Taurus TX22 Pistol Review – Great Magazine Capacity, Light Weight, Concealable

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Taurus TX22 - Magazine Capacity, Light Weight, Concealable
Taurus TX22 – Magazine Capacity, Light Weight, Concealable

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- -I stopped by the Taurus booth at SHOT Show to see what might be new. Taurus, in the past, has been a leader in innovative products. I have had good luck with several Taurus revolvers and semi-auto pistols.

Taurus TX22 Pistol

The Taurus TX22 is a new, mid-sized .22 Long Rifle, semi-automatic pistol. It only weighs 17.3 ounces and has a 16-round magazine. The Taurus TX22 pistol will invariably be compared to the new Kel-Tec CP33. They both have raised the bar for magazine capacity in a .22 pistol.

They are considerably different guns, filling different niches. The capacity of the Taurus is 16 rounds, a significant improvement over the commonly available 12-round magazines for some models of Smith & Wesson and Walther. Sixteen rounds is only half of the capacity of the Kel-Tec CP33. Both guns are new to the market.

The Taurus is a much smaller gun. No one would claim the Kel-Tec is pocket-sized. The Kel-Tec CP33 is a standard-sized but lightweight pistol at 24 ounces. It is 10.6 inches long

The Taurus TX22 has pocket potential. It is slightly more than seven inches long and 5.44 inches high. It has a 4.1-inch barrel. The barrel is threaded. The threads are inside the envelope of the slide. An adapter for standard 1/2×28 threads is included with the pistol.

Taurus TX22 pistol
Taurus TX22 pistol

I talked to Jason Pitman, the designer of the Taurus TX22.  He explained some of the features.

The barrel of the TX22 is not fixed. It is not designed to move during firing or when the action is cycled. It can easily be removed after disassembly for cleaning or replacement.

The take-down is very similar to that of the Glock. Check to make certain the pistol is not loaded. Then the trigger is pulled, the disassembly tabs are depressed, and the slide is pulled forward and off the frame.

TX-22 has a take-down very similar to that of the Glock.
TX-22 has a take-down very similar to that of the Glock.

The TX22 comes with adjustable sights and the Taurus Pittman Trigger system. The trigger is about 5 lbs of weight or a little less. The trigger has very definite staging. A trigger safety is included but not visible.

I tried the trigger. It was easily usable. It takes a little practice to use the staging well. With some practice, you take up three lbs of pull quickly, coming to the staging. Then it acts much like a two-pound trigger. I like the concept.

The slide of the TX22 is a combination of high-strength aluminum and hardened steel. The steel is used for the bolt face. I expect it to outlast most shooters.

The magazine has been designed to prevent rim-lock. It packs 16 cartridges into a relatively short magazine. Jason said a magazine loading tool is being considered. It would make loading simpler and prevent some user error in loading. I cannot speak for Taurus. It seems likely the magazine loading tool will be included in the box, just as the threaded barrel adapter is.

The Taurus comes with two magazines. I hope that becomes an industry standard.

More Taurus TX22 Pistol details:

  • SKU: 1-TX22141
  • MPN: 1-TX22141
  • Barrel Length4.1
  • Brand Taurus USA
  • Caliber Gauge.22 LR
  • Best ForConceal Carry
  • Frame SizeCompact
  • Magazine Capacity16
  • Manual thumb safety
  • Trigger ActionStriker Fired

While the Kel-Tec can be concealed, It is a standard-sized pistol. It is concealable, but not for “deep” concealment.

Concealing the Taurus TX22 would be easy. It is close to the size of a model 19 Glock. At slightly more than one pound, concealment becomes easier.

There are general-purpose holsters available. I am unaware of any made specifically for the Taurus or the Kel-Tec at this time.

As a field gun, I want to see the Taurus TX22 with a five- or six-inch barrel. That might happen at a later date. Jason told me the tooling and design were made in such a way as to make that possible without exorbitant expense.

As a general-purpose .22 kit gun, it does well. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on the Taurus TX22 handgun is $349, which is $125 less than the Kel-Tec.

The .22 Long Rifle cartridge has outstanding inherent accuracy. I did not find any accuracy numbers for the Taurus TX22.

Usually, .22 pistols have a habit of having more potential accuracy than most shooters are capable of utilizing.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Taurus needs to include a thread protector for the already included threaded barrel adapter…


Why? Unless one is rambunctious enough to strike that final portion of the barrel adapter against something resulting in a tweak to the threads, there should never be a need for a thread protector. How would one cause that to occur in the few moments it takes to thread on a can or attachment? There’s no need to have the thread adapter on the barrel unless one is installing a can or other device.

Last edited 4 months ago by 3manfan

to install the thread adapter, you must field strip the gun, remove the barrel, install the adapter, reinstall the barrel, reassemble the gun.

For those who prefer to not go through all that, leaving the adapter installed and screwing on a thread protector is much faster.

Desert Rat

Why don’t you just lock the slide back, remove the thread protector, install the adapter and release the slide? That seems a lot easier than field stripping the gun.

Fozzy Bear

As a first time shooter, later in life, I find the Taurus TX22 to be an excellent first pistol. I tried around half a dozen different pistols and revolvers in .22, 9MM, and .357 over a couple of range sessions, and found this one to be the most accurate at anything under 20 yards. The reasonable price, easy recoil, included loader and second magazine make this a perfect choice for a first-time fun owner. The relatively low price of .22LR is an important consideration if you intend to practice regularly.


Thanks, Dean, for being among the few firearms authorities to consider .22LR serious for self-defense. The Taurus TX-22 is also as intimidating looking (a factor seldom discussed in armed self-defense) as many handguns of larger caliber. Too, the fact .22s are less expensive for range practice. Until humans could inbreed a schmuck eager to volunteer being shot by .22LRs and ready to report findings, I’ll take my chances with Taurus TX-22, Ruger SR-.22 or some others.


Was going to buy a TX22, but because they aren’t Optics compatible I held off. Now the TX22 compact is out and Optics ready. Getting one for the Mrs. because she needs an optic to shoot accurately. Due to the loss of sight in one eye.

Roland T. Gunner

Sounds like a great alternative to a Kel-Tec.


Any one had this happen,
I called Taurus to order a couple of extra mags for my new TX22 and was told I must (MUST) provide them with the serial number from my gun. However if you go to the web sight it says nothing and does not ask for the serial number. Any one know if this is just for this particular model? I know of no other manufacturer that does this. Any thoughts


I’ve been told that that companies want to keep a record of what accessories and/or repairs are attributed to each specific firearm for their in-house data. They aren’t the only ones that now do this.

Last edited 4 months ago by 3manfan

didn’t require any information like that from me

David Montgomery

My FFL dealer has ordered one for me, but says it may take a little while because demand is so high right now. The specs and design are awesome, if the trigger is as good as they say, I’ll be buying a lot more bulk 22lr soon. Taurus gets a bad rap from some old issues they had, every gun maker has had issues at some time or with some model. I have a PT111 G2 which runs flawlessly and is very accurate and consistent at self defense distances.


I don’t know if Taurus still has the KEY LOCK on their pistols but I always think, if you misplace the key you have an expensive club.
That was all due to Bill Clinton and Cuomo who was Housing Czar under Billy. He is current governor of NY.
Taurus is a decent manufacturer but I DO NOT WANT “GUN SAFETY” on what I need to SAVE EITHER MY LIFE OR ANOTHER’S.


JA: If you misplace your Taurus firearm key, you can contact Taurus and they’ll send you a new one. And I believe they’ll do it free of charge. Of course, you will need to provide Taurus with evidence that you’re the registered/legal owner of the firearm, so if someones steals a locked Taurus, they’re SOL.

Chuck U. Farley

There is no lock / key on the TX22.

American Cynic

I have a Taurus PT111 Millenium G2 Pro and it has a slide lock with a key.
I’ll tell you what, I’ve never locked it, the key stayed in the box, and it’s as if the lock doesn’t exist.

So, for all of you who don’t like keys and locks; don’t lock the gun, and loose the key. Problem solved.

Last edited 1 month ago by American Cynic

Good gracious that thing is GORGEOUS!! If they come out with a TX9 I’ll be in line like an Apple-addicted hipster!!

If it’s anywhere near as fantastic and reliable as my G2c it will be my new favorite. I’m already calling it!!


No sense doing any more reviews for Taurus. Anyone that reads https://www.ammoland.com/2023/01/president-of-taurus-brazil-proposes-gun-control-in-home-country/#ixzz7rWCQpT2I
is unlikely to buy one.

Paul Dunn

Just got my TX22. Way too much effort to load the magazine (with lots of sore thumbs). I finally resorted to using a flat bladed screw driver to hold the follower down while loading the mag. I spent half the range time loading the mag. Taurus definitely needs to provide a speed loaded, perhaps something along the design of the Maglula X12-LULA. The sooner the better.

Harold J Greenleaf

I found the magazine easy to load even without the included magazine loader.


Use the orange plastic loading aid included with the pistol.
it should be somewhere within your box. If you didn’t get one call them & they’ll likely send you one.

Last edited 4 months ago by 3manfan
Jimmy Harvester

Here in Nebraska home of the plus size tattooed single mom welfare check loven mini van driven diversified chick we love our Taurus gooder than a stick.

Roland T. Gunner

They need lovin’ too.


Just got the new Taurus TX22 with two 16 round magazines. Took it to the range and fired 128 rounds. They were flawless, smooth and very accurate. Love the gun. Magazine needs help. I have the loader that Taurus sent out to the dealers and used it. Still needs improvement. Need something that is easier to load without messing up your thumb. Hopefully someone will invent a loader that is better. The challenge now is finding some more magazines. No one seems to have any.

Michael Rebello

Will you be making a Massachusetts compliant version of the TX22 ?


I have always liked the PT92 pistols.. other than that I have heard too many horror stories about Taurus handguns..poor QC, inferior polymer parts that break, sights falling off, and lousy customer service ( have you ever tried calling them ..GOOD LUCK).. and then to top it all off they did away with the lifetime warranty.. the warranty is now only for one year.. Taurus handguns is something I look past at gun stores.. I don’t even bother handling them anymore.. but I still have my 1990s made pt92 which has been perfect..

Pistol Pete

You listen too to many people who talk about guns and don’t know anything about guns or very very little.
The New G2c is a better gun than the PT 111 G2′.


Not True – the Lifetime warranty is reinstated for the ORIGINAL OWNER only. That’s hard to beat in the industry, frankly. I have a PT111, PT709, PT92, 605, and 66 Revolvers. ALl have been superb. I just took delivery of my TX22 and it ran perfect first 50 rounds as well. Taurus is under new management and ownership since the old, plroblem days. Only Taurus haters keep rambling on about their inherent defects. Those who buy know that they are as good a gun as most top brands. And, they a lot more to spend on ammo. Hahahaaaa.


Taurus is back too limited life time warranty again. Must have gotten a ton of complaints on that move. All guns.

Harold J Greenleaf

The TX22 has a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner. Some new firearms do have as one year warranty, but not this one.

Pistol Pete

I chatted with a Taurus rep on line said the TX 22 will be a viable some time in April 2019 Can not wait to get my hands on two of them one for me and one for my wife she wants one of every pistol I purchase and that is fine with me.

Andy Campbell

Just got back from shooting my new tx.. I have always liked Taurus. Got burned with a taurus 45 single action. But i got over it. This gun is potentially flawless . Good trigger. Good grip. Good weight. Easy to clean. I was able to make it jam if I didn’t stack bullets right. I found it easy to load by pressing the follower down enough to slide a bullet in . Too much and it stacks wrong. My grandsons will love this gin just like I do!

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH

Taurus? Looks more like a High Point.

Christopher Cavanaugh

My Taurus pt111 g2 millennium has been excellent, however I don’t like any new line of weapon they are putting out, they have numerous problems and are just not good

L. Watson

NONSENSE !!!!! There have not been any problems with Taurus’ new line of pistols. I also have the Millennium G2 and PT 709 Slim, and both have been absolutely outstanding and flawless !!!!!!!!


Tx 22 Having a really bad time with stacking the clips and one of the two clips won’t feed the gun correct kinda takes all the fun out of shoting this probably will have to put it up until they come out with a better aftermarket clip design oh well the gun seams nice

Chuck U. Farley

Maybe you should try loading the magazines, not stacking the clips.