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Lightweight modular systems assemble in seconds to provide reliable cooking surfaces for compact camping stoves or cook fires.





St. Paul MN --( Camping gear for hikers, hunters, anglers, bikers, paddlers, and touring motorcyclists includes some amazingly light stoves and cookware.

What’s been missing is a safe, reliable way to position those pots and pans over that compact stove or a wood fire. The answer is SlatGrate, a family of lightweight cookware support systems that fit in a backpack pocket and can be assembled in seconds to securely support cookware over a stove or cook-fire.

The easy-to-assemble SlatGrate design uses just three different parts—six-inch legs, 12-inch slats, and 18-inch rails—along with lightweight chains for handling over a campfire. The parts are notched for easy assembly, and their modular design allows each to be assembled in multiple configurations. Components are made of the same 304 stainless steel used in industrial ovens, can support a heavy cast-iron stewpot as easily as a featherweight titanium pan, and clean up as easily as a butter knife. Each of the three models is tall enough to accommodate most single-burner butane, propane, alcohol, or white gas stoves.

  • The SlatGrate Mini model provides a 12” by 12” cooking surface that can support a single pot or pan.
  • The SlatGrate Griddle model is 12” by 18”, can be placed over two or more stoves or a larger wood fire, and can support multiple pots or a griddle.
  • The SlatGrate Deluxe model is also 12” by 18” and includes 16 slats that can be used to form a grill surface for cooking juicy steaks or burgers over direct heat.

“The whole system is designed for maximum flexibility,” says inventor and SlatWorx President Chris Weyandt. “The Deluxe model, for example, can be configured as a mini or griddle model if that’s all you need,”

Weyandt, an avid outdoorsman, designed the SlatGrate system to build on the success of the company’s SlatGrill series (available in titanium or stainless steel). “In years of leading groups into the remote Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota I learned that there are certain comforts you don’t want to leave at home, and a good meal after a hard day is one of them,” he says. “The new SlatGrate model series is designed to balance light weight, easy setup, effortless cleanup, and flexibility and to provide a rock-solid cooking surface at an affordable price.”

For Weyandt, who designed and prototyped the SlatGrill and SlatGrate systems at the MIT Fab Lab at Century College where he teaches, the challenge of designing the two systems was just the start. He had to identify efficient, cost-effective manufacturing methods. Parts for the earlier SlatGrill models are precision-cut using a high-pressure water jet or fiber-optic laser. The new SlatGrate series is specifically designed for progressive stamping, which reduces cost and minimizes waste of material. “Everything we sell is made in the U.S.A.” says Weyandt. “In fact, all my manufacturing and assembly partners are located within biking distance of my home, so I can watch the products being made. That’s part of the reason we can offer a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee.”

SlatGrate kits are available on the web at

  • The 1 ¼ lb. Mini model costs $29.95
  • The 1 ¾ lb. Griddle model costs $39.95
  • The 4 ¼ lb. Deluxe model costs $49.95
  • The site also offers accessories.

SlatWorx products (SlatGrill and SlatGrate models) take the compromise out of cooking on the road, on the water, on the trail, or in your back yard. The company designs and manufactures lightweight, versatile, easy-to-use cooking systems suitable for virtually any outdoor activity. Cook with possibility!™.

  • SlatGrill model series, US Patent D693,621 and D693,622
  • SlatGrate model series, US Patent Pending 61/889,181
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    1. You better check your prices as they are no where near the site price.

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