Canada’s Gun Confiscation Program in “First Phase”

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Late last month, federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino announced “the first phase” of the federal government’s gun confiscation (“buyback”) program, part of the May 2020 ban on “assault weapons.” The Canadian press reports this initial step is a contract with the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA), a group representing Canada’s hunting and sport shooting industry, to work with Public Safety Canada and firearm businesses and retailers. This phase, according to the news report, will cover approximately 11,000 now-“prohibited” firearms and related parts held as inventory, which the law now bans licensed retailers from transferring, selling or returning to the manufacturers.

The contract – which is actually a budget – is worth over C$700,000 and is expected to extend into 2024. The CSAAA has not been given the money, but is conducting a study to determine the actual number and value of the guns to be collected and will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred up to a maximum of C$707,000.

Wes Winkel, CSAAA president, indicated that the object is to ensure that affected businesses receive full compensation for the guns, as it is clear that they have no other options respecting the banned inventory. “As much as we may not like it, and I assure you we don’t like it, the law of the land is that currently these firearms are listed as prohibited… We’re unable to sell them, we’re unable to move them, and right now our businesses have to pay to store these firearms and pay to insure these firearms, and the businesses would like nothing better than to get compensated for this and to get the firearms off their books.”

Many small “mom and pop” businesses have over C$250K invested in now-unsellable stock. Even if the gun confiscation fails to proceed, these and other licensed dealers will be stuck with years-old inventory that will likely have to be disposed of at a loss.

A statement at the CSAAA website explains the limited role the group would play, by only “collecting data on inventory levels and values of that inventory from dealers/distributors that wish to provide this information. If a dealer/distributor is not sure how to determine the value of their inventory, we will assist with that as well. We are not collecting firearms from dealers, deactivating them or assisting in any other way.” The statement emphasizes, also, that the CSAAA will only be working with licensed businesses and “will not be participating in any way with individually owned firearms.”

The statement adds that “[w]e are not aware of where the number of 11,000 firearms came from as no data has been collected or provided to anyone at this time,” and concludes by expressing its overall skepticism over the viability of the “industry buyback program” because of “positive changes in provincial legislation, the absence of Federal budgetary allocation, and [the lack of] a concrete process of implementation.”

All significant expenditures must be approved by Parliament in a finance bill. Thus far, with the most recent budget last month, only C$29 million has been approved for the development of IT related to the planned confiscation. (To place this amount in context, it recently cost the Canadian government C$54 million to develop a cellphone app.)

In an interview, CSAAA president Winkel offered a grimmer and less restrained assessment about his association “partnering” with the federal government. “Using the term ‘partner’ is kind of like saying that the person that’s hanging from the gallows is a partner of the person that’s operating the gallows.”

There’s no mention of when this “initial phase” will begin, although Winkel was quoted as saying “it could take years before a buyback program for retailers is up and running.”

News outlets (herehere and here) had previously reported on federal government plans, starting in late 2022, to use Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island (PEI), as the “pilot province” for the gun confiscation program, given its low number of licensed gun owners (an estimated 6,464 compared to 624,448 in Ontario). A federal memo cited in the reports gave a start date for the program throughout Canada: “Phase two, the national rollout, is planned for spring 2023…” However, this “first point of collection” pilot has now been scrapped, with “currently no public timeline for when the buyback program will begin.”

Eighteen months ago, we examined the timing of Trudeau’s gun grab: “[A] scant six months away from the amnesty deadline of April 30, 2022 – a blink of an eye given the speed of government operations – gun owners and firearm businesses are left to speculate about the operation of the confiscation and grandfathering options, compensation, and pretty much anything else related to the implementation of this gun ban.” The only significant change since then is the amnesty end date, which the Liberal government had no choice but to extend to October 30, 2023.

Now, six months out from the new date, all indications are that this amnesty extension will fail as well. In the meantime, to maintain the impression of its own effectiveness and that it is taking public safety seriously, the Trudeau government is going ahead with new gun control measures. How else to explain Minister Mendicino’s new amendments to Bill C-21, announced last week?

Bill C-21, as originally proposed, was intended to deal with handguns: to restrict the number of individually-owned handguns by freezing the importation, sale, or transfer of handguns in Canada. Last November, the reach of the bill expanded dramatically when a Liberal Member of Parliament introduced amendments that would add 1,500 or so long guns to the list of firearms classified as “prohibited” (banned). Faced with opposition from First Nations communities, farmers, ranchers, hunters and other responsible gun owners, two of the amendments were withdrawn, including amendment G-4. This would have classified as “prohibited” any semiautomatic long gun designed to accept a detachable magazine holding over five rounds and using centerfire ammunition. At the time, Mendicino spoke of “resetting the narrative;” that “Bill C-21 isn’t about targeting hunters. It’s about certain guns that are too dangerous in other contexts.”

This latest package of amendments, though, comes back to the same language. The government’s press release states the amendments will redefine a “prohibited firearm” to include “semi-automatic, centre-fire firearms that are not handguns that were originally designed with a detachable magazine with a capacity of six cartridges or more,” although this definition would apply to guns designed and manufactured on or after the date the law takes effect. The announcement on the recent Bill C-21 amendments advises that the government will be “moving forward in the future with additional measures through regulations,” including regulations “to require the permanent alteration of long-gun magazines so they can never hold more than five rounds and to ban the sale of transfer of magazines capable of holding more than the legal number of bullets.”

The new narrative, like the one before it, is to treat almost all long guns as “assault-style firearms,” evidenced by Mendicino’s tweet claiming the amendments will “get assault style firearms out of our communities.” The Conservative Party’s public safety critic, Raquel Dancho, responded with the observation that “the ‘new’ Liberal definition is the same as the old one.”

“There’s a lot of toxicity when it comes to debating good, smart gun policy,” says Mendicino. It’s hard to understand how it is good or smart to punish responsible federally-licensed businesses, as well as law-abiding members of the gun community, as the ostensible causes of violent crime, and to deprive them of the use of their lawfully acquired property for years without compensation.

It’s been over ten years since the Liberal’s prior infamous experiment in gun control, the long-gun registry, was repealed, but that staggeringly ineffective, wildly expensive and unwise legislation apparently still casts a very long shadow.

About NRA-ILA:

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess, and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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Henry Bowman

Except this is Canada, and they have ‘provinces’. A province is not a sovereign entity the way our own states used to be, before 1913 when they became vassal subsidiaries of the federal corporation we currently call “government”.
I can only hope that Canadians dig down deep, find their cojones, and do what we did in April 1775, or they will lament the rapid deconstruction of their Rights just as Australia and the UK have.

Anything Govt Wants After Disarming Citizens.png
Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

We may need to dig down deep and find “our” cojones too when you look at how screwed up things are becoming with our supposed three branches of government system falling apart before our very eyes. But the major issue is getting enough resistance together that “they” see that we are serious. I’m telling you…the FIRST RED STATE GOVERNOR to get those first 13 words back into force and effect will become a legend. Referred to in modern times as an individual’s right to carry and use arms for self-defense, the Second Amendment was envisioned by the framers of the… Read more »


I will say it again. Obidens butt buddy Trudeau in Canada is the testing ground for what they are going to try and do to Merica using Canada and Trudeau tactics to figure out how to make it happen. If it works there, they will try it here. Think about what happened here with our trucker protest. They blocked it, made it illegal and would not provide permits for a peaceful protest. Canada served as the testing ground for what they can do to not have it repeat in Merica. We should be concerned about what happens in Canada and… Read more »


The Canadians, like the Brits, Aussies and Kiwis, consider it to be a distinct honor and privilege to be subjects to their government. As Parliamentary Democracies without a meaningful bill of rights or constitutional limits it is easy for tyrannical socialists to assume power and strip their subjects of any and all liberties. The U.S. is the planet’s last best hope for liberty and individualism.


Then you don’t know the damn thing about Canadians.


Only about my numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins whose families have lived there for generations. And my grandfather who was born there and my mother who spent her formative years there. You can’t think Trudeau was elected by the minority of Canadians who share many political beliefs with you or me.


And OUR jackass in the White House? How is it ANY different? I had 80 relatives in the Revolutionary War, and I am NOT going to let a drop of their blood go in vain. So, WHERE do YOU STAND?


my family was in it from the get go, they left europe in 1620 and when the government started trying to take over they pushed them out. ausis were prisoners, canada wound up with all our royalists something about rope allergies


Some of my family were here when they landed…


mine too

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

LOL! The US is the planet’s last best hope for liberty and individualism? You should write comedy scripts. WE have fallen so far away from that, that it is pitiful.

Who says I don’t? Name a country that has more liberty and is a better place to live. However far we have fallen, I have not given up hope nor the the effort to shrink both the size of government and its infringements on our rights. You however, have never sounded so defeatist. Buck up. The fat lady has not sung yet. (That’s the plus plus sized XX chromosome performer for those easily offended or delusional about standard sex determined nomenclature.)


I’m with you DIY. The US is really starting to suck, but there is no other country on Earth in which I’d rather be. We MIGHT be able to correct course, but the UK and all it’s little nanny babies, Europe, everywhere else, are lost causes.


kiss the pig, ill keep my sig


P220 Carry SAS Gen2 Nitron, et al. Translate that back into German.


Those Canucks have backbone and at a time like this I’m pretty sure that they could use leg up from their brothers in the south if for any reason to support their resolve.


There is a Canadian gun rights group I have sent money to in the past. I don’t recall if it was the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights ( or National Firearms Association (what a URL:


I just joined the CCFR and will be sending a message asap.


Mexico and Canada’s close proximity is a formidable concern. May be we should stand ready to help.



To all you HOOT-TOOTIN’ wanna-be Patriots out there! THIS is YOUR opportunity to either PUT UP or STFU! VETERANS (Including LEO and (PROFESSIONAL) First Responders, COMMS, Medic/Corpsmen), GRAB YOUR GEAR and get your asses on the Texas border and SUPPORT these COUNTY SHERIFFS! If you want to acclimate and gear-up in Presidio County, contact me by TEXT message! 432-295-1363 Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar 902 Victoria St Laredo, TX 78040 (956) 523-4500 Fax: (956) 523-5067 Email: [email protected] Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza 7300 Old Alice Rd Olmito, TX 78575 (956) 554-6700 Fax: (956) 554-6775 Email: [email protected] Val Verde County… Read more »


Are you telling us that these Sheriffs will support, organize/deputize armed volunteers?
I’m very skeptical of this.
Show me just one of these Sheriffs who has posted a call to arms, and I’ll put my boots on.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH

“The statement adds that “[w]e are not aware of where the number of 11,000 firearms came from as no data has been collected or provided to anyone at this time,” I don’t know what the paperwork trail for firearms and ammunition is in Canuckistan vs the USSA, but if there’s question about the number of firearms extant in the dealers, it may be possible for the dealers to liquidate some of their stock out the back door for cash (only) on the barrelhead. With no paper trail. “Wadda ya mean, you thought I had xx firearms? You’re not sure? Your… Read more »


Are you sure you aren’t talking about the 11,000 firearms that the BATFE LOST or were stolen from the BATFE?


Canada: the perfect example of how registration WILL end up in confiscation.


Kill all they send


that is why lots of ammo and large calibers ,


As I recall, the Minutemen came about in response to the redcoats marching to confiscate the firearms cache in Concord.


more about shot and powder, black powder was never stored in town . you had a small amount in the horn but not much, take power everyone has a glorified club. that is why they are trying to soak up all the ammo


Historical accounts say that the Redcoats (all colonists were still British at that point) were en route to seize or destroy an arms cache in Concord. The cache included small arms and powder. I recall one account of the town also having cannon that was hidden before arrival of the regulars. General Gage was definitely going after the arms which were much more difficult to replace than black powder.


It’s a shame to see what the government does in Canada, and here. Any solutions other than to sit and watch the tyrants take whatever they want?


Come and get it, eh!


Molon Labe!


This IS BLATANT THIEVERY by the TYRANNICAL government! May these governmental COMMUNISTS face their RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT when standing in front of the CELESTIAL JUDGE OF ALL!


Unless this confiscation (and that’s exactly what this is) doesn’t transpire, by some miracle, the best outcome would be if these Canadians are permitted to sell firearms inventories to American licensed dealers.


Or silently distribute them amongst the Patriots in Canada.


I’m going to tell you all right now, OUR gun confiscation is going to start as soon as all of the illegals from over 156 countries finish walking through our borders and taking over the next election on the Democrat side, without even being able to speak English. NOW DAMMIT! GET OFF YOUR CUSHY ASS, GRAB YOUR GEAR AND HEAD TO THE SOUTHERN BORDER AND CHECK IN WITH YOUR LOCAL BOARD OF SHERIFF’S OFFICE AND SUPPORT THEM ! I WILL POST A LIST OF COUNTY SHERIFF’S AND THEIR CONTACT NUMBERS IN A MOMENT.


How WE, The People of the United States defend and protect our Brothers and Sisters to the north will show EXACTLY what the results will be in the United States. So, get it in your head now, get rid of whatever excuses or fears you may have. The final line is, CANADA can NOT FALL!


Yeah, the thousands of Canadiens marching in the streets is a good sign of how pissed they are…….Oh, Wait, they’re not. To all the Canucks who read Ammoland, I have some extra BCMs and DDM4 V7s lying around with Geissele triggers for 10,000 apiece, Full size or Pistols; call me.


That’s exactly what the cartel would do for Americans.


that is what the french did to us


The french saved our ass….we never would have done it without them, period. Thanks to the father of our country, Benedict Arnold…


Why don’t you join the CCFR and stand by to aid and assist in any way they may need?

Henry Bowman

What we should be doing is smuggling guns & ammo to our northern neighbors, so they will return the favor when we have to fight to keep what’s ours!


There’s one more person that understands freedom and liberty.


Do you not see that Canada has already fallen? It was over when the truckers were defeated. Now, the remaining question is for us. Will we allow the invasion from our south and the newly established Socialist Provinces of Canada conspire to disarm US Citizens? They are gonna try.


No, the pussies are going to allow it. Just remember it only took 3% or less to put this country on its course over 247 years ago. Since then her backbone has collapsed. Only 3% stepped up to the plate when the towers in New York City got hit on 9/11 with an all volunteer army. We’ve got over 17 million veterans in this country, but yeah we’ve got over 300 million citizens that are untrained undisciplined and don’t know what to do in these circumstances, you’ve all seen that meme of the US Navy SEAL falling from the sky… Read more »


I just joined as well as spoke with a higher-up in the CCFR. They would very much appreciate those that have backbone down here in the states to have their 6.

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

It’s a lot worse than most folks realize. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??


Agree. Cease with the bullshit hype and come up with some meaningful measures we can offer our brothers and sisters to the north, eh? You know, just like we’re doing here in the good ol’ US of A.


Oh and explain just what we’re doing here in the good old us of a to achieve what it is you’re talking about?


Well? I just joined the CCFR and had an extensive talk with one of the hierarchies in regard to any support they may need from their Brothers and Sisters in the south. It is soon to become PUT UP or SHUT UP people.

Time to polish your balls and your vaginas and get your Big Boy Pants on!


They elected Trudeau, and Trump blew his reelection out his rearend and gave U.S. Biden and the Democrats the Senate. We better think about helping ourselves, and all of the keyboard commando comments I read here do nothing!


You don’t have long to worry because all the government has to do is walk in and take your keyboard and you will crumble like a piece of tin foil.


Ope maybe you need to join me here on the Texas border? The delegates for the next election are coming up from Venezuela right now and I don’t see very many US citizens down here trying to prevent that. All are welcome to join me in Presidio to get geared up and go south to Del Rio Laredo and Brownsville? I can’t be on both borders at the same time.


Be careful down there. Military personnel sent by bidet may not take up arms against illegal invaders, but by golly they will be ordered to take up arms against civilians trying to stem the flow.


I’ve had this same conversation and I agree. If they didn’t simply tell you to stand down and go home, they would take your arms and lock you up.

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

Explain to me EXACTLY what we can do by going to the border? The PROBLEM is that they are coming to get FREE bullshit.


The ‘24 election was stolen when fox settled with dominion.

it’s all over but the fighting


Article IV, Section 4. Grab your gear or STFU!


Agree. And you by my side? Art IV section 4 not gonna be enforced one at a time. How are 3% going to get together when 40%+ of every conspiracy is run by the fbi?

your thoughts?


Some here say that their is nothing that can be done. We are still standing. As long as each individual is yet breathing, that person has an obligation to do what needs to be done.



Okay that’s three of us! Who else? We’re being invaded from both borders. Who’s going to step up with us? Right now the heavy push is on the southern border Texas and Arizona. California’s lost cause. What manpower is going to leave their comfort zone and do what needs to be done and join us on the southern border to repel The invasion by combat-aged males just walking across and demanding the benefits of being an American citizen and stealing away our social security funds? Who’s going to step up to the plate? NOW DAMMIT!


USMC G — Are y’all merkin them?

Last edited 27 days ago by Boom

We are all F’d and cucked by our “golden handcuffs”

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

What are you talking about we don’t fight for our own freedoms from a socialist government where we’re at? All right you’ve been incrementalized down to the point where most people will do exactly what they’re told by somebody wearing an orange vest regardless of that vest is wrapped around a crossing guard at a school. 3%! It only took 3% to get the point across to the British, but that didn’t happen until the French joined us. I don’t know what kind of mythical horse shit most people grew up with but I had 80 relatives in the revolutionary… Read more »


I hope not one gun is turned in. Not one.

Doug G.

What I want to know is when does Trudeau, et al, plan on confiscating all the illegal guns from the black market? When is THAT “buyback”?

Yote Hunter

You mentioned the word “subjects”, and that is the difference between US and THEM. We are CITIZENS, and NOT subjects. An armed man is a CITIZEN. An unarmed man is a SUBJECT. The British and their little children countries who cling to them didn’t learn a upright thing from when the Nazis were suddenly bearing down on them. Then they were suddenly BEGGING for any and all arms from wherever they could get them, fearing an invasion. They got caught NOT HAVING them in the hands of their “subjects”. This is the same bunch that burned our capitol in the… Read more »


We are still waiting for the compensation because the Brits seized all the personal American guns sent to them by American citizens, had them destroyed instead of returning them to their rightful owners after the war. That’s that the second time Brits stole American guns…. there won’t be a third time that’s for sure. The next time the Germans attack them (and they will) we can just buy popcorn and watch.


This is what happens when a tyrannical government gets brave after locking people out of their bank accounts. Unless the Canucks develop some testosterone real soon, they will become North Cuba with ice and moose in the next decade. 


The ONLY purpose for registration, is CONFISCATION.

Everything they are doing here now is to build a registry.
“Universal background checks” – permits to purchase – and now ammunition background checks that record caliber & number of rounds to be kept in a state police database.
(Excuse me, we see you recently purchased some 5.56 . . . what do you plan on shooting that out of???)

The 4% compliance rate to the NY SAFE Act embarrassed tough talking gun banners, they now know they can’t do what they want without a registry.


Canada, the land of communist tyrants. I feel for the poor subjects and condemn their masters.


After our ancestors won our Independence, where did all the Loyalists go? A few, those that could afford to, went back to England, but the vast majority went to Canada. So the mindset of being subjects runs deep in Canadians. NeoFeudism is what it is. We Americans cry for “God, Family & Country,” as we head to battle, whereas members of the Commonwealth cry “God, King and Country.” That’s the difference in the mindset. My advice to our Northern Gun Owning Neighbors is invest in some 6″ PVC, and bury your arms. Because the Tyranny is only going to get… Read more »