MDTS Combative Pistol Skills Class 1 & 2

MDTS Combative Pistol Skills Class 1 & 2
Saturday February 12th Oneida Rifle Club, Oneida NY

MDTS Combative Pistol Skills Class 1 & 2
MDTS Combative Pistol Skills Class 1 & 2
Modern Defensive Training Systems
Modern Defensive Training Systems

Utica, NY –-( In this 8 hr. course of instruction basic to intermediate skill sets will be presented and then drilled dry fire and live fire.

Course content will include but is not limited to administrative gun handling, fundamental marksmanship and the dynamic contact position, combative marksmanship, shooting responses, ready positions, combative gun handlingmalfunctions, lateral displacement / proactive movement, bilateral weapon operation and more.

Combative Pistol Skills 2 picks up where CPS1 leaves off building upon skill sets and increasing tempo and stress.

Previously learned skills are refined and intermediate to advanced gun-handling skills are introduced and trained.

Course content will include but is not limited to after action assessments, concealed carry, the combative draw stroke, open and concealed carry presentations, combative shooting positions, vertical displacement, proper use of cover & concealment and more…

NYS pistol permit, serviceable pistol, comfortable clothing or duty uniform, concealment garment, 500 rounds ammunition, minimum of 2 magazines/speed loaders & carry gear, sturdy belt & strong side holster only, eye & ear protection, weather appropriate clothing, hydration. Optional Equipment- knee protection, note taking materials, lunch for full day class.

If you have a .22 conversion kit for your pistol you can bring that kit and use it during this course but it is higly recommended you attempt to shoot the majority of the course with your carry ammunition caliber. You WILL need a minimum of 200 rounds of regular ammunition which you will be shooting.

About Chris:
Chris Fry is the owner and director of training and curriculum development for Modern Defensive Training Systems in Utica, N.Y. where he conducts courses in reality driven practical combatives skills, extreme close quarters physical defense, tactical folding knife and edged weapon combatives and combative pistol, carbine and shotgun skills. MDTS offers a variety of courses for responsible citizens, corporations, law enforcement and the U.S. Military with a singular goal of providing up to date, realistic and practical personal protection training. Visit:

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