Outdoor Media Resources Launches New Website For The Outdoor Press

Outdoor Media Resources Launches New Website For The Outdoor Press


ANNISTON, AL — -(AmmoLand.com)- Outdoor Media Resources has launched a new website designed as a source of information for outdoor writers, editors, and other industry professionals to help with their work, improve their business practices, and learn about social media. The site, outdoormediaresources.com, was recently launched and will be updated regularly with blog posts, client news, and other useful resources of interest to the outdoor press.

Sherry G. Kerr, owner of public relations and marketing firm Outdoor Media Resources, says the site was developed with the goal of helping members of the outdoor media do their jobs. “Sometimes that means providing client information, but often it means advising them on improving their business practices, interacting better with manufacturers, promoting themselves and their talents, and learning some completely new skills.”

With more and more press outlets closing, publishing fewer issues, or reducing staffs, the competition is greater than ever for markets to publish writers’ work. “Improving their skills and industry relationships is one way to gain an edge over other competent writers,” says Kerr. “For over 20 years, I’ve had an ongoing conversation with writers on these subjects, so this site is an easy way to make that conversation more accessible.”

One area the site will focus on is social media. “If you aren’t already using such social media platforms as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you’re late,” according to Kerr. “Want to network with other professionals from whom you can learn and possibly get job leads? Go online. Want to find outdoors enthusiasts who are not reading your magazines or buying premium TV channels? Go online. There’s an active and growing number of hunters, shooters, anglers, and other outdoors people using the internet, and the outdoors industry has been slow to address them. Some of the posts on outdoormediaresources.com will show you where to go online and what to do when you get there.”

Among the website’s features are:

  • Trajectories: Where we are, where we’re going, and how we’ll get there, a new blog authored by Sherry Kerr. This will be a regular source of information and tips aimed at the outdoor press, including an upcoming two-week series on using the social networking platform Twitter;
  • News Releases from clients of Outdoor Media Resources;
  • Media Bytes, a collection of short tips, industry announcements, and recommendations;
  • Video Player, playing video from clients or other industry organizations;
  • Events Calendar, a resource listing industry trade shows, writer organization conferences, and other important dates, with clickable links for more information about events;

Twitter Feed, Sherry Kerr’s five most recent “tweets” on Twitter, where her username is @SherryinAL;

Social Media Badges, links to Sherry Kerr’s pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook;

Resources, pages with links to client and key industry websites, writer organizations, and other categories to come;

Outdoor Media Resources Information, pages with information about services, company background, and how to contact OMR.

“One thing we tried to go overboard on was making it easy for the press to contact us,” says Kerr. “On every page you’ll find brightly-colored email links, as well as textual contact information.”

The new site is the result of months of development and searching for just the right designer to help Kerr create it. When she met Cory Glauner of Web Dog Services and saw his outdoors-themed websites, she knew she had found the right designer. “Cory got it instantly when I told him the elements and tone I wanted,” said Kerr. “While I couldn’t visualize or create it, he could.”

Kerr invites the press to use the site and come back often for new information, as the site will evolve and will be updated regularly. Better yet, she says, subscribe to updates via email or RSS feed. “We also encourage the media to give us input – ask us to add a feature, to cover a topic, or to give us a news tip. Leave comments on the site and the blog posts. If a magazine has new features, new staff, a newsletter, or anything else you’d like the outdoor media and industry to know, please contact us,” she says.

Outdoor Media Resources is a public relations and marketing communications firm specializing in the shooting sports and outdoors industry for over 20 years. It is headquartered in Anniston, Alabama. For more information, contact Sherry Kerr at 256-831-7877 or [email protected] Visit our website at https://outdoormediaresources.com.