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Gun Owners' Action League - The Official Firearms Association of Massachusetts

Gun Owners’ Action League – The Official Firearms Association of Massachusetts

Massachusetts - -( Over the last 20+ years a vast majority of states have passed pro Second Amendment legislation.

Now the enemies of our freedom, have begun to shift tactics.

Changing the Gun Control Debate to a Public Health Issue

In a recent opinion piece published by the The Washington Post, Danny Franklin stated that “framing the danger of guns as a public health risk will change the debate over gun control.”

Franklin — a partner at Benenson Strategy Group, a strategic consulting firm, and a member of its team advising the White House on public opinion and communications — offers three points that would show what a public health approach would look like:

His first strategy would be to “focus on persuading people of the inherent risks of guns by highlighting the more than 600 fatal gun accidents that occur each year.” He points out Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety video featuring a young(sic) who finds her parents gun. He writes, “this is representative of the day-to-day tragedies we should be focused on stopping.” He of course does not mention that taking proper safety precautions by ensuring your gun is locked away out of the reach of kids would eliminate risks.

Here is the above mentioned WaPo editorial :

Framing the danger of guns as a public health risk will change the debate over gun control

What would a public health approach look like?

First, it would avoid divisive efforts to pass laws that compel behavior and instead focus on persuading people of the inherent risks of guns by highlighting the more than 600 fatal gun accidents that occur each year. Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety movement, for example, has a new video featuring a young girl coming across her parents’ gun by accident. This is representative of the day-to-day tragedies we should be focused on stopping.

Also related, this bit discussing the New England Journal of Medicine complaining because the NRA is speaking out against the nomination of an anti civil rights Surgeon General.

U.S. doctors decry ‘political blackmail’ by gun lobby

The National Rifle Association has sent letters to lawmakers and to members over the past two months, urging them to oppose Murthy based on his views on guns.

“Dr. Murthy’s record of political activism in support of radical gun control measures raises significant concerns about his ability to objectively examine issues pertinent to America’s 100 million firearm owners,” said one NRA letter to lawmakers, sent to AFP by the NRA press office.

A separate email alert to NRA members described Murthy as someone who agrees with President Barack Obama’s “radical anti-gun agenda” and who has “advocated on many occasions for the banning of lawfully owned firearms.”

“It’s clear that Dr. Murthy would be a prescription for disaster for America’s law-abiding gun owners,” the email said, urging NRA members to contact their senators to express their opposition.

The editors of the New England Journal of Medicine said Murthy has stood for “reasonable and mainstream forms of gun regulation, including an assault weapons ban, a limit on ammunition sales, and required safety training.”

Gun Owners’ Action League is the official state firearms association in Massachusetts. We are an association of law-abiding citizens who believe in the basic right of firearms ownership for competition, recreation and self-protection. GOAL works hard to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights against those in Massachusetts who wish to infringe upon the freedoms guaranteed by our forefathers. The programs sponsored and developed by Gun Owners’ Action League are supported by competitors, sportsmen, recreational shooters and law enforcement throughout the state. We were formed in 1974 to protect the right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are recognized as the state’s premier gun rights association.

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  • 3 User comments to “Anti Freedom Activists Change Tactics”

    1. David Dempsey on May 14, 2014 at 8:19 PM said:

      Gun Free Zones are the real Public Health Risk because they are like magnets that attract Mass Shooters, Criminals, and Terrorists.

    2. yaki534 on May 15, 2014 at 11:17 AM said:

      600 accidental deaths annually. Hmm more than that drown every year. Does that mean we need to ban water? What a bunch of idiots.

    3. Chuck Sherman on May 15, 2014 at 11:59 AM said:

      So then pools, cars, ATVs, and toasters are public health risks, too. They all cause more than 600 deaths per year. Encourage legislatures to attach amendments to any bills that treat all of those things the same way they wish to treat guns. Let them argue that guns are a greater hazard than a swimming pool!

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