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Content Development and Syndication Service

Retailers, distributors, e-commerce websites looking to build web site visibility with search engines and generate visitor traffic through high value search marketing keyword links. AmmoLand’s unique content development and syndication service is ideal for your business to reach more readers in your target market, develop a standing as the go to expert in your field and the brand recognition needed to deliver high value customer traffic too your website.

Content Development
AmmoLand develops unique, on topic, content for your specific products or market. Our professional writers will work with you to develop an article up a 1000 words which may include images, video and rich media along with up to three marketing keyword links. These articles are subtly branded with your company logos and utilize your product images for quality and recognition.

Articles are published to the Ammoland newswire and syndicated to News, Social Media and Partner web sites such as Google News, Digg, Yahoo News, Technorati, Facebook, Topix, NewsTex, Amazon Kindle, and Lexus Nexus. Ammoland’s website content partners also pull our feeds and you may find your article on,,,,,,, and hundreds more friendly down stream sites..

Content ownership
The articles are yours to publish on your own website or distribute to your partners and customers. The articles become permanent on AmmoLand and will continue to deliver organic search engine traffic directly to your website well into the future.

To get started with Ammoland’s content development and syndication service we will need your desired article topic, the URL and keyword phrase to be embedded into the article and any rich media or images available for use in the article. AmmoLand will arrange an introduction with one of our professional writers and they will produce a draft article for your approval.

You may submit your own article too AmmoLand for editing and optimization or choose to work with a writer. Articles submitted to AmmoLand for syndication must be on topic, and new unique content never published before on any other website. All content must adhere to quality standards and editorial review.

Cost content development and syndication service is $299.00 per article submission. Discounts are only negotiated on volume submissions of 10 or more articles.