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Shoot Like a Pro From Hunting to Tactical With Premium, Hand-Loaded Ammunition.

ProGrade Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

ProGrade Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

ProGrade Ammunition

ProGrade Ammunition

Stevensville, MT - -( ProGrade Ammunition gets an A+ in performance from shooters of every caliber from hunters to law enforcement officials to competitive shooters and every sportsman in between.

With more than 250 variations in the full line-up, all ProGrade Ammunition is hand-loaded in America and built to provide only the highest quality for unmatched shooting.

If you’re a hunter, you understand the importance of an accurate shot because you may only get one opportunity to make it count. ProGrade gets it, and is proud to offer hunters three lines of premium ammo specific to species: Hunting Grade, Safari Grade and Varmint Grade. ProGrade’s Hunting Grade Ammunition is specially designed for medium to large game like deer, elk or moose. If you’re on the hunt to take down a more dangerous species like the African Big 5 or just plains game, you’ll have a true advantage with ProGrade’s Safari Grade Ammunition. Or, if you’re a predator hunter out to gun down varmint – anything from hogs to coyotes to prairie dogs – ProGrade’s Varmint Grade is your top choice for variety.

Even if you’re not a hunter, but an avid adventurer in the great outdoors, your life could be on the line while on the trail or in camp. ProGrade’s Bear Grade Ammunition is your first line of defense against a bear attack, and the rounds you can count on should you encounter a dangerous situation outdoors.

Law Enforcement officials, SWAT and other tactical operators deserve nothing short of the best in equipment in order to successfully serve and protect, which is why ProGrade has developed an advanced line of ammo suitable to their exact needs. ProGrade’s Tactical Grade Ammunition is the pinnacle in performance, delivering consistent and reliable accuracy with every shot. ProGrade also incorporates this same level of quality and ingenuity in its Defense Grade line, which is specifically engineered for personal defense and will ensure shooting precision during any life-threatening situation.

ProGrade’s Range Grade Ammunition is your go-to ammo for plinking at the shooting range, whether you’re practicing for competition or simply perfecting your shot. For those who are in the competition circle, when it’s time for a match you can count on ProGrade’s Match Grade line to consistently perform like a champ.

ProGrade truly has an ammo choice for every type of shooter, including the gunslingers of cowboy action shooting. Consistent and reliable performance is blended to create a flawless performance from ProGrade’s Cowboy Grade ammo. Round after round – it will not disappoint.

Every bullet in the ProGrade line is proudly hand-loaded and manufactured in the U.S.A. Plus, bold color-coded packaging helps customers find the right grade at a quick glance.

To learn even more about ProGrade’s full line of premium ammunition, contact ProGrade Ammunition, 3616 Eastside Highway, Stevensville, MT 59870. Telephone: (435) 865-5995.

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