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MSE Sights AQC-1C Reflex Sight

MSE Sights AQC-1C Reflex Sight

Command Arms Accessories

Command Arms Accessories

Tullytown, PA --(  Command Arms Accessories is the Exclusive Importer and Distributor of MSE Sights

CAA is proud to introduce the MSE family of AQC Red Dot Sights.

The AQC sights are the most accurate red dot reflex sights in the world.


  • * Larger window for quicker target acquisition.
  • * Three built in super sharp reticles for CQB and long range targets are parallax free, making it one of the accurate sights on the market today.
  • * Windage and elevation knobs are manually adjustable and cannot be accidentally moved. No tools are required.
  • * Optional pressure switch cable (PTT) turns the sight on, changes reticles and brightness levels, providing control of the sight while maintaining two handed control of the firearm.
  • * Eight brightness levels for day and night use, including use with all night vision optics.
  • * Built in sleep mode to prolong battery life and a motion sensor turns the sight back on without the need to pres any activation buttons.
  • * Built to military specification, designed for battlefield conditions.
  • * Unique low battery indication flashes on every 10 minutes during the last two hours of battery life.
  • * Instructional video and three day Israeli Defense Force (IDF) range training course will take your shooting skills to the next level and allow you to train like the professionals.

The AQC1C isights are now shipping, utilizing a single CR123 battery. Other AQC1 models will follow with lithium AA and Lithium 1/2″ AA battery power sources.

The AQC2 models (July delivery) will feature a red dot sight with your choice of red laser, IR laser or both lasers. The PTT cable is included with all AQC2 models.

The MSE line of sights have been designed by Lt Col (ret) Mikey Hartman who for 20 years founded and commanded the IDF marksmanship and sniper school, training over 500,000 soldiers.

mse – sights – eng from itay itach on Vimeo.

To visit the MSE AQC-1 product page CLICK HERE

  • 3 User comments to “MSE Sights AQC-1C Reflex Sight”

    1. Kyle Madigan on July 12, 2013 at 9:29 AM said:

      This looks pretty sweet. I have an EOTech XPS2-0 strapped to my M&P15, but this looks like it is very comparable. I do like the reticle change for distance shooting, though I have not had any trouble with the EOTech for reaching out to 200+ yards. Slap a magnifier on there and you can get nice groupings at 400. Every NV gear that I’ve been able to handle has had a glow to the IR illuminator, but I have never used military-spec gear, so I’d like to see how that works too. The IDF has there shit on tight, they keep a very diligent army on standby.

    2. richard taylor on September 12, 2014 at 4:14 AM said:

      Living in Canada, can I order the MSE Sights AQC-1C Reflex Sight?

    3. KOBUS BREYTENBACH on October 19, 2014 at 11:34 AM said:


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