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The Internet's Most Popular Daily Blog On Survival And Preparedness Topics
The Internet’s Most Popular Daily Blog On Survival And Preparedness Topics

Somewhere West of the Rockies – -(’s featured Gun Blogger of the Month, for August 2009, is the

James Wesley, Rawles (JWR) is a survivalist author and lecturer. JWR is also the editor of

“I’m also a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, and now work as a full-time blogger and freelance writer. This blog reflects my interests. I’ve been an enthusiastic survivalist since my teenage years. I grew up in the Bomb Shelter era, and that mind set just never wore off” says James Wesley, Rawles.

The first amazing thing about the is JWR has not missed a daily post to his blog for four years starting in 2005 and his blog is a vast reference of survival tips, how to articles, political discussions and detailed discussion on everything survival and preparedness related. Interview:

Q: What is your Blog’s Official Name?

Q: What is your Name?
A: Jim Rawles

Q: What is your Online Name that you may post under?
A: Rawles (Such as at The FALFiles.)

Q: Where are you located?
A: Somewhere West of the Rockies

Q: What is the point of view or purpose of your blog?
A: To encourage preparedness

Q: How long has your Blog been active?
A: Since September 2005. (It is posted daily, and I’ve never missed a

Q: What do you do for a living or is your blog a full time job?
A: I”m a full time blogger, but also a novelist

Q: Do you have a specific agenda or goal of your blog?
A: To encourage preparedness and self-sufficiency.

Q: Do you have any other digital sites?
A: and

Q: What is one thing that you want your readers to know about you?
A: If you like my blog, you’ll live my novel: Patriots: A Novel of
Survival in the Coming Collapse.

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse


Q: What was the best thing you did on your blog that go the most
reaction from your readers?
A: Published my “List of lists“, with family preparedness suggestions.

(The List of List Includes: Water List
Food Storage List
Food Preparation List
Personal List
First Aid /Minor Surgery List
Nuke Defense List
Biological Warfare Defense List
Gardening List
Hygiene List/Sanitation List
Hunting/Fishing/Trapping List
Power/Lighting/Batteries List
Fuels List
Firefighting List
Tactical Living List
Communications/Monitoring List
Tools List
Sundries List
Survival Bookshelf List
Barter and Charity List)

Q: What was the worst thing you did on your blog that go the most
reaction from your readers?
A: I was 16 hours late posting SurvivalBlog one day, and some folks
thought that I had died or had been kidnapped.

Q: You have a lot of written content on your blog. Do you write it
all yourself or do you have help?
A: It is a collaborative effort.

Q: Obviously since we are featuring you your blog is Pro gun? What do
you think the outlook is for the future of gun rights in America?
A: I think that the growing 10th Amendment movement and upcoming court
decisions (that will expand on the Heller decision) will more firmly
secure our RKBA. I also expect Vermont-style concealed carry (“no
permit required”) will catch on in many western and southern states.

Q: What is your favorite firearm and why?
A: I like the L1A1. It is the ultimate in reliability for the FAL family.

Q: What hunting or shooting sports hobbies do you have?
A: Big game hunting, plinking, and steel challenge.

Q: Of the topics you cover what do you enjoy writing about the most?
A: Worst case scenarios

Q: What things would you like to do or expand in your blog to in the
A: As time permits, I’d like to add educational video segments on

Q: What would you like to say to those that are anti gun or maybe just
unsure of the purpose of guns in our society today?
A: They should just read The Document, at face value. Its language is
plain and clear!

Q: You have a lot of things going on besides, what
other things can our reader look forward to seeing from you?
My nonfiction book “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It:
Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times” will be
released by Penguin Books in late September. I’m also presently writing
two sequels to my novel “Patriots”, which will be released in 2010 and
2011, by Simon & Schuster. Audio book version of several of my books
are also now in the works.

Q: What parting remarks or comments you would like to make or promote?
A: Get your Beans, Bullets, and Band-Aids together, folks! Time is short.

The has a great selection of articles. Check out Save Your Nickles, Survival Guns and Peak Oil.

Take some time and visit our friends at James at the

Peak Oil

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ranger 101

thanks for your web site jim, keep up the good work. loved your book survivors.

Robert Stout

Your article is very insightful and packed with good information!!! I'm a "patriot" myself and want to help all my friends and family see just what's coming down the road!!! Just in the United States alone, there will be massive food shortages in early 2011 guaranteed!!! Rioting and mass chaos will take over many of the neighborhoods and the police will never be able to handle all the disastrous situations happening on a daily basis!!! I knew this time was coming and its just about here!!! May the Lord grant each one of us the necessary knowledge and skills to… Read more »

scott orum

Im almost finished with your book patriots and order your other book teotwawki i know the us is going to tank so im asking u what would b the best weapons to purchase, i hunt and fish hear in nevada i have a few weapons ,but not what i need to take care of my family what would u recommend.