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NJ Shark Finning Bill S-1764: All Sizzle No Steak

Bill S-1764 appears to be the manifestation of a scheme designed to recruit supporters by having them rely on emotional thinking because emotional thinking is needed to cloak the weaknesses of a Bill…

Science & Courts Agree on Legitimacy of Bear Hunting

The Animal Protection League of New Jersey and the Bear Education and Resource Group challenged the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy, which includes an annual hunt…

Forests Need Our Intellectual Honesty And Stewardship

The prevailing thought has kept woodlands from being managed by both humans and Mother Nature. We have learned that “passive management” is conspiring against forest health through degradation by aiding invasive plants and insects, and other wildlife to overtake forests…

NJOA Refutes Sierra Club & Affirms Bear Hunt as Warranted

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance believes that a black bear hunt is a responsible, pragmatic, environmentally sound, science-based method for bringing the black bear population in line with the cultural carrying capacity of available habitat…

Traps Off the Reefs: It’s the “Right Thing”

I call removing fixed gear the “right thing”? Because recreational anglers are being deterred from using the reefs they are paying to build and maintain by a commercial fishing industry that pays nothing…

David & GoliaTH

New Jersey Anglers: A Story of David and Goliath

Today, the recreational anglers of New Jersey find themselves in a situation similar to David. And, it is state government that has become giant-like through the influence of commercial fishing interests…


Preservation Through Conservation

Those of you who have read my book “Color the Green Movement Blue: A Remedy for Environmental Health” will most likely have insight into the meaning of the title of this blog…

Animal Rights Attacking Hunters

A Modern Day Version of Paul Revere

The fanaticism of our adversaries and the encouragement of a complicit and supportive media are hard at work gnawing away, inch-by-inch, at our freedoms to fish, hunt and practice conservation…

Tom Hirschblond of Vincentown, NJ doing a salvage cut.

Southern Pine Beetle Invades NJ

Southern Pine Beetle Invades NJ By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011 USA –( Southern Pine Beetle Invades NJ Posted by Anthony P Mauro, Sr on July 16, 2011 at 8:38 AM Many of you know that the founding principle of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is conservation. Conservation is also known as the sustainable […]

More Details On The FREE Conservation Presentation

The presentation is a PowerPoint presentation about 1/2 hour in length. It puts into perspective that anglers & hunters are the true environmental stewards because we understand the importance of conservation…

Injustice and Tryanny on the Ocean Reef

Injustice and Tryanny on the Ocean Reef A Matter of Public Access By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011 USA –( It may seem like an unlikely title for a topic about ocean reefs, but please humor me a bit. Frankly, I don’t fish New Jersey’s ocean reefs. I go striper fishing and fluke fishing […]

Q&A Round #2 – Give Us Back Our Reefs

Q&A Round #2 – Give Us Back Our Reefs By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011 USA –( Thank you for your interest in learning more about how New Jersey’s ocean reefs are being used inappropriately. We received a large number of requests for additional information on the unfair practices taking place on New Jersey’s […]

Give Us Back Our Reefs!

Give Us Back Our Reefs! By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011 USA –( Why You Should Get Involved in the Fight for Access to Our Ocean Artificial Reefs and What You Can Do to Help. Q. Why should I be concerned about having access to ocean artificial reefs? A.As with public parks, ocean reefs […]