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Gun Owners with a Car Glove Box You Could Be Breaking the Law

Have you installed a gun safe in your car, boat, motor home or other vehicle?

Have you installed a gun safe in your car, boat, motor home or other vehicle?

GrassRoots South Carolina

GrassRoots South Carolina

South Carolina --( If you have ever done so, and if H. 3585 becomes law, then perhaps you should NEVER sell that vehicle. If someone later buys your car or boat and uses that gun safe to store something illegal, YOU could be prosecuted for installing a “false or secret compartment” and/or for selling a vehicle that has such a compartment – EVEN if you never stored, or intended to store something illegal in that compartment. If the new owner is found to have something illegal in the compartment, it is suddenly a “false or hidden compartment.” But remember, YOU installed the compartment and YOU sold the vehicle!

Amazingly, the way H. 3585 is written, such a compartment does not have to be hidden at all to be considered a “false or secret compartment.” H. 3585 could be interpreted so that even a compartment that is “original factory equipment on a vehicle” could be used to send someone to prison.

It is absurd to label original factory equipment as a “secret compartment,” especially when doing so could be used to harm innocent citizens.

If convicted of violating H. 3585, innocent gun owners could be fined ten thousand dollars or sent to prison for two years, or both. H. 3585 will do little to catch real criminals, but it has the potential to hurt many innocent people.

The Senate Subcommittee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, May 5th, at 11:00am to discuss H. 3585.


  1. CALL each member of the Senate Subcommittee where H. 3585 sits and tell them “I strongly urge you to kill H. 3585! GrassRoots GunRights speaks for me.”
  2. EMAIL each member of the Senate Subcommittee with the same message: “I strongly urge you to kill H. 3585! GrassRoots GunRights speaks for me.”

Below is the contact information for the Senate Subcommittee.

Sen. Jake Knotts (chairman)
(803) 212-6350

Sen. Creighton Coleman
(803) 212-6180

Sen. Shane Massey
(803) 212-6000

Thank you for taking action on this very important issue.
Bill Rentiers
Executive Officer
GrassRoots GunRights of SC

The mission of GrassRoots is to educate and promote acceptance of responsible firearms ownership within the State of South Carolina and to protect the rights of law abiding citizens with regard to firearms ownership. Initially we focused all of our attention on merchants who posted against the lawful carrying of concealed weapons in their stores. Since then we have broadened our scope and are currently increasing information delivery to all firearms owners, SC concealed weapons permit holders, and firearms instructors. As GrassRoots continues to grow we will further broaden our objectives to improve all aspects of lawful ownership and carrying of firearms in South Carolina. Visit:

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    1. [...] of a Senate subcommittee to tell them “GrassRoots GunRights speaks for me!” to help kill a bill – H. 3585 – that could have put innocent gun owners in prison for two years and fined them $10,000.In [...]

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