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Long Island Firearms

Long Island Firearms Reaches 10,000 Members

Ronkonkoma, NY--( Long Island Firearms forum reaches 10,000 active members.

Long Island Firearms, New York’s number one firearms and second amendment community website, now has 10,000 active members on its forum.

Over the last several years, firearms owners and second amendment activists have had to stick together to stand strong. No where is this more true than here on Long Island, home of bipartisan anti-second amendment politicians and anti-freedom policies that constantly threaten our rights. Perhaps then, it is no surprise that Long Island Firearms has once again reached a growth milestone as new members flock to the forum boards and band together in defense of their second amendment rights.

“The website explodes with knowledgeable informative posts each and every day.” says one moderator.

“The forum content expands far beyond only firearm related discussions, which makes this website unique and fun for all who log in.” explains another moderator. Forum areas include: camping, disaster awareness, cooking, computer/technology tips, home security questions just to name a few. The website is known as the goto place for discussions with the motto ‘members helping members’ known throughout. Members are constantly eager to log in to gain knowledge and start discussions with others within the community.

“What makes Long Island Firearms so special is the ability to bring the online community to another level. And this is something that we all are proud to be a part of.” explains Steven Blair one of the administrators of the website. “It’s amazing to see an online community come together at blood drives, community outreach events and more.” he continues on to say. Next month starts the group’s annual Long Island coat drive. To date the group has collected over 3200 coats to keep fellow Long Islanders warm during the winter season.

The website’s forum recently reached over 10,000 active members, and is adding an average of 25 new members daily. This milestone comes only shortly after the forum reached its one-millionth post count, and is just another sure sign that support for the second amendment is strong and growing in “downstate” New York.

With these impressive membership and post count numbers, not to mention LIF’s average 2 million visitors monthly, Long Island Firearm’s influence continues to grow in the local and state community. From local charity events, to the picket lines in Albany, to the Federal courts where LIF has co-filed a case against Governor Andrew Cuomo’s unconstitutional “SAFE” act, Long Island Firearms continues to grow, as does support for the second amendment.

Long Island Firearms is a Long Island, NY based website that provides an online gathering place, as well as news and information, for Long Island’s many firearms enthusiasts. Since its creation in March 2008, Long Island Firearms has been dedicated to preserving second amendment rights for New Yorkers, and has maintained a highly active online forum community. Long Island Firearms is New York’s preeminent firearms website, with over 10,000 forum members and two million monthly visitors. For more information about Long Island firearms, please visit

  • 2 User comments to “Long Island Firearms Reaches 10,000 Members”

    1. Trapshooterbob on October 15, 2013 at 1:27 PM said:

      Proud to be a member of this great organization!

    2. It is about time. If you won’t fight for your rights, don’t expect others to.

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