Phoenix Teen Confronts, Shoots Suspected Home Intruder in Self-Defense

Suspect Juan Saavedra, 35, was booked into jail over the incident. (Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)
Suspect Juan Saavedra, 35, was booked into jail over the incident. (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

PHOENIX – A potentially perilous situation was defused with guns on Friday night when a teenage boy shot a man allegedly trying to forcefully enter his family home near 75th Avenue and Camelback Road, as per police reports.

The suspect, identified as Juan Saavedra, 35, was attempting to gain access to the residence by breaking a window and banging on the door. However, Saavedra’s intentions were interrupted when he was confronted by an adult woman, believed to be the teen’s mother, and the teenager himself.

Police documentation and evidence at the scene confirmed that the teenager believed he was defending his home and family. The Phoenix Police Department responded to the incident at around 10 p.m. on Sept. 8, with officers finding Saavedra in front of the residence, wounded from gunshots to his abdomen and right arm.

But what led to such dramatic events?

According to court documents, the woman – likely the boy’s mother – noticed Saavedra’s movements in front of her home through her security camera. She tried to deter him by warning him to leave and waring that they would shoot him. Despite her attempts, Saavedra persisted. After hearing Saavedra’s aggressive attempt to enter through the carport door, she alerted her children to move to safety. When Saavedra managed to shatter the glass windowpane of the door and reach inside, the teenager, acting in apparent fear for his family’s safety, took a stand and shot the intruder.

The incident raised questions about Saavedra’s motivations. Upon questioning after being read his Miranda rights, Saavedra revealed that he had been consuming methamphetamine with a friend for about 48 hours before the incident. He was trying to find this friend in different residential yards. Although Saavedra acknowledged hearing the woman’s warnings to leave, his drug-induced state made him wrongly believe that it was his son inside the residence, even though he knew the property wasn’t his.

When police queried if he realized his actions might have terrified the occupants, Saavedra admitted, “Yeah, I mean, I was high, obviously.”

As a result of the events, Saavedra was hospitalized for his gunshot wounds but was later discharged into police custody. He now faces charges of 2nd Degree Burglary, a felony, along with one count of criminal trespass, burglary, and probation violation. His bond has been set at $50,000.

The unsettling episode has left the Phoenix neighborhood in shock. Neighbors reported hearing the gunshots, with some even taking cover. They expressed relief and understanding for the family’s response.

One neighbor stated, “I’m happy that they had something to defend themselves… we would have done the same thing, so I feel good for them.”

With this series of events, it highlights the necessity for residents to remain armed and dangerous and prioritize their safety.

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“Suspected” intruder? What else does he have to do to be a “real” intruder?


Yep, you have to wonder at what point reporters, etc. begin to accurately describe the committers of crimes, instead of “couching” their words. Even after admitting what he’d done, he’s still being identified as the “suspected intruder”.


beat to death, rape , brutalize using the excuse he was on meth. F – him. He is not a violent intruder? Yes he is and he the pos, deserved 3 at least center mass. End of game.


The teenaged shooter had the correct instincts, but apparently needs a little more range time.


Although it’s not stated, I get the impression that the teen shot through the door. The caliber wasn’t mentioned, and that the perps injuries weren’t so serious, that he received outpatient treatment at the hospital and then released to the police.


too bad, that hump of POS needs a dirt nap ( best bets an illegal). As Cappy says, a little range time, tighter groups center mass, perhaps some failure drills


Is he in this country legally? If not, O’biden should get the repair bill and pay cash for the trauma this family went and may still be going through. If Joe can’t afford it (lol) hunter and the rest of the biden crime family has enough of his illegal gains to pay for it.


I don’t like biden either but why does he bear the responsibility?, in your opinion.


As a manager you are responsible for what your team does or the outcome of any project. If the project is great, you succeed, if it is not to often you are fired or must pay a penalty like no further advancement or demotion which means less money. Since he is at the top and can’t get any higher because hunter lost his cocaine in the white house, he either needs to be fired or pay a penalty. Penalties are easier than firing and it also serves as a motivator to find a new job.

Make sense?


If he’s illegal with FJB’s open border policy’s, it’s his fault. It’s just as if FJB was breaking that door down right along side that POS.


Who’s responsibility is it to keep our borders secure from illegal intruders?


2 Answers: a) Biden, as the chief executive bears ultimate responsibility under his oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. But as a functioning imbecile RICO conspirator engaged in burying his family’s snouts deeply in the trough of American tax dollars, he’s too busy and utterly unconcerned to do so. b) Mayorkas, who has direct operational responsibility for seeing that our immigration law is upheld. But as a functioning pathological liar, he’s too busy giving false testimony to Congress about our having a “closed border” and not knowing anything whatsoever about the invasion statistics, to actually stop… Read more »


justice was served ho-ray for the home owner