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Constitutional Carry Now The Law In Wyoming
Governor Mead responds to gun owners, and signs Constitutional Carry Bill into Law.

Governor Signs Constitutional Carry In Wyoming

Governor Signs Constitutional Carry In Wyoming

Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming --( Wyoming is moving in the right direction, and it is because of men and women like you.

This afternoon, I watched as Governor Mead signed Constitutional Carry into law while saying his office had been clogged with emails and phone calls from people demanding he sign the Jennings-Jaggi Constitutional Carry bill.

Even though so called “political experts” say your activism doesn’t matter, today’s events show who has the real power in politics… You!

The anti-gun crowd fought this legislation every step of the way. The plain and simple truth is when push came to shove, it was your phone calls and emails that pushed this freedom-restoring bill through the legislature.

This legislation marks a fantastic first step toward restoring your right to self-defense in Wyoming. Now is the time for us to forge ahead and repeal the numerous criminal safe zones in Wyoming.

Even though the Jennings-Jaggi bill has made it possible to carry a firearm without going through a laborious permit process, we are still a long way from being done.

Wyomingites are still not allowed to defend themselves in their places of worship, where they teach their children, or even when out to eat with their family. That is simply wrong.

Our Constitution doesn’t come with a list of places where our rights no longer apply. That’s why Wyoming Gun Owners’ number one priority is eliminating these places where criminals are armed, but the law demands you to be unarmed.

I honestly want you to take a minute and think about the power your actions had in passing Constitutional Carry in Wyoming. It’s an unquestionably great achievement, and it is because men and women like you across Wyoming got involved. You deserve to feel good about that.

Wyoming now joins only a small handful of states that allow real Constitutional Carry.

Next I want you to think about how much work we still have to do, roll up your sleeves, and join me for this coming fight.

Wyoming Gun Owners is Wyoming’s premiere state level gun rights organization. There is simply no other grassroots organization taking action in the legislature at this level.

If restoring liberties in Wyoming is important to you, I guarantee you there is no better organization to be a part of. We’ve worked long and hard to pass Constitutional Carry in Wyoming, and repealing criminal safe zones isn’t going to be easy.

We had a great victory today, but our fight is far from over in Wyoming. Thank you for your help and support. Please join me in our next step toward freedom in Wyoming.


Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
WyGO – Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming Gun Owners mission is to advocate, protect and defend the God given and inalienable right to bear arms as in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 1 Section 24 of the Wyoming Constitution. Visit:

  • 14 User comments to “Constitutional Carry Now The Law In Wyoming”

    1. [...] Mead signed the Jennings-Jaggi bill into law today.  As with Alaska, Vermont, and recently, Arizona, Wyoming residents no longer [...]

    2. Ashley Sparks on March 3, 2011 at 8:32 AM said:

      Not only is this is great for the state of Wyoming but this will have a domino effect on other states to pass Vermont style carry through out the USA.

    3. Ted Law on March 3, 2011 at 8:33 AM said:

      Yeah… Colorado is next!

    4. [...] States to remove government interference from the right to self defense. Governor Mead signed the constitutional carry bill meaning you no longer need a permit in order to carry a firearm, in any fashion, in the state of [...]

    5. [...] Constitutional Carry Signed into Law in Wyoming Share and Enjoy: [...]

    6. CommonSense on March 3, 2011 at 3:16 PM said:

      Great, now every redneck in Wyoming will be armed…

      BTW, GOD didn’t have a damn thing to do with the “right to bear arms”. It wasn’t God given you religious wing nut.

    7. Ace Hole on March 3, 2011 at 3:46 PM said:

      When people say its a “God Given Right” they mean it is a god given right to defend yourself with deadly force, be it a knife, bat, axe or gun.

      Just so you know.

    8. Ace Hole on March 3, 2011 at 3:49 PM said:

      This must be killen the anti gunners, constitutional carry will sweep the states in the coming years.

      The only thing as good as this is the movement to add hunting as a constitutional right, it is already happening at the state level.

    9. Congrats to the people of Wyoming, its a shame that other states arent able to pass legislation that would allow its citizens to defend themselves.

    10. I am very interested in reading the text of the bill. Can someone point me in the right direction? I searched the WY legislative system and several other places and I can’t even locate a bill number.

      Congratulations to the citizens of Wyoming!

    11. [...] on deaf ears, but today our progun message seems welcomed — and legislation is being discussed. Wyoming has just become the fourth state to restore this right.Wisconsin is next. And that, as they say, is change you can believe in.About: WGO works for [...]

    12. Jim March on May 9, 2011 at 1:10 AM said:

      You want to know the punchline?

      This is the single most blatantly unconstitutional gun law in the US.

      OK. Before you all freak out, the new WY law has a clause not found in the rules in Vermont, Alaska or Arizona.

      The constitutional carry rules only apply to Wyoming citizens. Not to visitors from other states.

      Cross-border discrimination against visitors from other states is very specifically banned under the 14th Amendment and a number of US Supreme Court decisions, in particular Ward v. Maryland 1870 and Saenz v. Roe 1999. Look them up. Ward is more on-topic than anything else.

      And Ward is valid law still. Here’s how we know: the logic in Ward was supported in the Slaughter-house Cases (1872) which while controversial were in turn supported in the McDonald v. Chicago case (2010).

      So. Anybody from another state who is busted for behavior that would be legal for a WY resident will be able to sue in Federal court for megabucks.

    13. Tampico Red on September 17, 2012 at 6:08 PM said:

      Thank God. We were hesitant to move from the Constitutional carry state of AZ. Now we can move to Cheyenne as soon as we sell our house. Of course since we both have CCW permits in AZ, we will be getting them in WY as soon as we move. We will also maintain our AZ permits and obviously our life-time memberships in the NRA and the AZ Citizens Defense League.

    14. [...] legislature only convenes in alternating years.) In my opinion Montana's governor should have followed Wyoming's lead on this [...]

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