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Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC

Covington VA --( VCDL-PAC is proud to endorse the following slate of candidates for the House of Delegates in 2013, which includes 16 Republicans (R), 1 Democrat (D), 4 Independents (I), 4 Libertarians (L), and 1 Independent Green (IG).

The VCDL-PAC wants to acknowledge Democrats James O’Quinn and Lewis Bain Medlin for bucking their party’s leadership and turning in VERY PRO-GUN SURVEYS.

We are proud to stand with Mr. Medlin, and we regret that Mr. O’Quinn is running against an incumbent with a rock-solid voting record and a VERY PRO-GUN survey.

Had that not been the case, Mr. O’Quinn would have received the VCDL-PAC’S endorsement.

District Candidate
——– ————————–

  • 03 Wil Morefield (R)
  • 06 Jeff Campbell (R)
  • 13 Bob Marshall (R)
  • 14 Mary Scott Martin (I)
  • 15 Todd Gilbert (R)
  • 16 Les Adams (R)
  • 18 Mike Webert (R)
  • 19 Lewis Bain Medlin (D)
  • 20 Dickie Bell (R)
  • 23 Jonathan Parrish (L)
  • 25 Steve Landes
  • 29 Mark Berg (R)
  • 31 Scott Lingamfelter (R)
  • 33 Dave LaRock (R)
  • 38 Jim Leslie (IG)
  • 44 Joe Glean (I)
  • 45 Jeff Engle (I)
  • 47 Laura Delhomme (L)
  • 51 Rich Anderson (R)
  • 53 Anthony Gabriel Tellez (L)
  • 55 Buddy Fowler (R)
  • 64 Rick Morris (R)
  • 65 Lee Ware (R)
  • 75 Al Peschke (R)
  • 78 Daniel Foster (L)
  • 85 Scott Taylor (R)
  • 88 Mark Cole (R)
  • 95 John Bloom (R)
  • 96 Brenda Pogge (R)
  • 99 Margaret Ransone (R)
  • 100 John W. Smith, Jr. (I)

Not sure what district you’re in? Find out at: ONLY YOUR ADDRESS IS REQUIRED ON THIS FORM!

Candidate responses can be viewed at:

We have 31 races we want to make a difference in, and very limited funds with which to do it. We applaud those of you who have stepped up, but I regret to inform you that more is needed. If you can donate again, please do. If you have not, please help us protect the most urgent and fundamental right. The one that safeguards all the others. The right to keep and bear arms.



Make payable to: VCDL-PAC
Mail to: VCDL-PAC
P.O. Box 254
Garrisonville, VA 22463

With your check, please include your full name, address, occupation, employer, and locality/state where employed. Contributions to VCDL-PAC are NOT deductible for federal income tax purposes. Consult your tax adviser regarding state taxes.

Please help us elect these candidates to the House of Delegates. VCDL-PAC is caught between a rock and a hard place, and so will every Virginia Gun owner if we do not send a loud, clear message this November, just six weeks away.

Bob Sadtler
Chairman, VCDL-PAC

Authorized by the Chairman, VCDL-PAC, VA 01-042

Paid for by the Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC

NOT authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

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    1. I noticed that Charles Poindexter isn’t on your list….other than voting for the transportation bill, are there other reasons?

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