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World’s First 3D Printed 1911 Metal Gun Manufactured by Solid Concepts

World’s First 3D Printed 1911 Metal Gun Manufactured by Solid Concepts

Solid Concepts

Solid Concepts

November 7, 2013 was an exciting day for Solid Concepts: We announced our successful printing and firing of the world’s first 3D Printed metal gun.

Two weeks later, we announced our 1911 3D Printed metal gun had reached over 1,000 successful rounds of firing without failure.

Today, with our very first 3D Printed metal gun nearing 2,000 rounds of firing, we are pleased to share our success with you once again, this time a bit more literally.

Solid Concepts will release a limited run of 1911 3D Printed metal guns for purchase; we will only manufacture 100 of these limited edition 3D Printed metal guns. The limited run 1911 3D Printed metal guns will be built and serialized with the option of unique customization using our Additive Metal Manufacturing technology. Each 3D Printed gun will be manufactured with Inconel 625 and Stainless Steel components. Post machining and hand polishing will complete the manufacturing process and each assembled pistol will undergo 100 rounds of test firing. We are offering buyers the chance to tour our Texas facility and watch their gun being printed with the added benefit of joining our lead additive manufacturing engineers on the range for the first test firing of the buyers’ limited 1911 gun.

The 100 serialized 1911 3D Printed metal guns are priced at $11,900 while supplies last. Your 1911 3D Printed Metal gun – should you choose to purchase – will arrive in a wooden showcase box complete with a 3D printed metal plaque and signed certificate of authenticity. “This is a chance to own a piece of history,” says our Vice President of Marketing Scott McGowan.

Robert Farago, “The Truth About Guns” Fires & Reviews 1911 3D Printed Metal Gun 

“Shooting the SC 1911, it’s easy to forget you’re firing an enormously important firearm. The 3D printed DMLS looks and feels like a “real” gun. The fact that it’s a 1911 only adds to the sense of intellectual complacency. If the DMLS looked futuristic—like Wilson’s blocky Liberator orChiappa’s steampunk Rhino—the world’s first 3D printed metal gun would have a more immediate, visceral impact. But make no mistake: the 1911 DMLS is a literal piece of history.” – Robert Farago, Gun Review Solid Concepts 1911

John Moses Browning was a visionary himself, compelled to advance the firearms of the United States armed forces back in 1906 when the handgun was first held up for adoption into the army. After testing from 1907 to 1911, and 6,000 rounds through his prototype .45 caliber pistol, Browning’s gun was adopted and dubbed the Colt Model 1911. This model has been through its fair share of wars and has become a staple in many a gun collector’s home. We’re happy to pay tribute to Browning with our limited edition very first 3D Printed metal 1911s.

1911 3D Printed Metal Gun Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.25 lb empty, no magazine
  • Width: 1.3”
  • Trigger Pull: 5 lb
  • Sight Radius: 6.4”
  • Sights: Standard GI with square notch rear
  • Barrel – Number of grooves 6=Lands 6=Grooves
  • Barrel – Twist: 1: 15.8


If you are interested in purchasing a limited edition 1911 3D Printed metal gun please email To learn more about the creation and development of the world’s first 3D Printed metal gun, check out our blog post and YouTube video. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Visit:

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