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    Ammoland accepts agency media insertion order. Ammoland will give priority placement and delivery to Ammoland insertion orders. your placement position and campaign deliver schedule will be verified upon receipt of an Ammoland insertion order.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Leader Board Specifications
Ad Dimensions: 728 x 90 pixels
File Type: JPEG, Flash, GIF or Animated GIF (limited to three loops)
Maximum File Size: 40kb
Colors: RGBSubmit animated images in a correct format and size.
Animated ads can be formatted as either .GIF and Flash files
Maximum of 3 animation including multiple loops
All animation must be completed in 15 seconds and remain static
All animated ads must be submitted in the full standard format sizes
LeaderBanner: 468 x 60 / 40K
Leaderboard: 728 x 90 / 40K
Rectangle: 300 x 250 / 40K
Button: 125×125 / 20KFollow our requirements for Flash image ads.
All Flash ads must be submitted in the full standard format sizes
LeaderBanner: 468 x 60 / 40K
Leaderboard: 728 x 90 / 40K
Rectangle: 300 x 250 / 40K
Flash ads must be 40K or smaller in file size.
Animated ads are restricted to a maximum of 15 seconds (at an 18 fps frame rate), after which point they must remain static. These ads must also comply with the other animation policies. All Flash ads must be published for Flash Player version 6-10.ClickTags: All Flash ads should support the clickTAG variable. On any click, Flash ads should redirect to the URL specified in the clickTAG argument; there should be no other redirection in between.The variable name must be spelled ‘clickTAG' (upper-case TAG; no space between click and TAG) and not ‘click tag,' ‘Click Tag,' or any other form.
Flash ads must have an accompanying backup image to comply with IAB guidelines See Adobe / Flash best practices: rich media banner materials must be received at least ten business days prior to the start date for testing purposes.General Considerations
Rich Media: .GIF alternate must be supplied to accommodate browsers without the Plugin
Any sound must be user initiated by click, not mouse over. must approve all ads must approve all promotional copy within banners.
A linking URL (click thru) must be submitted for each ad creative


Ammoland Inc.Advertising:

1290 Main Street
Unit# 781038
Sebastian, Florida 32978
The United States of America

Contact: Brian Johnson, [email protected] 732-673-2652

Publisher’s Terms and Conditions

(Publisher as used in the following refers to Ammoland, LLC, its officers and staff.)
1. A ll advertising is subject to the publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising.

2. The publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the charge for the advertisement in question.

3. The publisher, while taking all care, assumes no responsibility for the inaccurate reproduction of digitally submitted advertisements resulting from improper file preparation, including but not limited to artwork, graphics, color and type.

4. The publisher assumes no liability if for any reason it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement.

5. All advertising orders are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of the current rate card. Orders are accepted subject to change in rates upon notice from the publisher. However, orders may be canceled at the time the change in rates becomes effective without incurring a short-rate adjustment, provided the rate has been earned up to the date of cancellation.

6. Advertisers who do not meet the publisher’s credit criteria will be required to lodge a credit card as security for their banner ad insertion orders.

7. Payment terms are net 30 days. Overdue accounts may be charged 11/2 percent per month finance charge or the maximum legal rate of interest allowed by law for all past-due invoices.

8. All prices quoted are net and do not qualify for any agency commissions.

9. In the event of non-payment, the publisher reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/ or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to the publisher.

10. Verbal agreements are not recognized.

11. In the event of non-payment or other breach, the advertiser and/or its advertising agency shall be jointly and severally liable for reasonable collection costs, including court costs and attorneys’ fees. If it becomes necessary to file suit to collect any amounts owed hereunder, the jurisdictional site shall be the state of New Jersey.

12. Publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on any order blank, insertion order or contract, when they conflict with these terms and conditions or any amendment hereto.

13. All advertisements are accepted for the web site entirely on the representation that the agency and/or advertiser are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. It is understood that, in consideration of the posting of advertising, the advertiser and/or agency will fully hold harmless and indemnify the publisher from and against any claims, demands, suits, actions, proceedings, recoveries or expenses of any nature whatsoever, including reasonable fees of counsel selected by the publisher, arising directly or indirectly from the posting of any advertisement (including but not limited to claims of infringement of copyright or trademark or claims of libel or invasion of privacy) or based upon or arising out of any matter or things contained in the advertisement.

14. Advertising insertion is conditioned upon acceptance of the publisher.

15. The construction, interpretation and performance of any advertising contracts and/or insertion orders shall be governed by the domestic laws of the state of New Jersey, USA.