Gun Control Gone Wild In Colorado ~ 2023 Colorado General Assembly

Ban Everything
Ban Everything

Colorado – The 2023 Colorado General Assembly has introduced a slew of gun control bills, including an “Assault Weapons Ban” that bans everything EXCEPT possession on a number of firearms.

Use the links below to email the respective committees about each bill.

Here’s what you need to know and how you can take action:

SB23-168: Gun Violence Victims’ Access To Judicial System

  • Repeals limitations of when a firearm industry member can be sued
  • Defines “firearm industry member” as a person who is engaged in the manufacture, distribution, importation, marketing, or wholesale or retail sale of an “industry product”.
  • Allows Attorney General to sue “firearm industry members”
  • Action must be brought within 5 years
  • Goes into effect Oct 1, 2023

*This bill is scheduled for public hearing in Senate Committee Weds 3/8/23 upon adjournment of morning work (approx 10am) EMAIL SENATE COMMITTEE (find instructions to provide public comment during committee hearing below)

SB23-169: Increasing Minimum Age To Purchase and Possess Firearms

  • Increases age to purchase or possess a firearm to 21
  • Reduces penalty from felony to misdemeanor to sell or transfer firearm to a juvenile


  • Active duty military or peace officer
  • Taken hunter safety and purchases a firearm that is not a handgun or semi-automatic centerfire rifle
  • Gifts from immediate family members
  • Engaging in training
  • Under supervision of parents or guardians
  • Violation is a class 2 misdemeanor for the first offense, and a class 5 felony for subsequent offenses
  • Goes into effect Oct 1, 2023

*This bill is scheduled for public hearing in Senate Committee Weds 3/8/23 upon adjournment of morning work (approx 10am) EMAIL SENATE COMMITTEE (find instructions to provide public comment during committee hearing below)

SB23-170: Extreme Risk Protection Order Petitions (Red Flag)

  • Expands who can request a ERPO to include licensed medical care providers, licensed mental health-care providers, licensed educators, and district attorneys
  • Requires the office of gun violence prevention to expend funds annually on a public education campaign regarding the availability of, and the process for requesting, an extreme risk protection order.

*This bill is scheduled for public hearing in Senate Committee Weds 3/8/23 upon adjournment of morning work (approx 10am) EMAIL SENATE COMMITTEE (find instructions to provide public comment during committee hearing below)

HB23-1230: Prohibit Assault Weapons In Colorado

  • Prohibits a person from manufacturing, importing, purchasing, selling, offering to sell, or transferring ownership of an assault weapon
  • Prohibits a person from possessing a rapid-fire trigger activator
  • A violation is a class 2 misdemeanor
  • Defines assault weapon as:
  • Any rifle that has a detachable magazine plus either:
  • Barrel Shroud
  • Pistol grip
  • Adjustable stock
  • Flash suppressor
  • It would basically ban the sale of all sporting rifles and then some
  • Any pistol that has a threaded barrel that allows for the addition of a suppressor would be legal
  • Any semi-automatic shotgun with a detachable box magazine or fore end pistol grip.

The prohibition does not apply to:

  • A member of the United States armed forces, a peace officer, or other government officer or agent, to the extent that such person is otherwise authorized to acquire or possess an assault weapon and does so while acting within the scope of the person’s duties;
  • The manufacture, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon by a licensed firearms manufacturer to any branch of the United States armed forces or to an entity that employs peace officers for use by that agency or its employees;
  • The sale or transfer of an assault weapon to a licensed firearms dealer or gunsmith for the purposes of maintenance, repair, or modification, and the subsequent return of the assault weapon to the lawful owner;
  • Any federal, state, or local historical society, museum, or institutional collection that is open to the public, provided that the assault weapon is securely housed and unloaded;
  • A forensic laboratory, or any authorized agent or employee of the laboratory, for use exclusively in the course and scope of authorized activities;
  • An entity that operates an armored vehicle business and an authorized employee of such entity while in the course and scope of employment;
  • A licensed gun dealer who has remaining inventory of assault weapons as of July 1, 2023, and sells or transfers the remaining inventory only to a non-Colorado resident and the sale or transfer takes place out-of-state; or
  • A peace officer.

*This bill has not yet been scheduled for a public hearing EMAIL HOUSE COMMITTEE

HB23-1165: County Authority To Prohibit Firearms Discharge

  • Allows county commissioners to prohibit the discharge of firearms in unincorporated areas.
  • To prohibit must have minimum of 30 dwellings per square mile.
  • A county ordinance may not prohibit the discharge of firearms in designated areas by peace officers, in indoor shooting galleries in private residences, or at a licensed shooting range

*This bill has passed house chamber with amendments; awaiting Senate schedule EMAIL SENATE COMMITTEE

HB 23-1219: Waiting Period To Deliver A Firearm

  • Establishes a waiting period for the delivery of a firearm by a seller to a purchaser.
  • Sellers must wait three days or until required background checks are completed, whichever occurs later in time.
  • Violations are civil infractions punishable by a fine of $500 for the first offense and ranging from $500 to $5,000 for subsequent offenses.
  • Local governments are given authority to establish a waiting period longer than described in the bill.
  • Goes into effect Oct 1, 2023

*This bill passed House Committee 3/6/2023; awaiting second hearing in full house chamber CONTACT YOUR HOUSE REPS

The three bills above that are set for Senate Committee Hearings are in the Senate State, Civic, Military, & Veterans Affairs committee at the Colorado State Capitol on Wednesday, March 8th upon adjournment of morning work (approx 10am) in Old Supreme Court Chambers to the right of the elevator on the second floor of the State Capitol. The hearing will go all day so don’t worry about showing up late if needed.

Public testimony/comment is being accepted both in person or remotely via Zoom.

To register for remote testimony visit this link:, at bottom select “remote via Zoom”, select “by committee and hearing item”, select the committee the bill is to be heard in (Senate State, Civic, Military & Veterans Affairs), select date of hearing, select option that includes the bill you would like to testify on, complete registration. To testify on all three bills, you will need to register for each bill individually. You can also submit written testimony via this same link.

To testify in person: Go to the Colorado State Capitol at 200 E Colfax Ave, Denver. If the main north entrance is closed, you may need to use the south entrance through the basement, but the Capitol is open to the public.

Find links to every bill and contact information for your legislators as well as additional Colorado Firearm-Related Legislation on the Legislative Watch Page of our Website

About Rally for our Rights

Rally for our Rights is a non-partisan gun rights advocacy organization that was founded in early 2018. It has quickly become Colorado’s most active Second Amendment group with a focus on frontline activism and community outreach.

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To think I almost left Florida for Colorado. I had been traveling to Colorado every few years to visit family and to recreate in the outdoors since the 70’s. By the 80’s I started noticing subtle changes in Denver and Colorado Springs, whereas Boulder was already a land of liberals. By mid 2000 it was clear the Communists that wrecked California had moved to Colorado and were going to wreck it the same way. I never returned. Now I fear the invasion of Florida by Western and Northeastern Communists will eventually insure Florida reverts back to a Communist State Government.… Read more »


You have some valid points. Just don’t forget it was the virulent anti-communist, Ronald Reagan, who started California down the anti-2A slippery slope when he signed the Mulford Act into law as governor.


Reagan wasn’t perfect. He also signed legislation that legalized 6 million illegal immigrants.


The same is happening here in Arizona. liberals from Kommafornia moving here.


Liberals from Kommafornia moved in and ruined Oregon.

Rob J

There is a collaborative effort to push these same unconstitutional “laws” through many different states all at once. We are facing the very same legislative issues here in Washington state (AG suit against firearm “industry”, redefining who is in the “industry”, banning “assault weapons” and only stopping short of possession, etc).

Is there any constitutional, legislative, or judicial redress for states conspiring to eliminate not only the word but the spirit of constitutionally guaranteed rights? Or are we left with the only recourse being the one of our fore-fathers?

Last edited 17 days ago by Rob J

I suspect the idea on the Left is to overwhelm our resources to fight against these unconstitutional laws and regulations in fully 1/3 of the nation’s courtrooms.

Rob J

Unfortunately that seems to be the case.

They attack us through false “public health” claims trying to get doctors and health organizations galvanized behind them, they attack us on the legislative front, the executive front, the banking and monetary front, the information front (social media, “news” media, entertainment media), and the judicial front. We are surrounded on all sides… can’t help but wonder what unthought of front they will begin attacking next.

Anyone not believing their end game is an unarmed populace is living in willful ignorance.

Country Boy

That “unthought of front” is the one that will be their demise IMO.


I think you’re right. Never in all my days have I seen such a programed, choreographed, extensive , concerted effort , in so many states at one time, conspire to overwhelm the resources of the 2nd Amendment champions.
This is nothing less then a covert act of war against our Constitutional Rights.


Thing is – we’re only focusing on the negative. How many of you realize that compared to 10 years ago, there are now 20 more states with Constitutional carry? There are now 26, soon to be 27 or 28 states with open carry. These bullcrap state laws will be overturned – it will take some time. And, they are in the Blue States – NC is making progress, SC is, Fla still has a ways to go. They need to jettison those damned Red flag laws and pass a REAL Constitutional Carry law.


Steve, you’re right. But the left sees America in the long view, and they’re currently changing the country fundamentally through unrestricted immigration. Down the road, in the not too distant future, on the federal level, the Democrat party will have a built in majority by means of these illegals being made citizens. Then our worst nightmares: Economic ruin, etc,, will be realized. If it happened on the state level, California, eg., it could happen nationwide.


It’s all part of the playbook written by V.I. Lenin and Saul Alinsky.

Country Boy

and it’s happening during the fours years of a cheated/frauded into office anti gun pResident Joe Biden who is mentally incapable of doing the duties required of him.


I told my wife back when Hussein Obama was elected in 2008 – after that Patriot Act crap under little Jr Globalist – Georgie Porgie Puddin and Cheney- we were facing, within a period of 20 – 25 years, a violent confrontation between Lefty Commie freaks – and the other half, real Americans. I just wish it would come sooner than later. I move slower with each year past 60. I can still remember most of what I mastered after 30 years in Army SF – but, fast recall is getting harder and technology is getting better.


States do not have the right to even interpret the bill of rights much less regulate anything that is enumerated in them. We are US citizens and merely residents of a state. The bill of rights puts US citizens rights before the federal, state and local government’s rights. The only reason we are forced to suffer this tyranny that is carried out at the barrel of a gun is because the federal court system refuses to enforce our rights against the federal, state and local governments. Period. You want relief, write the supreme court and demand they issue criminal indictments… Read more »


Good luck with that.


So what’s your plan? Are you going to get all your homies and kidnap the governor?
The reason these people walk all over us is because they do not see us, and they do not hear us. They see and hear david hogg… The media and the billionaire elite put a lot of time and effort into that… Bypass the media and email the supreme court and your representatives… Be polite and try not to sound like a hillbilly.


Bwa ha hahaha! Write SCOTUS? The justices wouldn’t even read (or get) your letter! And they wouldn’t do squat if they did. The only relief from tyranny enforced at the end of a barrel is using the same. You get what you endure, and the more people comply and act like slaves, the worse it will be.


See what happens when kommiefornians move in! We have the same problem here in orgoneistan and I guarantee it is the diseased kommiefornians doing it and now the garbage moving here from other states because they want to be able to have any drug they want in possession and not get in trouble for it.

If they could use Justin Trudeau’s new rules for how to handle guns in Colorado they would. Justin, Biden and the NWO is their goal.


I remember when Colorado was a free state. The liberals moved there and ruined it.

Rob J

I served 3 years at Ft Carson (B Co, 704th Maintenance Support Battalion). I absolutely loved the place… one could hardly pay me enough to move back. Not that Washington is any better, but if I have to make a stand somewhere at least I can harvest and eat fresh seafood and salmon while doing it!


Now we know why I will never visit Colorado or spend a dime in that state . Colorado is going full communist like Commiefornia.


It is increasingly obvious that another Constitutional Amendment to establish election reform by incorporating an Electoral College at the state level elections.
Colorado politics, as with most other States,is at the mercy of the largest population centers. The rural population, mostly self sufficient landowners are now the disenfranchised minority and will remain that way as long as the cities supply all of the needs of the urban majority.

Last edited 17 days ago by Rowboat

“incorporating an Electoral College at the state level elections”… this the only answer to combat the city dwelling elite liberals at the state level. I moved from Austin to Denver 3 years ago thinking it was an upgrade but CO now has the highest fuel prices, grocery prices, housing prices, and state taxes on top of that. I plan to move up across the state line to Cheyenne WY to escape it now. I’ll just drive down to the office in Denver the few times a month I need to.


I’m increasing my ammo stockpile and buying shares in both tar and feathers. I suspect all will be needed in the, not too distant future.


I’ve already spoken with my State Rep and State Senator. Both gave both verbal and written assurance to fight all of the bills being presented.

Colorado’s Legislature is owned by the Left. Short of overthrowing the State’s government, what more can we do? Rural Colorado has no voice in a predominantly Liberal Legislature.

And I’m not opposed to Armed Rebeilion at all. In fact, I’ve come to believe it will be necessary.

Last edited 17 days ago by Chuck

The Democrats/liberals/progressives/socialist/communist will not stop passing unconstitutional laws because there are NO consequences! Plus, they can destroy the finances of those they hate, have them sit in jail for years as the courts take their sweet time. The law is overturned they ignore it or pass basically the same one again and again.


With the exception of HB23-1165: County Authority To Prohibit Firearms Discharge New Mexico has almost identical bills with some even more restrictive and abusive moving through the legislature.
A question I have is “once these unconstitutional bills have been passed, have any of them ever been overturned using ex post facto”? Everything that they are restricting or making illegal was legal prior to them coming up with these violations of human rights.


I know exactly what Jaque is talking about, I moved from Colorado in 1974 because it was becoming so liberal. I now live in Boise, Idaho and the influx of Californians to get away from the communists and socialists there are bringing their liberal ideas with them and will destroy Idaho before they are finished. This is not saying they are all doing that but a large portion of them are doing exactly that. Idaho has a small population so it takes fewer people to overrun us.


S One – I went to college in Idaho from the late ’60s to mid ’70s. Even then there were bumper stickers saying “Don’t Californicate Idaho” – that is one thing about liberals, they never stop trying.

Patriot Solutions

But the biggest gun grabbing rights violators in Colorado are saying nah, they don’t think so. Front range libtards may still get what they vote for though and end up in jail while us high country bitter clingers have nothing to worry about. They can have their high crime, Antifa, BLM and jail time while we laugh as they’re murdered and put behind bars for not voting correctly. Can count all the cops in my county on a single hand and none are in a rush to be stupid. The low count is by design though because I know how… Read more »

Last edited 18 days ago by Patriot Solutions