Insight Tech-Gear Battles For New Hampshire Product Of The Year Award As A Finalist

Insight Tech-Gear Battles For New Hampshire Product Of The Year Award As A Finalist

Insight Tech-Gear MTM-V2-LCD
Insight Tech-Gear

LONDONDERRY, NH – Insight, the world’s leading provider of tactical lasers and illuminators to the US military, is chosen as a finalist for the New Hampshire High Tech Council’s product of the year award.

The New Hampshire High Tech Council determines which new products deserve to be Finalists in the 2008 New Hampshire Product of the Year competition. Companies from all over the state demonstrated their products before the judges in hopes to make the cut. Five Finalists where chosen based on a range of factors, including innovation, performance, meeting market needs, functionality, value and the product’s New Hampshire connection. The companies that were selected as the five Finalists are: Insight Tech-Gear for their MTM-V2-LCD, Bradford Networks for its NAC Director Guest/Contractor Services (GCS), Dell, Inc. for its Dell EqualLogic PS5500E, Eleme’ Medial Inc. for its Smooth Shapes® Systems, and Ensconce Data Technology for its Digital Shredder. In addition to being named a Finalist, each company was awarded the Judge’s Award in the Product of the Year competition.

“Insight Tech-Gear prides itself in the development of the highest standard of American-made products and is honored to have been chosen as a Finalist for this prestigious award and recognized as a leading manufacturer in New Hampshire”, states Devin Standard, Director of Business Development and Marketing for Insight Tech-Gear, “we are constantly looking for new products to bring to the market to provide optimal tools and solutions for a multitude of applications.”

The ultimate Product of the Year winner will be determined based on the judge’s votes as well as audience votes at the Product of the Year event scheduled for November 18th at the Radisson-Center of New Hampshire. Each Finalist will have a display at the event and will give a seven minute presentation to the audience. The audience will then vote for a single Product of the Year winner. The voting of the judges and the audience will each have a 50% weighting in determining the winner. In the event of a tie, the product scoring higher with the judges will be named Product of the Year.

The MTM-V2-LCD (Mini Thermal Monocular) was introduced in 2008 as a result of feedback on the forerunner, the MTM. This model is a more cost-effective method of putting the industry-leading miniaturization and resolution into the hands of more law enforcement agencies and first responders. The MTM-V2-LCD has reduced the offering of ancillary items (image capture/video interface package, helmet mount and night vision filter/demist shield) without substantially sacrificing the core technology enabling thermal detection, recognition and identification of a scene. The MTM-V2-LCD is more evidence of Insight’s continuous efforts to take cutting-edge military inspired designs and put them in the hands of the men and women on the job, every day.

About Insight Tech-Gear:
Founded in the 1980’s, Insight Technology now employees over 1,000 people in New Hampshire, the company operates its state-of-the-art facility providing highly effective and innovative tactical devices for extreme environments, advancing the effectiveness of the warfighter and first responder. Internationally recognized as exceeding the quality standards of ISO 9001, Insight Technology is located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Insight Tech-Gear is now a dedicated group within Insight Technology, Inc. Dedicating key resources to better focus on providing advanced technology and innovative products to the law enforcement community and consumer markets. The new streamlined structure will afford the best of both worlds of continued access to cutting-edge military designs and fast-moving business practices of a commercial manufacturer.

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