Buy Rite Scopes Offers Great Deals on New Site

Buy Rite Scopes Offers Great Deals on New Site

Wheatland, Missour – -( Kay and Keith Johnson recently opened their store to offer the kinds of valuable, accurate scopes they had come to rely upon over the years. “My husband and two sons have been hunters for some time,” explains Kay. “Keith has hunted since childhood. They use a variety of rifles, scopes, and spotting scopes, so there’s a big interest in both hunting and scopes. This business just naturally fit into our lifestyle.”

Taking their experience with these products, Kay and Keith initially began with a catalog of Leupold scopes. “Of the scopes that they have used over the years, they have found Leupold to be excellent,” says Kay. “Great guarantee, fog-resistant they work well in the field and do what their reputation says they’ll do, and they’re affordably priced.”

The pair also recently added binoculars to their catalog, and have expanded to alternate brands of scopes. “These are important items if you like to hunt, or if you’re a target or competition shooter,” says Kay. “We expect quality in the products that we use, so we expect the same thing from ourselves: to give quality service and products to our customers.”

This has led Kay and Keith to open, a site where they can discuss their various products in detail. “We’ll be using the blog to inform people about different aspects of our scopes — what are recticals, what’s eye relief, field of views, different scopes that are important to hunters, what scopes work best in what situations,” explains Kay. “Same with binoculars; what binoculars are best for sporting events, and what are best for outdoor use These are all important topics.”

Most of all, it is important to provide their customers with the best service. Says Kay, “We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product, and free shipping for orders over $100.”

BuyRite Enterprise was established in 2003 with the mission to provide quality products at affordable prices coupled with quality service. You the customer is important to us and we strive to make each and every sale smooth and quick for your shopping convince.

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