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Outdoor Tips Almanac: A Monthly Guide to Ingenuity in the Outdoors

Outdoor Tips Almanac: A Monthly Guide to Ingenuity in the Outdoors

USA --( Now you can have a wealth of woods wisdom skills at your fingertips in a Kindle Edition.

John Howle has compiled hundred of tips for each of the 12 months of the year, and each chapter is prefaced with entertaining tales of the outdoors.

Based on years of research in the outdoors and hundreds of published articles, Howle’s book provides the reader with essential information in an easy-to-read tips format for making the most of any outdoor adventure ranging from one night campouts and survival situations to finding and preparing food for your family from the woods and waters in your area.

What would you do if the economy were to collapse and you had to provide food for your family from the woods and waters?

The Outdoor Tips Almanac is a monthly chronicle of woods wisdom skills allowing the reader to make the most of any outing in the wilderness or even provide food for the family in unstable economic times.

Whether you want to learn how to start a fire in wet weather or how to hunt and harvest game, this book gives the answers in a short, easy to read tips format. Many of the tips are illustrated with sketches and photos that give visual guidance on completing the tasks. From predicting oncoming weather and cooking over an open fire to hunting and preparing wild game, the Outdoor Tips Almanac is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about hunting and survival skills or simply wanting to get back to the basics and being able to survive and thrive off what the woods and water has to offer.

John Howle has spent years collecting and photographing these tips, and many of these have appeared in national publications. While writing for Progressive Farmer’s Rural Sportsman, Howle’s tips section of the magazine was the most popularly read column of the magazine based on reader response surveys.

Each chapter begins with a short narrative about the outdoors for that particular month followed by scores of useful tips the reader can use that time of year. Having published hundreds of articles on the outdoors and back to basics living, Howle continues to deliver valuable, woods wisdom skills that any reader, whether novice or veteran, can enjoy.

To get your Kindle copy of John Howle’s E-book for only $2.99, log on to and type, “Outdoor Tips Almanac” in the book search.

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