma Factor

Buy again, yeah right. Everything is out of stock and the prices are outrageous even if you could buy.

Ammoland should be ashamed of themselves for posting such advertorials from Brownells. Follow the money right?

Last edited 19 days ago by Dogma Factor
Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

I’ve seen 9mm LOADED for $269.00 per thousand shipped. $100+ for primers+ $30-40 for brass, + $40 for powder + $100 for bullets + nothing for my time = $280. Who in their right mind is going to pay 10 cents EACH for PRIMERS?? I talked to someone and CCI the other day and they claim they are 2 years from being able to send out all the ammo that has been back ordered. Seems to me folks are fleeing Fed Notes for SOME THING. If 9mm gets back down to $200 per 1000 I’m buying 20 cases.




Again, all the whining over price. Too expensive for your budget? I understand, some times costs go up. Find a new hobby. If you are reloading for cost savings over factory ammo, buy factory ammo. Have you noticed appliances cost 30% than they did 4 years ago? Cars cost 20% more, houses 20% more, eggs 150% more. It’s called supply and demand plus inflation. Add in creepy Joe’s runaway spending on useless projects and people and there you have it. Blame the people who voted for Democrats. Maybe look in the mirror.


Ok, tell me why primers are 300% higher. This is way beyond supply and demand, plus inflation. Something fishy is going on and I wouldn’t be surprised that our corrupt government is involved.


“They” are trying to price us out of ammo without trying to make it obvious. BUY, STOCK UP and suck it up! It’s ALWAYS better to have it and not need it, rather than to need it and not have it… Of course, you also need to remember to recycle! That means picking up and using all hardware and ammo dropped by your threat(s)…


MB, nobody expects anything – including primers – to be available for the same price they paid years or decades ago. But factoring in decades of inflation, I calculated that primers today OUGHT to be selling for $35 – $38 per 1000. Nearly everything else is more or less in line with historical cumulative inflation rates, but primers are around 3x higher than inflation would account for. Covid, supply chains, supply and demand . . . these don’t really account for this discrepancy. I’m not generally one for conspiracy theories, but IMHO there’s something else in play that we’re not… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, between Biden’s economic policies and his “All Government” approach to disarming the American public, prices go up. Biden inflation impacts everything from eggs to primers … and will continue to. Happy socialism, everybody!


It’s called denial of ammo to the citizens without making a big, loud political noise about it. It’s backdoor tactics to deplete the supply lines without being noticed publicly.


You haven’t been paying attention to a damn thing going on in this country, have you? You think you can just sit on your ass and not look around you, follow the incident reports? The crime reports? The destruction of our food processing plants, all the “accidental train derailments”, the queer that is supposed to be running the Dept of Transportation but too busy for the first 4 months of his job to play with adopted baby with his other queer at the expense of the nation’s supply chain and you make THESE statements? based on WHAT knowledge, information and… Read more »