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2A Flashmob Patches – Get Your’s FREE

Note: this is a privately funded initiative by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, so on occasion we may run out of patches, but we will do our best to fill all orders as soon as we can in the order received. Additional sponsors Welcome.

2A Flashmob Patch
2A Flashmob Patch
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Join the 2A Flashmob! Get a FREE patch when you stand up to gun grabbers and take a stand for your Second Amendment Rights!

The 2A Flashmob is a short notice brigade of defenders of the Constitution of the Untied States, Bill of Rights and specifically the Second Amendment, who, on short notice much like their forefathers in the “Minutemen“, either through social media, state or national pro gun organizations or on sites like, read about an action in need of boots on the ground and put their daily lives on hold to stand-tall and defend the Constitution.

2A Flashmob member’s are the people like you and me, people who get off their couches, take time off from work, and spend their free hours fighting to push back against progressives and liberals who working to gut the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights.

If this sounds like you then you may already be eligible for a FREE 2A Flashmob Patch in honor of your efforts.

If its not, you have come to the right place and can easily become part of the “2A Mob” (a voluntary, unorganized militia) by getting active, volunteering, taking on the Liberals face to face on the street, in the state house or in Washington DC.

Unable to get out, scroll to the bottom where you can find more ways to support the “2A Mob”

In an effort to motivate gun owners and Second Amendment Supporters to show up in person at important events and rallies, AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is giving away FREE 2A Flashmob Patches to anyone who attends a protest, rally, open carry event, committee hearing at the local, state or federal level or a counter protest.

Acts of activism must have been performed between February of 2013 and the present date.

Make sure you are vocal, loud but respectful, then send us a self addressed, stamped, letter size envelope and AmmoLand Shooting Sports News will send you an Official 3.5″ 2A Flashmob velcro patch, FREE!

To get your patch, be sure and include a letter listing the following, so we know when and where you stood up for your right to keep and bear arms: (sorry, only one patch per envelope)

  • Date:
  • Event / Rally Purpose:
  • Location:
  • Number of others in Attendance:
  • Pro Second Amendment Group you are a member of? IE: NRA, SAF, NJ2AS, VCDL, JPFO, MSSA, ISRA, CRPA, etc.

Then send this info and your stamped self addressed envelope to:

AmmoLand 2A Flashmob Bunker
1290 Main Street
Unit# 781038
Sebastian, Florida 32978
The United States of America




What?  You still want a patch but have yet to get out and make your voice heard?
Well you can always become a sponsor by donating to the MOB fund on online.

Each $7.25 donation, funds more patches and gets your own patch, through Paypal, shipping included in with the donation.

Remember all funds go to buy more patches!

(Don’t like Paypal, you can send a donation check, made payable to AmmoLand, LLC , to the address above and we will send you your own patch in recognition of your efforts)

BECOME a 2A MOB AMICO NOSTRO (friend of ours)

Many of you have told us how much you love what we are doing to support pro 2A activism and want to help fund more patches to motivate and reward gun activists. So we have created a second button below where you can donate any amount you like to buy more patches and support the 2A Flashmob project.

(Note for each incremental donations of $50.00 you will receive 10 free patches to give away to your own local mob members.)

Shooting Sports Industry supporters of the 2A Mob, this is where you can donate and have your logo appear below. Industry Donations to buy more patches start at $500.00 ea. We really appreciate the interest from the industry and it is great to see shooting sports businesses promoting the grass roots effort to protect the Second Amendment.

List of 2A Mob Backers who deserve your support:

Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun is a 2a Mob Backer of the 2A Flashmob
MKS Supply
MKS Supply is a 2a Mob Backer of the 2A Flashmob

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.