New Hi-Point 995TS Carbines are Firearm Bargains

New Hi-Point 995TS Carbines are Firearm Bargains
Incredibly affordable at only $249 to $299…

Hi-Point 9mm/.40S&W Carbine
Hi-Point 995TS Carbines

Dayton, OH, –-( MKS Supply, Inc. Hi-Point Carbines, one of the best firearm bargains available in today's market, debuts new models and calibers.

Incredibly affordable at only $249 to $299 depending on sighting system, Hi-Point Carbines are not to be underestimated just because they do NOT cost $800.00.

For a price under most .22LR rifles nowadays, the Hi-Point Carbine is a serious firearm and very affordable for most gun owners.

Hi-Points Carbines are a bit wild looking but then again check out the many multi-thousand dollar rifles and carbines in today's market covered with so much Picatinny railing they feel like handful of razor blades, and, Hi-Points do have handy top-side and forearm bottom Picatinny rails, and that's more than enough for a quick reaction carbine.

We digress, but that's fun too….

Hi-Points come chambered in 9mm Luger and .40 S&W calibers. It is reasonable to expect to pick up an extra 100-250 feet per second of velocity and obviously more energy over handguns chambered in these loads from Hi-Point carbines thanks to the longer barrel compared to hndguns of the same caliber; especially if using +P loads.

Hi-Point Carbines are employed by police departments world-wide. Compact, light in weight, reliable, accurate and did we mention affordable, these handy robust carbines can sling lead with their same size but much more expensive counter-parts all day long.

The robust all weather black molded polymer skeletonized stock is both tough and light in weight. Additionally the forearm offers an excellent grabby surface regardless of time of year, conditions or whether the user is wearing gloves, mitts or is bare handed.

The simple blow back design reliably feeds ammunition from the compact single stack 10-round magazine which also fits the Hi-Point series of affordable same caliber semi-auto pistols. When the last round is fired the bolt locks to the rear for a rapid reload.

Model 995TS shown with optional $24.99 (MSRP) folding hand grip.

Models/Sights/MSRP prices for the 9mm; the .40 caliber will be about $25.00 more for each model listed below. Also the first 9 in each model listed below represents a 9mm. The model number for ordering the .40 caliber will replace the first 9 with the number 40.

  • 995TS, adjustable ghost ring iron sight, $249.00
  • 995TS4X with 4X optical scope, $282.00
  • 995TSRD with B.S.A. brand red dot sight, $282.00
  • 995TSLZ with laser sight $299.00


  • Finish: Special high-durability black powder coat
  • Stock:Black molded polymer-(with standard upper and lower
  • Picatinny rails).
  • Barrel length: 161/2-inches in 9mm and 17-inches in .40 Overall length: 31-inches in 9mm and 311/2-inches in
  • the .40 caliber
  • Basic Iron Sight model Weight: 7-pounds, other
  • models vary by a few ounces depending on sight.
  • Magazine capacity: 10-rounds.
  • Warranty: Lifetime on parts and labor.
  • Manufacturer: Hi-Point of Mansfield Ohio, U.S.A.
  • A trigger Lock is included with each carbine.

Consumers may gain more information by going to or by contacting MKS Supply, Inc, 8611-A north Dixie Drive, Dayton OH 45414; or phone MKS Supply at 877-425-4867 or 937-454-0363.

Charter Arms 2010 SHOT Show booth is 15549

Hi-Point never makes you choose between reliability and affordability. Our quality control measures are second to none. Each Hi-Point firearm is test fired prior to shipment to ensure proper and safe functioning. The result is high customer satisfaction, and one of the lowest return or repair rates in the industry.

  • 32 thoughts on “New Hi-Point 995TS Carbines are Firearm Bargains

    1. I’m picking up one in .45 acp. Hard to believe that the company won’t make hi cap mags for those of us who live in enlightened states. Seems like they are leaving a lot of money on the table. They should also consider making a carbine without the evil pistol grip for those unfortunates who live in NY. This would seem to be a perfect home defense weapon and the current mags are legal there.

    2. Well. Here we are. Six years after this article was written. You grammar and spelling nazis just relax. Anyway. I have had my 995 Dressed Bubba Gun for four years and have put close to 3000 rounds of BVAC FMJ and HP reloads. (Can’t get it from BVAC now with the political scares.) Not one FTL, FTF or FTE. Never a problem. I carried it as my weapon as armed security. When I go to the range with the 7mm rem mags and 7.62s the 995 is right along. Like mine. Might even look into the H-Point pistols and sell off these high dollar cabinet queens.

    3. I own a 380 hi point hand gun and a 995ts 9mm carbine and both have never gave me any trouble. There accuracy is spot on. You would never know that they were inexspensive unless somebody told you.


    5. I just got a 995TS 9mm and was very pleased in the way it handled and I think it's one of the best buys on the market. I also was suprised in how well it shoot, I haven't put it on paper yet but was hitting pop can size targets almost every time at 100 yards.


    6. i have the 995ts it is a fantastic gun anybody that says otherwize dosn't own one. i have all the accessories and it still coust under 400.00 new. no questions ask repairs. free mag if you do need a repair or just a cleaning realy so you dont have to pay shipping, now thats cool i dont care who you are. i wish i could leave a jpeg of my gun its a real looker, accessories: 3-9×50

      tasco scope, drop down grip, mag holder on stock, laser green, 15rd mags 3, barrel shroud non

      vented( like a silincer), going to be getting my bi-pod soon that will top it off. oh i also own a 9mm c9 hi-point pistol, and have had the 40 s&w if you like guns and have an extra 200.00 go buy a hi-point today

    7. I was just in my towns new gun store big r. And i seen this eye catching carbine sitting by its slef. I ask the guy to get it down and when i felt the light weight i truned to my wife and said this is my new gun. Im just wondering should i get the 9mm or the 40 s&w?

    8. I always thought the standard 995 was as uglier than a mud fence. I was in my favorite gun shop a couple of weeks ago looking at the Saiga 12, when this unusual-looking carbine caught my eye. I pulled it off the rack and just generally "groped" it, getting the heft, balance, etc. Worked the bolt, pulled the trigger and was impressed. It was the 995TS. The 10-round mag limit bothered me a bit (I like hi-cap mags, and just ordered 4 40-round mags for my AR, and have 33-round mags for my Glock 17 and CZ75D, plus a 50-round drum for my Archangel). I have a cataract developing on my master eye, and could not acquire the front sight, so I pondered the 995TS for about 30 minutes. Then I remembered that I had an extra red dot at the house, and that closed the deal. The bolt stays open, the red dot is spot on, and I ordered the Magazine Holder w/2 Magazines (MAGAZINE HOLDER ATTACHES DIRECTLY TO TACTICAL STOCK – 2 MAGAZINES INCLUDED for $40). Every report I have read about the 15 round aftermarket mags is negative. The general feeling is that they suck big time – even the ones made by the established names in aftermarket mags, like Pro-Mag. Currently there are no hi-cap mags available for the 995TS, but maybe someday somebody will get it right. Until then I can carry 3 loaded mags in and on my 995TS. (I can't help but wonder why Hi-Point doesn't make a hi-cap magazine for the 995TS)

      1. For anyone reading this, Pro-Mag is junk regardless of the gun model. They’re know for being some of the worst magazines available.

        If you have a 995, check out Redball magazines. They’re supposedly good

    9. Major I cannot agree with you more. I am from New Orleans and went through the beginnings of Katrina and got the heck out. I did bring ALL of my firearms and ammo and reloading equipment. People were telling me I should have only grabbed essentials. I told them I did!

      My wife is in the process of getting her CC license here in NC, and I am in the process of purchasing one of these great firearms from Hi-Point. Funny thing, my wife is from Hi-Point! Thats how I found these guns in the first place. I have not found 1 single complaint about the 995.

      I should have mine within the next 2 weeks and will post what my experience is. I can pretty much see what that is going to be like.

      Everybody wake up and help your family sleep securely and soundly at night…arm yourself.


      In the 1968 Charlton Heston movie the Planet of the Apes the gorillas were the soldiers of the ape race. Do you remember the carbine they used? The one they kept trying to shoot Heston with. At one point in the movie Heston’s character stated that the apes were not sophisticated enough to develop and manufacture something as intricate as a rifle. The carbine the gorillas carried looked like a monkey slapped some wood around a metal barrel and called it a gun.

      In fact the Hollywood props people took old US military M1, 30 caliber carbines and put some very chunky wood on the old Army carbine actions to make them look futuristic. But they still looked like apes made them.

      The Colonel got me a new Hi Point Model 995, 9mm carbine ( for Christmas and at first blush it looks like a Planet of the Apes rifle. It has a one piece polymer (read plastic) stock and a shape that would make you think the designer had been watching Chuck Heston battling for his life against primates, just prior to going to the drawing board on this firearm. The Model 995 just does not look like most of the other rifles or carbines out there on the gun market.

      A carbine by nature is shorter and lighter then a regular battle rifle a soldier would be issued. The US military introduced their MI carbine in WW II as a substitute for the handgun. Soldiers, who needed a firearm to protect themselves from the enemy but were not in direct combat, were issued a carbine. The Marines found the M 1 carbine very handy to use in the close quarters combat of the Pacific jungles. If you have to fight your enemy up close and personal like, (say in your home at 2:00 AM) a little carbine that moves quickly in your hands in tight spaces can be a plus in keeping you alive.

      That is kind of how I felt about this new little Hi Point 9mm carbine. It could be of great advantage to me in an up-close encounter with the bad guy trying to destroy my family’s peaceful way of life. Yes, most rifles and shotguns in this country are purchased for hunting, most handguns are not. When I was in the retail firearms business back in the 1970s people would come into the gun shop and tell me they wanted to buy a handgun for target shooting. That is like buying a $1000 set of gulf clubs to practice for a round of miniature putt-putt gulf. People buy handguns to protect themselves but then don’t really learn to use the firearm all that proficiently. A short barreled carbine where you use two hands to operate the firearm can improve you ability to hit what you are pointing at.

      I am old enough to have been trained on the old Thompson sub-machine gun. The Tommy-Gun, the gun that made the “roaring 20s” roar. What I liked about the Thompson was it was short, had a pistol grip that allowed me to shoot the firearm with one hand if I placed the shoulder stock in my armpit.

      And that is just what I can do with my Hi Point 9mm carbine. I can use both hands for accurate firing or I can shoot it with one hand in an emergency. By the way I am not getting paid an endorsement fee for plugging this firearm.

      What I am trying to tell you is that it is a dangerous world and with the economy getting much worse by the day, the “have-nots” are getting more desperate. The other problem is a lot of “haves” are becoming “have-nots” and they don’t know how to fend for themselves. Violent home invasions are on the rise in this country. Do a web search on border violence in Texas or California. Don’t even think about going south of the US border right now, besides they don’t let their citizens own firearms to protect themselves.

      When people are stressed-out (over used phrase) they can react violently. Remember psychology 101, the fight or flight fear factor is in everyone. American men have a moral obligation to protect their family and loved ones. American women, don’t stand about with a cell phone dialing 911 and expecting someone else to save you. Both men and women need to be prepared for the wolf at the door. Assurance not insurance, you must be ever vigilant.

      Major Van Harl USAF Ret.
      [email protected]

    11. I have not been able to find 30 round clips for the 995 Carbine however I do know that there are 15 round clips available for it through a local store here in Idaho. I have a few of them and they work extremely well. They do not have a web site but here is their information hopefully this well help some of you fellow shooters.

      Rangers Lead the Way…

      Alpha Omega Services Armageddon Armory

      2809 Garrity Blvd

      Nampa, ID 83687


    12. The early 995's did not lock open upon firing the last round. My friends 995 is like this.. My 4095 dose lock open upon firing the last round or installing an empty mag and cycling the slide. Hi Point might have incorporated this "hold open" on the new 995TS.

    13. One possible inaccuracy I noticed in the article – the Hi-Point carbine does NOT lock the bolt open after the last shot.

      The bolt can be manually locked open for cleaning but it has no mechanism for catching/releasing on the last shot.

      It must be manually cycled to start a new magazine.

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