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Kansas Capitol Building

Kansas: Legislature to Consider Comprehensive Pro-Gun Bill



Charlotte, NC --( This week, the Kansas Senate passed Senate Bill 447 by a 34-2 vote.  Following its passage, SB 447 was integrated into House Bill 2578 (previously reported on here) in a conference committee and passed again.

The integrated version of HB 2578 received a 4-2 vote in the conference committee, which becomes an “Agree to Disagree.”  Both the Senate and House concurred on the motion to Agree to Disagree this afternoon.  After a second conference committee tonight, the integrated version of HB 2578 will now be returned to both the House and Senate for a final action concurrence vote.  Your NRA fully supports this comprehensive legislation and anticipates that it will be brought up for a concurrence vote in both legislative chambers as early as tomorrow.

The new version of HB 2578 will include:Your NRA fully supports this comprehensive legislation and anticipates that it will be brought up for a concurrence vote in both legislative chambers as early as tomorrow.

  • An expansion of Kansas’ firearms preemption provisions to open carry and will prohibit municipalities from implementing local ordinances relating to the transportation of firearms.  Whether you choose to carry concealed, open carry or carry a knife for self-defense, this bill would eliminate the complex patchwork of gun laws that arise from local regulations.
  • A ban on the use of taxpayer funds for gun “buyback” programs.  These programs are a waste of taxpayer dollars and have no proven impact on crime reduction. This bill would prohibit seized firearms not used in the commission of a felony from being destroyed by law enforcement agencies.  These firearms, so long as they are in operable condition, would either be sold to a licensed gun dealer (FFL) or donated to hunter education programs.  In addition, it would also mandate that if a firearm has been seized by law enforcement and the owner is acquitted of the charges or the charges are dropped, the firearm must be returned to the owner within thirty days.
  • A prohibition on county, city or municipal employers from maintaining a database of employee permit holders, ensuring confidentiality.
  • A “shall certify” requirement that a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) sign off on an application to transfer an item regulated by the National Firearms Act, including short barreled rifles/shotguns and suppressors, within fifteen days, as long as the applicant is not prohibited by law from receiving the item.

Your NRA fully supports these comprehensive improvements to the gun laws in the Sunflower State and will continue to keep you informed as progress is made during the 2014 legislative session.  Please contact your state Senator and Representative TODAY and respectfully urge them to adopt the conference committee report for HB 2578, ensuring its final passage.  Contact information for members of the state Legislature can be found here.  To identify who represents you, please click here.  Please stay tuned to and your e-mail inbox for further updates.

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    1. I would object to the ” shall certify ” clause . No such certification should be necessary .

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