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By Stephen L. D’Andrilli
The “Arbalest Quarrel” Tells CNN: “You’re not in the Clear; Viewers can Tune You Out Just like Viewers Tuned out Piers Morgan.”

CNN Is Still On 2A Viewer's Do Not Watch List

CNN Is Still On 2A Viewer’s Do Not Watch List

The Arbalest Quarrel

The Arbalest Quarrel

New York --(   CNN has dumped Piers Morgan. The reason why is simple.

Viewers have tuned Morgan out. They have tuned Morgan out because Morgan has trampled on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution by speaking ill of it – ranting against it, ridiculing Americans who exercise their sacred right to keep and bear arms.

Morgan isn’t even an American. He’s a British subject. The British do not have a Second Amendment. Apparently, Morgan thinks we shouldn’t either.

But CNN isn’t the innocent lamb in this. The CNN TV network, part of the MSM, agrees with Morgan’s sentiments toward the Second Amendment.

You and I know this. It isn’t a secret.

CNN thought, wrongly, that common Americans were on Morgan’s side. CNN gave Morgan free rein to attack our sacred right to keep and bear arms. America wasn’t amused. Both CNN and Morgan were surprised at America’s indignation. Someone had to lose out and it wasn’t going to be CNN. So the network cut Morgan loose. Ratings count for everything and Morgan’s had tanked. Goodbye, Piers.

If CNN believes it’s in the clear now it isn’t. The viewers tuned out one program and CNN cut its losses by getting rid of Morgan. Will CNN foolishly hire someone like Morgan to argue the same loathsome, tiresome theme: gun confiscation and de facto repeal of the Second Amendment? If so, CNN might do well to consider: if the network plays that “game,” the Public will cut CNN loose. CNN isn’t the only TV network “in town.” Viewers can tune out an entire network, not just one program. Where will CNN be then? Perhaps CNN should rethink its position and messaging on guns and the Second Amendment.

If it doesn’t, Americans will ditch CNN just as swiftly and just as assuredly

The “Arbalest Quarrel” has more to say about this. We invite you to visit our site. See our post. Click on the link: As always, we value your comments.

  • 3 User comments to “Peirs Morgan Canned, But CNN Is Still On 2A Viewer’s Do Not Watch List”

    1. It’s about time that arrogant ass was gone. I still don’t watch CNN…unless I want a good laugh or know what the “enemy” is planning…

    2. To me it’s the communist news network

    3. Wow some still watch the communist news network.

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