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Pueblo Grass Roots Group Makes More State History* With Successful Recall Effort.

Recall of Anti-2nd Amendment Colorado State Senator Angela Giron Succeeds

Recall of Anti-2nd Amendment Colorado State Senator Angela Giron Succeeds

Pueblo Freedom and Rights

Pueblo Freedom and Rights

Pueblo, CO --( Pueblo Freedom and Rights, is a 501(C) (4) Colorado grassroots group heading the recall of anti-2nd Amendment Colorado state senator Angela Giron (D – Pueblo Colorado).

The group submitted over 13,570 District 3 voter recall petition signatures to the Colorado Secretary of States’ Office exceeding the 11,285 signatures necessary. Additionally these are known to be carefully gathered highly-reliable signatures.

The submitted petition signatures and addresses will be submitted to and verified by the Secretary of State. It is expected that Democrats will further challenge the petitions and signatures to include court challenges to draw out the process.

If the count still exceeds 11,285 Giron will be given five working days from that time to decide whether or not to resign her office.

If Giron resigns within the five-day period, state Democrats can appoint a replacement from their ranks. If she does not resign, a date for the special election is set. It is expected that that the Governor and Democrat Party including Bloomberg money may try to extend any election so as to prepare a campaign to try to save Giron should she try to run to stay in office.

“Giron’s disregard for the majority of her constituents to vote no on anti-2nd Amendment issues and her general disregard of our Constitution and the rights of the citizens of Colorado demonstrates she must be removed from the senate.” — Victor Head, President of Pueblo Freedom and Rights (PFR).

Pueblo Freedom and Rights
P.O. Box 11891
Pueblo, CO 81001

*Before the Morse and this recall effort no Colorado state legislator has ever been successfully recalled.With the filing against state senator Giron and the massive recall count against Colorado Senate President Morse concerned Colorado citizens have made state history twice in eight days.

  • 5 User comments to “Recall of Anti-2nd Amendment Colorado State Senator Angela Giron Succeeds”

    1. CO cleaning house. Keep it up! All their supporters are still baked.

    2. We need housecleaning! Good job!

    3. Wyldman on June 11, 2013 at 5:46 AM said:

      Good for the people of CO! Now, clean out the rest of that nest of vipers that snuck their way into your state politics and take your state back from the usurpers from Kalifornika. Send ‘em back where they came from, so they can be there for the reckoning!

    4. hipshotpercusion on June 11, 2013 at 8:57 AM said:

      Good for the folks in her district! Now, its time to recall your Governor.

    5. Lt4545 on June 13, 2013 at 6:35 PM said:

      Way to go Coloradoans if only we could do the same thing on a national level and get rid of the occupiers Obama and his cronies who would destroy America if left unchecked! They are truly a real threat ! clear and present danger to america and its citizens!, As well as our sacred constitution! ,Who would pander to global interests while selling out Americans and our rights ;open your eyes and ears to their evil acts before its to late! He’s nothing more than a power hungry tyrant wanna-be!

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