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Fawn Predation resized

Fawn Predation by Austin Delano

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t agree with this point…Coyotes are plentiful and their numbers are up almost everywhere.

Food Plot Success resized

Plan Ahead for Food Plot Success

Formulating a plan this time of year on what, when, and where you are going to plant cool season plots can save time and frustration…

Antler Velvet

A Furry Crown – What is Antler Velvet?

Antlers…they have fascinated man since the beginning. Going back thousands of years one can see mans’ love for “animals with antlers” etched and painted on the walls of caves…

Texas Deer Legislation Lacks Scientific Merit

One of the state’s strongest and most respected voices for Texas hunters, the Texas Trophy Hunters Association questions the merits of two bills currently proposed in the Texas Legislature…