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Constitution Party Of Wisconsin

Constitution Party Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin --( President Obama, by executive order, has raised the minimum wage for all federal and federal contract workers to $10.10 per hour. On the surface, this looks like a wage increase, but when the civil government gives you a raise, two things usually happen:

First off, if you are the recipient of such generosity, you get bumped up into a higher tax bracket. So Mr. Obama is really giving federal government a raise.

For the rest of us, we are getting slapped both ways. For a higher minimum wage, one of two things or a combination of them must happen. Either your tax money is used to subsidize the increase, or the contracting company must bear the payroll increase, and that means higher prices for their non-federal government customers.

Economists have long studied the wage-price spiral. This is when a wage increase is granted arbitrarily, the cost is borne by the consumer. So with the higher prices, the minimum wage increase looks real on paper, but in reality it does not increase buying power. So, President Obama’s action is costing you more to be poor.

If you make more than the minimum wage, as most people do, you will notice that your wages aren’t keeping up in proportion to the minimum wage increase. They are certainly not keeping up with inflation. Therefore, the purchasing power of your paycheck is being decreased. As such, President Obama is costing you more to become poor.

At the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW), we abhor slavery and peonage. We believe the workman is worthy of his hire, but true economic increases comes from creativity and hard work. For decades unions demanded the “living wage” and 40-hour week, but these things weren’t achieved until Henry Ford employed the assembly line, and used economic practices to promote economic prosperity.

CPoW believes that with the exception of punishing theft, economic prosperity is achieved by economic means, and not by civil government.

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin is a Political Party that seeks to put men of integrity into Partisan, Non-Partisan, and appointed positions of Authority. We are working to implement the Biblical Principles of Civil Government, as laid out in The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Visit:

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    1. Kevin McGonigal on February 18, 2014 at 9:54 AM said:

      To those who believe that raising the minimum wage is sound economics, and of course equity and fairness, why not raise it to, say $25/ hour? That way we could completely eliminate poverty. We could also eliminate a few million jobs as we do that.

    2. Obama should not stop at $10.10,
      make it $100 an hour, heck, he will go down in history as the only POTUS to end all poverty!

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