Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot Red Dot Optic – Review

Primary Arms SLx MD-25
Primary Arms SLx MD-25

U.S.A.-( After releasing two new low magnification prism scopes into their SLx lineup, Primary Arms is rounding out their new release schedule with the new SLx MD-25, a microdot sight in the same vein as the Aimpoint T-1.  Let’s take a look at the tech specs, then cover range experience with it.

Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot

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Features and specs:

  • Wide field of view
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Crisp 2 MOA red dot
  • 50,000-hour battery life (5+ years) at medium setting
  • Uses one CR2032 battery (included)
  • Next-generation ruggedized mounting system
  • Includes risers and spacers for mounting to 0.96”, 1.41”, 1.54”, or 1.64” central height
  • Compatible with standard micro mounts
  • Fully multi-coated anti-reflective lenses
  • 12 Illumination settings for bright days and night vision compatible
  • Just 3″ long and 6.5 Oz.
  • Fog resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • SKU: PA-SLX-MD-25
    MPN: 810005
  • Manufactured by Primary Arms

I was lucky enough to get the MD-25 more than a month before its planned release.  I’ve run it on a couple different guns, an AR and a Ruger PC Charger, during a number of range trips.  Thanks to the temperamental weather in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been able to run the MD-25 during a near-freezing rainstorm and a near 100-degree day within a week of each other.  Before we get too far into that, let’s talk construction.

Primary Arms SLx SM-25
Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot

There’s nothing lacking in regards to quality here, the MD-25 is a stout little optic with a strong mounting system.  Multiple mount heights being included in the package is a nice bonus. The glass on the MD-25 is standard Primary Arms fare, which is to say “really good”.  Multi-coated and anti-reflection finished, this glass is top-tier at this price range.  One of my range spots is near the top of a mountain.  While shooting on a warm day, a big cloud front moved in, which totally saturated us.  The temperature swing and high moisture levels were perfect fogging conditions.

Primary Arms SLx SM-25
Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot mounted on a Ruger PC Charger.

The electronics outperform expectations, with an extremely bright max setting and 50,000 hour battery life.  These are features you usually start seeing closer to double the price asked of the MD-25.  Noticing a theme here?  The brightness adjustment knob is both well placed and well designed.  Happily it can go from “0” to “1”, or backwards from “0” to “11”.  The knob spins easily enough, and has “off” positions in between each setting.

The windage and elevation turrets are pretty standard, with knurled caps and the adjustment tab on the outside of the cap.  The clicks are tactile and the adjustment turrets spin smoothly.  I’m a big proponent of wired-down caps, which aren’t present and mark the first point in which the MD-25 hasn’t left me totally satisfied.

Primary Arms SLx SM-25
Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot mounted on a Ruger PC Charger.

The 2 MOA dot strikes a great balance between easy visibility and how precise of an aiming point you can use. At the same time, a 5 MOA dot is fast. Good luck making precise shots when the dot covers your entire target.  The MD-25 having a 2 MOA dot was a sage choice, one that shows up in range day performance.  This is one of the few red dots I like using to shoot groups with (along with an Aimpoint); the rest have dots that are too big.

Primary Arms SLx SM-25
Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot mounted on a Ruger PC Charger.

I have a very large collection of red dot sights, Aimpoints ranging from vintage to new, budget classics like the TRS-25 and nearly all released from major manufacturers in the last year.  The Primary Arms MD-25 is one of my favorites.  I’ll need to do an exhaustive review of my collection to determine exactly where it stands in comparison to all the others, but I’ll say I believe it compares favorably with ANY other red dot under $175, and competes very well with any RDS up to $400.  The MD-25 is a steal at $169.99, and given that the first run sold out almost immediately, it seems many others are finding out what I’ve known for a little while now.  The MD-25 is awesome!  Check the Primary Arms website if you’re interested in pre-ordering from the second batch, due to arrive sometime this month (June 2020).  It’s worth it!

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