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Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC --( Correction to Saturday Alert and List of the Pro-Gun Members Who Voted to Protect the Second Amendment

Last week, disciples of anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg staged an ambush in the House of Representatives.

Due to an error in our automated messaging system, we sent out incorrect information concerning who voted in the pro-gun or anti-gun positions.

We apologize for the error and we have contacted all Congressional offices to let them know about this issue.

If you’ve already sent a message, thank you, no further action is necessary as the problem has been fixed. If you have yet to take action, please CLICK HERE to contact your Representative.

The vote was on a Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Peter King (R-NY) amendment to H.R. 4660, the Commerce-Justice-Science funding bill. Both Representatives hold an “F” rating with Gun Owners of America.

Their amendment would add an additional $19.5 million to pay states to turn in more names to the federal gun-ban (NICS) list.

Already, more than 175,000 law-abiding veterans have lost their Second Amendment rights this way. And, in states like New York, this money will pay to strip Americans of their constitutional rights, merely because they consult a psychiatrist and are prescribed a therapeutic drug.

Below are the U.S. House Members who voted NO on the Thompson-King amendment. A NO vote is the pro-gun position.

  • Aderholt (AL-4)
  • Amash (MI-3)
  • Bachmann (MN-6)
  • Barr (KY-6)
  • Barrow (GA-12)
  • Barton (TX-6)
  • Bentivolio (MI-11)
  • Bilirakis (FL-12)
  • Bishop (UT-1)
  • Black (TN-6)
  • Blackburn (TN-7)
  • Boustany (LA-3)
  • Brady (TX-8)
  • Bridenstine (OK-1)
  • Brooks (AL-5)
  • Broun (GA-10)
  • Burgess (TX-26)
  • Byrne (AL-1)
  • Calvert (CA-42)
  • Carter (TX-31)
  • Cassidy (LA-6)
  • Chabot (OH-1)
  • Coble (NC-6)
  • Cole (OK-4)
  • Collins (GA-9)
  • Collins (NY-27)
  • Conaway (TX-11)
  • Cook (CA-8)
  • Cotton (AR-4)
  • Crawford (AR-1)
  • Culberson (TX-7)
  • Daines (MT-al)
  • DeSantis (FL-6)
  • DesJarlais (TN-4)
  • Duncan (SC-3)
  • Duncan (TN-2)
  • Ellmers (NC-2)
  • Farenthold (TX-27)
  • Fincher (TN-8)
  • Fleischmann (TN-3)
  • Fleming (LA-4)
  • Flores (TX-17)
  • Forbes (VA-4)
  • Foxx (NC-5)
  • Franks (AZ-8)
  • Gardner (CO-4)
  • Garrett (NJ-5)
  • Gingrey (GA-11)
  • Gohmert (TX-1)
  • Gosar (AZ-4)
  • Granger (TX-12)
  • Graves (GA-14)
  • Graves (MO-6)
  • Griffin (AR-2)
  • Griffith (VA-9)
  • Guthrie (KY-2)
  • Hall (TX-4)
  • Harper (MS-3)
  • Harris (MD-1)
  • Hensarling (TX-5)
  • Holding (NC-13)
  • Hudson (NC-8)
  • Huelskamp (KS-1)
  • Huizenga (MI-2)
  • Hultgren (IL-14)
  • Hunter (CA-50)
  • Jenkins (KS-2)
  • Johnson (OH-6)
  • Johnson, Sam (TX-3)
  • Jordan (OH-4)
  • King (IA-4)
  • Kingston (GA-1)
  • Kline (MN-2)
  • Labrador (ID-1)
  • LaMalfa (CA-1)
  • Lamborn (CO-5)
  • Latta (OH-5)
  • Long (MO-7)
  • Lucas (OK-3)
  • Lummis (WY-al)
  • Marchant (TX-24)
  • Massie (KY-4)
  • McAllister (LA-5)
  • McCarthy (CA-23)
  • McCaul (TX-10)
  • McClintock (CA-4)
  • McHenry (NC-10)
  • Meadows (NC-11)
  • Messer (IN-6)
  • Mica (FL-7)
  • Miller (FL-1))
  • Miller (MI-10)
  • Mullin (OK-2)
  • Neugebauer (TX-19)
  • Nugent (FL-11)
  • Nunes (CA-22)
  • Nunnelee (MS-1)
  • Olson (TX-22)
  • Pearce (NM-2)
  • Perry (PA-4)
  • Peterson (MN-7)
  • Petri (WI-6)
  • Pittenger (NC-9)
  • Poe (TX-2)
  • Pompeo (KS-4)
  • Posey (FL-8)
  • Price (GA-6)
  • Rahall (WV-3)
  • Roby (AL-2)
  • Roe (TN-1)
  • Rogers (AL-3)
  • Rohrabacher (CA-48)
  • Rokita (IN-4)
  • Rooney (FL-17)
  • Salmon (AZ-5)
  • Sanford (SC-1)
  • Scalise (LA-1)
  • Schweikert (AZ-6)
  • Scott, Austin (GA-8)
  • Sessions (TX-32)
  • Shimkus (IL-15)
  • Simpson (ID-2)
  • Smith (MO-8)
  • Smith (NE-3)
  • Smith (TX-21)
  • Southerland (FL-2)
  • Stewart (UT-2)
  • Stockman (TX-36)
  • Stutzman (IN-3)
  • Terry (NE-2)
  • Thornberry (TX-13)
  • Tipton (CO-3)
  • Walberg (MI-7)
  • Walorski (IN-2)
  • Weber (TX-14)
  • Webster (FL-10)
  • Wenstrup (OH-2)
  • Westmoreland (GA-3)
  • Williams (TX-25)
  • Wilson (SC-2)
  • Wittman (VA-1)
  • Womack (AR-3)
  • Yoder (KS-3)
  • Yoho (FL-3)
  • Young (AK-al)
Gun Owners of America
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Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585
FAX: 703-321-8408

About:Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: to Join.

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  • 10 User comments to “U.S. House of Representatives, Who Voted Pro-gun?”

    1. […] US House of Representatives, Who Voted Pro-gun? – (press release) […]

    2. richard on June 4, 2014 at 5:28 AM said:

      when will all americans stop putting up with all this gun haters, and vote them on of office and all pro-gun owners can go on with life

    3. Winston Smith on June 4, 2014 at 5:33 AM said:

      May I humbly suggest a super PAC to strike fear in the hearts of our enemies? ” Big Pharma” as the liberals call them is in this fight whether they like it, or not. Afterall the insinuation all those who use their products are dangerous is not only nonsensical, it hurts their bottom line.. They should help fund this fight and any efforts to make those who use their products second class citizens without due process. To do otherwise would be foolish.

    4. HappyClinger on June 4, 2014 at 9:14 AM said:

      Hm. I don’t see Trey Gowdy’s name on that list.

    5. FrankInFL on June 4, 2014 at 9:41 AM said:

      This list would be more useful if sorted by state.

    6. askeptic on June 4, 2014 at 11:00 AM said:

      I note no Pro-Gun votes from any Rep from NV on that list.

    7. Capn Jack on June 4, 2014 at 11:48 AM said:

      Washington seems to be disgustingly conspicuous in it’s absence.

    8. There seems to be a dirth of missing names here as surely we have more than 45 rep’s in the house who are

    9. James on June 5, 2014 at 3:59 PM said:

      I would prefer to see the names of anti gun votes..

    10. Smitty on June 6, 2014 at 8:23 AM said:

      And ARKANSAS votes NO 4-outa-4 PRO GUN.

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