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Citadel M-1.22 Wood Stock Rifle

Citadel M-1.22 Wood Stock Rifle

Legacy Sports

Legacy Sports International

Reno, NV - -( Legacy Sports International announces the addition of Citadel M-1.22 rifles!

Made by Chiappa (Armi Sport) of Italy, these .22 LR caliber rifles recreate the M-1 Carbine carried by the U.S. Military in WWII and Korea.

Using the exacting specifications of the military version, the Citadel M-1.22 will be offered in both traditional wood stocked and new, synthetic stock models.

Both models feature locking blow-back actions and ten round magazines. According to Chiappa, many original and aftermarket accessories for the M-1.30 caliber carbine will fit on these models. Specifications are as follows:

Catalog # Caliber Stock Finish BBl Length OAL Weight MSRP

  • CIR22M1W .22 LR Wood Blued 18 Inch 35” 4.8 lbs. $383.00
  • CIR22M1S .22 LR Synth Blued 18 Inch 35” 4.8 lbs. $301.00

Both models feature adjustable rear sights with fixed front sights and 6 groove, 1:16” ROT. Both maodels also come with two (2), 10 round magazines!

Citadel M-1.22 Synthetic Rifle

Citadel M-1.22 Synthetic Rifle

Legacy Sports International, LLC is an importer of firearms and shooting accessories. Bringing in high quality, reliable and affordable products for shooting and hunting enthusiasts is the mission of Legacy Sports’ business. With well-respected brands including Howa and Puma rifles, Nikko Stirling optics, Escort shotguns, and Citadel handguns and shotguns. This is why Legacy Sports is known as “The Most Trusted Name in the Shooting Industry.” For more information contact:

  • 3 User comments to “Citadel M-1.22 Rifles – New at Legacy Sports”

    1. This M1 carbine 22 from Chiappa was total junk. I tried several different types of ammo but it would not even come close to working. I returned mine and got my money back. I will never buy a Chiappa product again.

    2. Hmm… They seem to work best with 22LR ammo as per their design. They have a fairly stiff spring for the blow back bolt. You must have got a bad one or one not properly cleaned of shipping lubricants.

      They seem to work as well as the Rugar 10/22 so far. But then I only shoot it at the range or camp outs for fun and don’t try to fire it too fast.

      I like the balanced weight of the rifle, but don’t see the need for the forward bayonet lug, wish I could take it off. The 10 round magazine is more for looks than function as only part of it is in use.

    3. John B. on July 17, 2013 at 3:21 PM said:

      All clean ammo works great. I have yet to find CCI that does not work.
      My two complaints are: the forward stock spring does not pop out enough
      to hold the stock; one from a real carbine does, the front sight had to be
      filed down to bring up the point of impact. I also have a Chiappa upper
      for an AR and I love it and would buy more if available.

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