Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws

Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws

Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws
Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws

Bellevue, Wa – -( At Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws we’ve assembled pro-gun articles from the medical and legal literature which are thoroughly referenced, and provide ‘intellectual ammunition’ against ill-conceived, and counterproductive ‘gun control’ laws.

When making a pro gun point to a legislator, or journalist, or fellow citizen, we feel it carries more weight if the source is something other than the American Rifleman, or Guns&Ammo. While the NRA once was cited by the Library of Congress as “one of the most consistently truthful lobbying groups”, the general public still is skeptical of anything they say.

As an example of what can be found on our site, in “Guns and Public Health – epidemic of violence, or pandemic of propaganda?” award-winning, liberal criminologist Don Kates, and his physician co-authors wrote the following in the Tennessee Law Review journal.

“Even more unfortunately, CDC and other health advocate sages build their case not only by suppressing facts, but by overt fraud, fabricating statistics, and falsifying references to support them.[261] The following are but a few of the many
examples documented in a recent paper co-authored by professors at Columbia
Medical School and Rutgers University Law School.”

This is an 83 page article that is well written and factual with about 1/3 of the article being substantive footnotes and references from indisputable sources.

If you find that interesting see also the articles by Suter, such as his “Guns in the Medical Literature – a failure of peer review” on our “Favorite Links” –

Andrew Johnstone, RPh/MD
Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws –

“‘First do no harm’ – gun control LAWS lead to far more needless deaths than ‘easy access’ ever could…”

Our mission is to educate our fellow doctors and their patients, the public, about gun laws that are counterproductive and the deceitful tactics of those who advocate gun control. We offer a healthy dose of common sense to the national gun debate by shedding light on what gun laws are sensible, and which ones most certainly are not.