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Chris Cheng demonstrates for beginners how to properly load a magazine

Handgun 101: How To Load a Magazine ~ Video

Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng demonstrates for beginners how to properly load a magazine in his month’s addition to “Handgun 101 with Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng”…

Zen, Mediation & The Art of Shooting

Zen, Meditation and the Art of Shooting

It’s not a technical manual or a how­to book for shooting. Instead, it helps readers understand the intimate connection between ‘Zen and performance’, not just in shooting, but in all aspects of life.

Negligent Discharges

Woefully Ignorant, Or Willfully Ignorant?

It is possible and practicable to maintain a comfortable and reasonably secure social order with lethal weapons not only ubiquitously present, but carried in a high state of readiness…

Mike Hughes AK-103 one handed, unsupported shot

One-Handed Shooting

We include one-handed shooting, with both rifles and pistols, in our training curriculum. We don’t do it nearly enough & anything less is little more than self-deceptive masturbation…

Runniing with Guns

Running with Guns

Threats moving quickly, unexpectedly, and rapidly make difficult targets. Slow, ponderous targets don’t! make sure your a threat to the enemy…

Gun Safety

Gun Safety. Again. And AGAIN

It’s easy to get complacent. You must make firearms safety part of who you are, not just what you do. You must BECOME the safety officer…

Improve Your Situational Awareness

Improve Your Situational Awareness

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has launched a new training video series aimed at educating armed citizens on taking responsibly for their own protection.

Glock Hand Guns

The Best Gun For Concealed Carry

What should one consider when searching for a handgun suitable for concealed carry? This question comes up over & over in classes & the answer isn’t quite as easy to arrive at as one might think…