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Julie Golob Takes Aim

Julie Golob Takes Aim

Julie Golob

Julie Golob

Kansas City, Mo. --( In just two weeks after returning to competition from a year long maternity leave, professional competition shooter, author and mother Julie Golob finished second among the female competitors at the World Action Pistol Championships hosted by Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Ky.

As many mothers know, going back to work after having a baby is challenging. Julie Golob’s job happens to involve shooting her pistol at a four-inch-size bulls-eye at distances up to 50 yards as she competes against some of the best shooters in the world.

The sport is called NRA Action Pistol and it features four courses of fire with a total of 192 shots. Shooters fire at paper and steel targets from distances of 10 to 50 yards. On one event, the Moving Target, competitors must engage a target moving across a 60-foot opening at a speed of 10-feet-per-second.

Golob is no stranger to the podium in the sport, but the decorated champion admits that returning to competition has not been easy. She credits her equipment and positive outlook as the primary sources for her success.

“Going into the World Championships, I knew I could count on my gear. I am using a Smith & Wesson Performance Center 9mm 1911 with ASYM Ammunition and the combination is extremely accurate and reliable. There were times throughout the competition that I felt nervous and a more than a bit rusty, but having confidence in my equipment and maintaining a positive attitude helped me achieve results I am extremely proud of, especially after taking time off to grow my family,” said Golob.

Logos for prominent companies within the firearm industry – such as Smith & Wesson, Benelli and RAND CLP – adorn her shooting jersey much like they do for NASCAR drivers. Golob credits her sponsors and family as her major source of support and inspiration. A mother of two young daughters, she is passionate about serving as a role model for women and girls in the male dominated sport.

“It’s so important to me as a mom to show to my daughters that they can do anything they set their minds to doing. Shooting isn’t just a guy sport. Women and junior girls not only can find success, but also through shooting sports like NRA Action Pistol, they can learn firearm safety, gain confidence, and yes, even become a champion.”

With a podium finish at this world championship, Golob’s season is far from over. She is currently training for the United States Practical Shooting Association National Championships and the International Practical Shooting Confederation World Shoot where she is representing the United States as a member of Team USA.

About Julie Golob
Author Julie Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world and is a member of Team Benelli, as well as serving as Captain of Smith & Wesson’s Shooting Team. She has won more than 120 championship titles in international, national and regional marksmanship competitions in seven different action-shooting disciplines. A veteran of the elite U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, she was named both U.S. Army Female Athlete of the Year and AMU Athlete of the Year. Her list of titles include the prestigious Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, IDPA National Championships and the International Revolver Championships. Author of “SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition,” Julie also offers useful shooting tips and insight on shooting sports with her blog and on a bi-weekly Gun Girl Radio Podcast. Learn more about the champion, author, veteran and outdoor television personality at JulieGolob.comFacebookTwitter,YoutubeInstagram and Google+.

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