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West Virginia Citizens Defense League

West Virginia Citizens Defense League

West Virginia --( West Virginia Citizens Defense League, in a continuing effort to protect and expand the right to keep and bear arms within the State of West Virginia, is pleased to announce political endorsements for the upcoming 2014 general election.

“The following individuals have shown to have WV firearms owners’ best interests in mind, and have pledged to promote pro-gun legislation in West Virginia. I have full confidence in them.” – Art Thomm, Vice President, WVCDL

Is your representative on this list? If so, THANK THEM for their support! If not, CALL THEM and ask them to support your rights!

Full list of WVCDL endorsements:

  • Shelley Moore Capito US Senate
  • Alex Mooney US House
  • Kent Leonhardt WV Senate (2)
  • David Nohe WV Senate (3)
  • Gary Johngrass WV Senate (7)
  • Kent Leonhardt WV Senate (2)
  • David Nohe WV Senate (3)
  • Gary Johngrass WV Senate (7)
  • Duane Zobrist WV Senate (10)
  • Dave Sypolt WV Senate (14)
  • Charles S. Trump IV WV Senate (15)
  • John Unger WV Senate (16)
  • Mary Kay Milliken WV House (5)
  • Lynwood Ireland WV House (7)
  • Scott Cadle WV House (13)
  • Jim Butler WV House (14)
  • Carol Miller WV House (16)
  • Dale Anderson II WV House (16)
  • Doug Reynolds WV House (17)
  • Joyce Holland WV House (17)
  • Kelli Sobonya WV House (18)
  • Steve Marcum WV House (19)
  • Justin Marcum WV House (20)
  • Harry Keith White WV House (21)
  • Jeff Eldridge WV House (22)
  • Michel Moffatt Sr. WV House (22)
  • Rupert Phillips WV House (24)
  • Clif Moore WV House (26)
  • Ricky Moye WV House (29)
  • Dave Perry WV House (32)
  • Kayla Kessinger WV House (32)
  • David A. Walker WV House (33)
  • Brent Boggs WV House (34)
  • Suzette Raines WV House (35)
  • Andrew Byrd WV House (35)
  • Eric Nelson WV House (35)
  • John McCusky WV House (35)
  • Vaughn Sizemoore WV House (36)
  • Stevie Thaxton WV House (36)
  • Brad White WV House (36)
  • Charles Minimah WV House (37)
  • Patrick Lane WV House (38)
  • Tim Armstead WV House (40)
  • Duane Borchers Sr. WV House (44)
  • Tim Miley WV House (48)
  • Diana Bartley WV House (48)
  • Danny Hamrick WV House (48)
  • Barry Bledsoe WV House (50)
  • Cindy Frich WV House (51)
  • Anthony Barill WV House (51)
  • Brian Kurcaba WV House (51)
  • Larry Williams WV House (52)
  • Randy Smith WV House (53)
  • Allen Evans WV House (54)
  • Gary Howell WV House (56)
  • Saira Blair WV House (59)
  • Larry Faircloth WV House (60)
  • Jason Barrett WV House (61)
  • John Overington WV House (62)
  • Eric Householder WV House (64)
  • Patricia Rucker WV House (67)

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Art Thomm
Vice President / Lobbyist
West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, all-volunteer, grassroots organization of concerned West Virginians who support our individual right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, family, home and state, and for lawful hunting and recreational use, as protected by the state constitution and the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Visit:

  • One User comment to “West Virginia Citizens Defense League 2014 General Election Endorsements”

    1. Very excited to see Saira Blair from the 59th get the endorsement. She’s an exciting breath of fresh air – literally… she’s 17 years old. She is smart and engaging. I hope she carries our message for many years to come.

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