Bride Of Brady Bill Passes Oregon Subcommittee

Bride Of Brady Bill Passes Oregon Subcommittee

Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Salem, Oregon – -( HB 2853, a bill intended to expand the failed Brady law and force Oregon into compliance with the Federal “NICS Improvement” act passed out of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety today. The Federal bill was opposed by many state-wide pro-gun organizations, Gun Owners of America, the American Legion and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. It was supported by the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign against gun ownership.

The committee is a joint committee so it includes both House Reps and Senators. Because of the timing (so late in the session) there was virtually no notice that the “work session” was scheduled. As we move towards the end of the session expect this to continue. Bills will be scheduled with little or no notice, making it virtually impossible for you as a voter to know the progress of legislation.

The committee invited testimony only from the supporters of the bill. Opponents were not allowed to testify. (In the interest of fairness no doubt.)

HB 2853 has been sold as a bill to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally ill (or in the language of the bill, “mentally retarded”) and who are a “danger to themselves and others.”

The obvious question is why are people who are a danger to themselves and others free and walking the streets? Even if a person accepted the fantasy that a law can keep guns out of the hands of bad people, what about knives, cars and power tools?

The Brady law was supposed to prevent criminals from getting guns. It failed. What it DID do was prevent law abiding people from getting guns. The Oregon State Police told us they had over 8000 “delays” last year. They had no statistics on how many people challenged those delays or how many people were successful in getting the record corrected.

If HB 2853 passes, you can rest assured that the incomplete and incorrect records the government keeps will ensnare a vast new collection of innocent people attempting to purchase firearms. But, now, instead of only having to beg the State Police to correct your records, you will be forced to petition the “Psychiatric Security Review Board” to correct your records. (Imagine explaining that to your significant other.) And of course, if you move or are attempting a purchase in another state, you will be forced to seek relief from the Feds. Good luck.

The bill, as you might expect, comes with the promise of Federal money. (If they can print it fast enough.) No doubt, that was a major element in the seduction of those who voted for it. But the fact remains that this bill vastly expands a failed system and puts more gun owners in the crosshairs of the most anti-gun administration on the history of our country.

Three members of the Subcommittee stood up for your rights today and voted NO.

They were:
Sen. Doug Whitsett [email protected]
Rep. Tim Freeman [email protected]
Rep. Greg Smith [email protected]

They deserve your thanks.

Those who voted to go for the money and expand the Brady law were:
Sen. Joanne Verger, Co-Chair [email protected]
Sen. Vicki L Walker [email protected]
Rep. Chip Shields, Co-Chair [email protected]
Rep. Jeff Barker [email protected]
Rep. Nick Kahl [email protected]
Rep. Nancy Nathanson [email protected]

The bill now moves to the full committee. This could happen any time with no notice. Please contact the full committee and express your opposition as soon as possible.

Contact info for the entire committee can be found here.

A sample cut and paste message follows. Please keep in mind this is a joint committee. You may be addressing either a Senator or a Representative.


HB 2853 is NOT about keeping guns out of the hands of the “dangerously mentally ill.”
It is about a vast expansion of the failed Brady law. Thousands of people are delayed or denied legitimate firearms transfers in Oregon every year because of errors in the records used to determine if a buyer is “eligible” to exercise a right. If this bill is passed, those denied firearms purchases because of faulty record keeping in Oregon will now be forced to plead their case before the “Psychiatric Security Review Board.”

If they move or are attempting an out-of-state transfer they will be entangled in a bureaucratic Federal nightmare.

This bill does nothing to keep dangerous people off the streets, it merely adds another layer of bureaucracy to an already failed system. Please vote NO on HB 2853.




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