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EP Lowers Rifle built with our 80 Polymer AR15 JIG-LESS Lower Receiver

EP Lowers Rifle built with our 80 Polymer AR15 JIG-LESS Lower Receiver

EP Lowers

EP Lowers

Bakersfield, Ca --( We are EP Lowers founded under EP Arms LLC in 2012 in Bakersfield, CA by me Chris Cook. I had been building and selling custom AR-15’s and gunsmithing for many years.

However my dream was to market my own unique products.

That is when the idea of a polymer 80% lower was formed; now after a lot of hard work that dream is a reality but I’m not stopping there. My vision is a buttstock to barrel company providing not only lowers but, hand guards, grips, magazines, and any and all accessories as well as other 80% products like AR-10 lowers and 1911 frames made from the same robust materials.

What we offer currently is an 80% completed AR-15 lower receiver unlike any other in the firearms industry. We offer the first ever 80% polymer lower available and the only 80% lower that requires no jig to complete. We are calling it the EP-80.

They are made from a super strong fiber reinforced polymer. The exact composition is proprietary but this is much stronger than what is used in other polymer receivers and we did this for two reasons; first we want the best product out there; second rigidity and high strength are necessary for milling.

EP Lowers Polymer 80% AR15 JIG-LESS lower receiver

EP Lowers Polymer 80% AR15 JIG-LESS lower receiver

With that said; the buffer tube area is reinforced with additional material as is the front pivot pin area. This is because there has been other lesser polymer lowers by other manufacturers that have failed in these areas. We want the costumer to be confident in our product so we beefed up those areas to meet consumer demands; all our material is much stronger than what’s been previously used.

The lowers are “Jig Less” in that; the fire control pocket is dissimilar in color so it’s clearly outlined what needs to be removed. In the case of the black lowers just mill out the white and leave the black area and you’re done. Fire control and pivot pin areas are clearly marked for drilling. You will need a drill press and using a mill vise makes it a lot easier but that’s not required. One could just drill to depth and Dremel out too. We have been milling them on a harbor freight press and mill vise. As with standard metal lowers it will take a competent person to complete them; however they are lighter and stronger than alloy. Our product is made in the USA; and we offer a lifetime limited warranty.

We currently offer the only 80% polymer lower available on the market. We are working on an 80% AR-10 mold as well and we have plans to do 80% 1911 polymer frames as well as hand guards, magazines, butt stocks etc. We are working every day to bring these new products to market as well and improve our existing product. We plan on offering at least one new unique product within the year.

EP Lowers Polymer 80% AR15 JIG-LESS lower receiver

EP Lowers Polymer 80% AR15 JIG-LESS lower receiver

Our product is offered online at Also we invite folks to check us out on facebook for daily updates at Our product will be available at dealer locations as well and we have plans to market at gun shows very soon.

Thank you so much

Kind Regards,
Chris Cook, founder
EP Lowers

  • 3 User comments to “Introducing EP Lowers, Makers of 80% Polymer AR-15 Receivers – Made in the USA Series”

    1. K. Lee, Mesa, AZ on June 26, 2013 at 1:50 PM said:

      Awesome concept. Finally someone coming up with an idea everyone can live with and enjoy the freedom of the AR.

    2. Good idea 80% polymers. I wonder when will big brother make 80%’s illegal. I didn’t commit any crimes with an “assault weapon” The felons did. Make it illegal for them to have it.

    3. I am relay interested in buying one of your lowers please keep me informed where there is a dealer near me Tampa FL Thank you Lance H Pfeiffer

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