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California Lawyer Chuck Michel

California Lawyer Chuck Michel



New York, NY --(  FFLGuard announced today that it has teamed with NRA’s “go-to” lawyers in California, Chuck Michel and Associates, to develop a state-specific compliance program for Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) operating in the highly regulated state of California.

FFLGuard is pleased to present this offering as an extension to its existing national compliance Program. The California plan was developed in response to a growing need for California FFLs to comply with tightening laws that govern firearm and ammunition sales in their State.

The “California Yearly Service Plan” (CA-YSP), is an addition to FFLGuard’s already comprehensive compliance plans and legal services provided to firearms manufacturers, wholesalers and retail dealers. The CA-YSP specifically provides the necessary guidance for ensuring full compliance in California’s ever-changing regulatory landscape, while insuring that every FFL has legal protection from unwarranted government action at its fingertips.

By working tightly with Mr. Michel, FFLGuard leverages the knowledge, skills and abilities of NRA’s top attorney in the State to keep FFLs apprised of the firearms law nuances, while availing his staff to protect FFLs that are subject to state or federal intrusion. Already serving as FFLGuard’s Preferred Counsel for California Legal Matters, Mr. Michel has served as lead counsel in more than 50 jury trials and represented many clients in high-profile firearms cases that garnered significant state and national media attention.  As a spokesman for both the NRA and California Rifle and Pistol Associations, Mr. Michel brings considerable expertise to FFLGuard’s CA-YSP.

“We are extremely pleased to offer this additional service to California FFLs, who constantly have to adjust their business practices to maintain compliance with State laws,” said Christopher Chiafullo, National Coordinating Counsel for FFLGuard. “In true FFLGuard fashion, working cooperatively with legal experts in our region, we have developed a Yearly Service Plan to provide our California clients with the only legal-based compliance program in the marketplace that will make their California firearms licensees as bulletproof as possible.”

Some of the key elements to FFLGuard’s CA-YSP include the calling card of the FFLGuard Program, its Law Plus Guidelines, specifically tailored for California FFLs.  In addition, FFLGuard clients participating in the CA-YSP get 24/7 legal and compliance HelpDesk dedicated to CA FFLs, a copy of Mr. Michel’s California Gun Laws reference manual, access to FFLGuard’s Rapid Response Team to intervene in any CA-DOJ audit or civil litigation aimed at an FFL’s business practices, plus California specific eBlasts and other eCommunications related to firearms legal issues.  In addition, all HelpDesk solutions and other materials specific to California FFLs will be available to CA-YSP participants in FFLGuard’s Clients-Only Website, in a section reserved specifically for California clients.

FFLGuard is an innovative program offered by a collaboration of lawyers, subject matter experts, and professionals who provide participating FFL clients across the country with cost-efficient access to legal compliance specialists by delivering educational training and rapid response services. The focus of the Program is safeguarding the viability of the client’s FFL through proactive firearms compliance.

For more information on the FFLGuard program, visit or call 1-888-335-4731, follow them on Twitter @FFLGuard and “like” them at, or review their online videos at

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