World’s First Portable Smoker For Camping and Much More

World’s First Portable Smoker For Camping and Much More

Bradley Portable Smoker

Delta, British Columbia, Canada, 2008 – Bradley Smoker. World’s first propane-powered portable smoker is great for camping, tailgating and much more. “Now you really can have great fresh-smoked food whenever and wherever you want it.”-Wade Bradley.

Never before has a really portable smoker been available, now it is. Take the Bradley portable smoker on your next camp out, picnic, tailgating party, ski trip, family outing, RV, or even on a boat, because it is totally portable, and only costs $199 MSRP, making it easily-affordable for most wallets. Within a couple of hours it’s possible to have fresh smoke flavored game at your next hunting or fishing camp. This is one cool idea.

Portability: The Bradley portable comes with four 10″ x 13″ food racks offering 520 square inches of cooking capacity and weighing only 23 pounds it is easy to carry to most locations. Heat is provided by convenient 1-pound disposable propane cylinders available in sports and hardware stores everywhere.

Automatic Fire, and Feed: Powered by four AA batteries, the smoke generator applies heat to hockey puck-sized flavor Bisquettes made from compressed wood chips that are automatically fed into the smoker every 20 minutes thus providing a continuous clean supply of fresh flavored smoke to your exact taste.

Hockey puck sized real wood Bisquettes come inapple, pecan, hickory, maple, mesquite, alder, cherry, oak, Bradley’s Special Blend and their new Jim Beam® bourbon oak barrel wood. And of course you can mix and match them to create your own custom smoke flavor.

Other products: Please visit Bradley’s website to see the many different types of smokers they manufacture from smoke generators to fully-digital smokers that do everything but eat the food for you.

Availability: At BBQ stores and sporting goodsretailers across the country as well as from most major outdoor product catalogs and online at Bradley’s website,

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