Mitch McConnell Could be Retiring? Who Would Take His Place?


Second Amendment But Liars Democrats Fake Lies

Tombstone, Arizona – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was scheduled to return to work in the Capital today, April 17th, 2023, after a six-week absence due to a severe fall and head injury. One of his top aides has denied widespread rumors of his impending retirement – either from his leadership position or the Senate itself – which have been picking up steam in recent days. Upon the 81-year-old McConnell’s return, he’ll face the issue of his colleague, 89-year-old Dianne Feinstein, who has also been absent due to illness. Her absence from the Senate Judiciary Committee has caused delays in the confirmation process for several of Joe Biden’s judicial nominees.

McConnell and Feinstein are among the oldest and longest-serving members of the Senate. The 81-year-old Kentucky Republican has served in the US Senate since 1985 and has been the Senate Republican Leader since 2007.

Unlike Feinstein and 81-year-old President Joe Biden, McConnell still retains most of his cognitive function, but the extent of damage caused by his recent head injury has yet to be seen.

The rumors of McConnell’s retirement were boosted last week as reports began circulating of several fellow Republican Senate reaching out to colleagues and reportedly trying to build support for themselves as McConnell’s replacement as the Republican Leader. John Thune (R-SD), who currently serves as the Republican Whip, as well as former Whip John Cornyn (R-TX), and John Barraso (R-WY), who chairs the Senate Republican Conference, were all reported to be making calls to colleagues regarding a possible leadership vote in the near future.

McConnell aides have insisted that the senator is not planning to retire “prematurely” but intends to, at a minimum, serve out his current term, which ends in 2027, after the 2026 elections. It would be unlikely, though not unprecedented, for McConnell to seek an eighth term in the Senate in 2026, which could keep him in office until just shy of his ninety-first birthday. Along with his recent fall and concussion, McConnell had previously suffered broken bones in a fall at his home several years ago, and he underwent triple bypass heart surgery in 2003.

McConnell is considered a “moderate” Republican and has never been a staunch defender of the right to arms, though he’s frequently received “A+” ratings from the NRA…?

Many conservatives have been critical of McConnell’s willingness to make concessions to Democratic presidents and his support last year for the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” which included several gun control provisions. President Biden and the media touted the measure as “the most significant gun control legislation in decades.” Many GunVoters considered the measure an insult and betrayal by McConnell and a handful of Senate Republicans. [all who need to be primaried for their lack of conviction to RKBA]

John Cornyn
John Cornyn

Leading the negotiations on the bill for Republicans was McConnell’s former Whip, Texas Senator John Cornyn. Like McConnell and most Republicans who supported the Safer Communities Act, Cornyn does not come up for reelection until 2026. Texas GunVoters have already begun searching for a viable Republican candidate to challenge Cornyn in the 2026 Primary, but defeating an incumbent Senator is extremely unlikely.

A more feasible way to punish Cornyn for his complicity in the passage of the Safer Communities Act and its included gun control measures would be to deny him his bid for the Leader position if and when McConnell gives it up. Unfortunately, that won’t be easy either, as senators vote on leadership positions. They tend to be based more on personal relationships and work ethic than a political philosophy or policy positions. Cornyn is well-liked by his colleagues and is recognized as a hard worker. A pressure campaign from GunVoters demanding that their senators reject Cornyn for leadership roles might help one of the other candidates, but holding senators accountable for their vote on leadership is pretty tricky. Still, it is possible and has little downside, so it’s worth a shot.

Despite their squishy records, Cornyn, like McConnell, has traditionally received high marks from the NRA. Where NRA will come down if the rumors of a looming vacancy prove true is difficult to predict. In 2020, NRA spent almost $500,000 supporting Cornyn in his reelection bid. That same year, GOA had graded Cornyn as a “B-.”

The message senators need to receive is that GunVoters are not happy with Cornyn and his participation in the passage of the Safer Communities Act. We don’t want him in any leadership position in the Senate going forward.

You can reach your senators by calling the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Only Republican senators are able to vote on Republican leadership, so only address this message to Republicans in the Senate.

GunVoters have been effectively divided and sidelined by internal bickering and shifting priorities. Still, we should all be able to agree that John Cornyn should not be put in charge of Republican Senate priorities. If you live in a state with Republican senators, call 202-224-3121, ask for your Republican senator, and let whoever answers the phone know that you strongly oppose any move, now or in the future, to elect John Cornyn to any position of authority within the Republican caucus.

Neither John Thune nor John Barrasso is above reproach, but either would be a better choice for Leader or other leadership positions than Cornyn, and your Republican senators need to hear that from you.

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona, and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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Cronyn, mcturtle and the NRA are all corrupt sellouts when it comes to the 2nd. Congress is 95% criminals, who have sold their votes to the highest bidder, amd have committed numerous felonies, from financial crimes to violating their oaths of office. We would be lucky to have a meteor incinerate the capital with all the scum and villainy at once! And these geriatric addle brained arrogant crooks won’t retire because they are addicted to power, so a meteor will be a godsend.


I’ve been saying for decades that a terrorist setting off a nuke in D.C. Wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. All things considered. Especially considering ‘We the People’ have ceded our control over the Federal Government willingly.


Maybe an asteroid?


Yep, exactly why Feinstein hangs on, the decrepit old bitch.

Watch um



Googling “How to start a meteor”……


It would appear that the only limit to lifetime politicians is mortality. Senility or decrepit old age doesn’t qualify as evidenced by Feinstein, McConnell and Biden.


Don’t forget “Lurch” Fetterman!


As things stand, we want Fetterman and Feinstein to remain in the senate. Not because I support either of them, but they occupy democrat seats. This means that when the two of them are absent, republicans hold majority in the senate. Now if we could get 25 other democrat senators incapacitated – republicans would have a veto proof majority.


How about the 15 Republican senators that sold us out on the Safe Neighborhoods Act or whatever BS name they gave it to further erode our Bill of Rights?


I think of him EVERY TIME I make stu, it’s reminds to put the potatoes in

Henry Bowman

Uncle Fester, not Lurch. I call him Uncle Festerman!


Right, John Kerry owns Lurch!


Maybe Kerry was mistaken. It was Lurch in Nam rather than Johnny Boy Simple stolen valor mistake. Could have been made by any lying Libturd….it’s their MO.


Wayno LePewPew has a lifetime retirement of about same as his working compensation package…..$1,500,000/yr plus what he can skim in freebies….planes, expenses, et el. Told him at NRA last week, I’d be nervous if I had a huge compensation until death…..hit man doesn’t cost what he will be paid in retirement for one year….. Got that same old dumb fuck look from him….. Sad to see Ronnie Barrett jump on LePewPew band wagon and castigate Jeff Knox for calling out the NRA corruption at Indy members’ meeting. Always thought better of Ronnie. Selling his company, guess he’s got enough money… Read more »


Repeal the 17th Amendment.


“If you live in a state with Republican senators, call 202-224-3121, ask for your Republican senator, and let whoever answers the phone know that you strongly oppose any move, now or in the future, to elect John Cornyn to any position of authority within the Republican caucus.” This means that we here in Texas have to contact Senator Ted Cruz because that gatekeeping moron in Cornyn’s Dallas office won’t tally the “HELL NO!” responses from us Texans!


Of the 3 senators mentioned, Cornyn is the worst when it comes to 2A. Unless I’m missing something when it comes to Thune or Barraso?


And I’m stuck with Cornyn on the west half of Texas, that is unless I can get word through to Ted Cruz.

Watch um

Why is Texas keep electing Corn-hole-yn


As article stated it is hard to primary a sitting senator. Would you prefer we elect Mr. O’Rourke in 2026 with expectation of a new/better republican in 2032?
If someone finds a somewhat viable candidate with better policies – please let me know as I will donate, volunteer and vote for them in the primary. Given difficulty, possible candidates will need to be convinced they stand a chance as wipeout losses detract from their future opportunities.


Chip Roy, that is if, and that’s a big damn IF, we can find a Republican replacement for his congressional seat.

Last edited 1 month ago by USMC0351Grunt

The vast majority of voters only participate in general elections and only vote straight ticket. Texas is also full of Butters and Fudds who aren’t really pro-2A and that is apparent considering how long it took us to get a very watered down permitless carry bill passed even though we’re popularly known as a “wild west”/”cowboy” gun loving state. People here are more concerned with making sure one side doesn’t win than they are with holding their politicians accountable. Therefore, you can be a pretty big POS and remain in office as long as you keep calling yourself a Republican.


Please, please, please do not let our RINO senator, John Cornyn take over the minority leadership seat. He would simply be McConnell V2.0!


Ban Rhinoceroses

Last edited 1 month ago by Colt

The last thing we need is another sell out RINO to replace sell out RINO Mitch McConnell . The old Turkey neck needs to stay home and groom his wattle in his old age !


Interesting that Reed also retired as speaker after being “beat up”. mcconnel was never a “republican”………he’s always been a bought and paid for chinese agent. F him and his wife and extended family……… what the F is wrong with the congress (both houses)? That we allow families of ccp members in congress and the administrations? Could Americans possibly be more dumb??????? Could our legislators be a bigger pack of traitors??? NAME ME ANYTHING mcconnel HAS EVER DONE THAT WAS NOT IN THE INTEREST OF CHINA???? Name me anything feinstein, boxer, schiff and a hundred more have ever done that was… Read more »


Republicans and honest Americans got NOTHING in that “compromise”/treason. All republican yes votes are unfit to serve. This was the biggest attack on the 2nd amendment in a generation. Bribing states to pass confiscation against due process.


Take it from a Texan – you don’t want Cornyn – he’s a POS RINO

Last edited 1 month ago by Ral3312

Cornyn loves to take orders from McConnell,a proud servant of Beijing Biden


McConnell and Cornyn are both opportunistic RINOs, tilting as the wind blows them. I hope the voters get some sense and vote them out or pray that they retire (soon). We Texans can use another Ted Cruz, if such a staunch conservative exists.


I’m not sure but I don’t really think he would be missed much good rediance to bad medicine

Watch um

What really matters whether he retires or not. The main thing I believe is all the members of congress, Senators and Representatives is that they should uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights even before the consider what their constituents want is what they want is not in accordance with the Constitution.

It has been going on for years, that our government has let Lobbiest influence our representatives in all stages of government.

It should be against our federal government and state government to have lobbyists.


NSSF is having its fly-in this week. So we can all rest easy, right?

Arizona Don

Currently the victims of gun crimes are just a price that the socialist democrats see that must be paid if they are to realize their goal of total and complete domination over all American citizens. They know they must confiscate the American citizens guns to reach such a goal. The bump in their road is the second amendment which our founders put that amendment in place to allow citizens to ward off a tyrannical despotic government out to destroy our constitution and free enterprise economic system right along with our liberty.  Which is exactly what is happening now. The increase in gun crimes is… Read more »


All is not lost but we do need to fix our voting system so we can kick the trash out the door and start anew. Clean up the obvious trash and elect people that support the constitution as it stands and doesn’t re-interpret it to something they want it to be. Only then will we be able to get this country back on track. So long as RINO’s exist we will always have a never-ending problem of our legislators stomping on our rights and taking what they consider privileges granted by our government away. Our government is supposed to be… Read more »