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Mississippi’s Leaf River Cellulose Sued Over Termination of Employee for Storing His Firearm in Parked Car

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New Augusta, Miss. --( Georgia Pacific affiliate company Leaf River Cellulose, LLC has been sued in federal court for terminating an employee in violation of Mississippi law.

Passed in 2006, Mississippi code section 45-9-55 prohibits any private employer from establishing a policy which prevents an employee from storing a firearm in his private vehicle unless access to the parking area is restricted through the use of a gate, security station or other means of restricting or limiting general public access onto the property.

Similar laws are in effect in approximately twenty-four states across the nation.

Mr. Parker was terminated on December 13, 2013, for having a firearm in his locked, private vehicle parked in an open employee lot without a gate, security station or other means of restricting public access onto the property. Shortly before Mr. Parker’s termination Leaf River Cellulose undertook an extensive project which added fencing and other security measures around the plant but did not add any fencing, gates, or other physical barriers to the employee parking areas.

While at Leaf River Cellulose Mr. Parker was employed as a safety technician on the emergency response team.

Mr. Parker holds numerous certifications for specialized rescue methods and emergency medical treatment. Additionally Mr. Parker is a state certified firefighter, has served as reserve police officer, and holds an enhanced concealed carry license issued by the State of Mississippi after his successful completion of a background check and training course.

The amount of damages will be set by a jury. Pre-suit settlement negotiations were unable to reach a resolution. The case name is Joseph Edward Parker v. Leaf River Cellulose, LLC. The suit is filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District and bears cause number 2:14CV9-KS- MTP. For more information contact:

Reed Martz PO Box 2249 Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 234-1711 x 11 (662) 234-1739 fax

  • 9 User comments to “Mississippi’s Leaf River Cellulose Sued Over Termination of Employee for Storing His Firearm in Parked Car”

    1. I don’t understand why he would be suing in Federal court. It’s a state law, seems as though the case should be brought in a state court.

      Double check and clarify, please.


    3. Bikerdad, the case is filed in federal court because it’s being pursued as employment discrimination, which is a civil rights action.

    4. In some locales if you store a firearm in a vehicle and the gun is stolen you lose your CC permit. No matter what the law allows, leaving a gun unattended in a vehicle is a bad choice.

    5. Buck Crosby on January 29, 2014 at 11:34 AM said:

      I will pray that he wins a large enough settlement to where he doesn’t have to work there or any place else for the rest of his life , something like a CEO’s golden parachute retirement .

    6. How did the company find out? Sounds like a fellow employee with a grudge ratted him out.

    7. H Eugene – I used to work for Sun Oil Refining and Marketing (AKA – Sunoco) at their refinery in Toledo, Ohio. They had a “no guns” policy that extended even to spent rounds of brass. They were known to bring explosive-sniffing dogs through their lots, so a few of us would sprinkle a small amount of gunpowder into the carpet, just to drive them nuts.

      And no, I did NOT lose my job because of that. I was on medical leave when the union screwed me.

    8. enhanced carry certified biker girl on February 5, 2014 at 6:16 PM said:

      The Mississippi enhanced concealed carry process is comprehensive. The individual initially provides fingerprints and pays for a full FBI background check. Any history of mental illness or substance abuse disqualifies. Fingerprints are updated every five years, background check is repeated every ten years. It requires an eight hour training class on the laws, safety, and operation. Concluding with range qualification to show the individual can control their weapon, and not risk others. This company operates out of another state “Georgia” pacific. Any case crossing state lines qualifies as federal.

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