Team GLOCK Places At Steel Challenge World Championships

Team GLOCK Places At Steel Challenge World Championships

Glock Pistols
Glock Pistols

SMYRNA, Georgia –-( Dave Sevigny, Jessie Abbate and Randi Rogers of Team GLOCK competed at the Steel Challenge World Championship in Piru, CA from August 13-16.

Nearly 150 competitors entered the annual USPSA steel shooting tournament.

During the event the Team GLOCK members earned the following places and titles: Dave Sevigny

  • 4th Overall Open, 86.62 seconds
  • 3rd Overall Limited, 94.64 seconds
  • 3rd Overall Open Rimfire, 73.92 seconds
  • 2nd Overall Steel Master, 255.18 seconds
  • Jessie Abbate (Photo courtesy of Yamil Sued)
  • High Lady Open Centerfire- 14th Overall, 94.94 seconds
  • High Lady Limited- 9th Overall, 104.79 seconds
  • High Lady Open Rimfire- 6th Overall, 77.95 seconds
  • High Lady Steel Master, 277.68 seconds
  • Randi Rogers (Photo courtesy of Yamil Sued)
  • 4th Lady Open Centerfire- 55th Overall, 119.86 seconds
  • 2nd Lady Production- 3rd Overall, 127.90 seconds
  • 3rd Lady Open Rimfire- 21st Overall, 92.12 seconds
  • 3rd Lady Steel Master, 339.88 seconds

Team GLOCK used GLOCK 17 pistols in 9×19 by S&J Customs in the Open division. In Limited, Jessie Abbate used a GLOCK 17L pistol in 9×19, while Randi Rogers and Dave Sevigny used GLOCK 34 pistols in 9×19.

“Our team did very well here. Jessie won all the Lady categories she entered by a decisive margin. Randi has made improvements in the Open division and will only get better as she gains more experience with the Steel Challenge,” said Team GLOCK Captain Dave Sevigny.

In Open division at the Steel Challenge World Championship, Sevigny’s 4th place finish at 86.62 with an overall stage win on “Pendulum” is a personal best.

“I just need to keep working hard at this. The competition at the top level is very deep. I’m close but must improve by three to five seconds to win this in Open Centerfire.” It is noteworthy that the S&J Custom GLOCK 17 built for Sevigny has a 4 lb. trigger and costs about half as much as his competitor’s highly customized single action pistols in the top ten. “The pistol runs and is accurate. I just have to do my part,” added Sevigny.

Team GLOCK will next compete at the USPSA Area 8 Championship in Virginia from August 27-30.

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