HR 45 Is Going No Where Stop The Internet Rumor

HR 45 Is Going No Where Stop The Internet Rumor

Indiana – -( For the umpteenth time. HR 45 is going no where. I got a call yesterday and I was hit with questions about this moments ago at our West Side Sportsman’s Club.

HR 45 called the Blair Holt amendment was introduced by Illinois U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D) who represents half of the south side of Chicago. He served time in prison for an illegal weapons possession back in 1969 I believe it was.

Now he writes gun laws.

His bill that was introduced early this year has, no co-sponsors, and has not moved since it was introduced. At least it has not moved in Congress, but it sure has circled the globe via e-mail.

I don’t know of any legislation that has received so much notoriety, but maybe a close second would be the perpetual alerts about SB 2099. There is no such animal. The US Senate designates their bills with just an S. in front of the bill number.

Back in 2000 Senator Jack Reid a Democrat from R.I. introduced S.2099 during the 106 Congress. It was to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require the registration of handguns for the purpose of taxing them.

It was cited as the Handgun Safety and Registration Act of 2000. There was no action taken on this bill.

Again, I’m asking that folks not get caught up in reading too much hype on the Internet. There are people who just live to get rumors started.

I’d rather our folks, if they have the time, to go on the Internet to make use of it by writing letters to the editors of newspapers promoting our cause.

I do hope that this e-mail would get passed around and maybe lay to rest some of these unnecessary worries. I’m kind of wearing down writing about them. I wouldn’t mind getting a letter back from someone telling me they read this letter. I’d like to think somebody is.

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

The Second Amendment Patriots are a local group of citizens dedicated to preserving the rights, freedoms, and civil liberties of every American by educating the American public of the founding and history of this country and its founding fathers by explaining the role, functions and purpose of the U.S. Government; and by teaching the need and importance of an armed American public, in order to allow for a more prosperous and respectful country consisting of American citizens with a pledge of allegiance to their country and who will at the same time, voice their demand to take back the present overwhelming power of the U.S. Government and deliver it into the hands of the people to which it belongs.

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Allen Highsmith

You said it! They need to send all the politicians and Obama to try to take the American peoples guns from them! That would be a sight to see!


I'm for any pro handgun organization but the N.A.G.R is going to kill themselves if they keep up the false scare tactics to raise funds.


I am soooo sick of the "Obama-mania" horsehockey and bald faced lies being regurgitated. "Serialization of ammo–better buy up everything in site–even calibers you don't own–it'll be like gold" . Good gawd people–can't some of you see when you're being shilled and fears played upon?

I have this page bookmarked and send them here and to as well as the hr45 site where the disclaimer reiterates that this bill has no co-sponsors and zero chance of passing.

northeast patriot

so much of this is in effect at the state level now. being from connecticut, i have my state concealed carry permit. i pay $35.00 every 8 years. all my weapons are (by law) registered. keeping in mind that connecticuts state attorney general is completely anti gun, and has retained the assualt weapons ban. i dont hunt, i target shoot and carry for the protection of myself and any other would-be victim of crime. and yes, if legal, im sure taking a mp7 to the range would be a blast (no pun intended). i must agree with mr. ernst's statement… Read more »

Never dig in


Jim & Margie,

Thanks for your informative letter.

Sadly the email rumor (ref. date above)

is still going around the club. However,

I think I'm finally learning. If it's important

"I" need to do more reseach.

Thanks Again!


You know its ironic. All this talk all these supporters but no one wants to take action?

We are run by a tyranny, or at least it would seem like it. Our rights are violated and we do not even know it. To be honest it is time for another rebellion or something.

Our leaders are not every day people they are over paid people that really don't deserve the money to begin with.

G. K. Rader

I am a WW11 veteran and I have been an NRA Member for several years.

Just recently, I started practicing again at a local gun range. Late April 1945 I was in the town of Dachau, Germany when the 45th Infanty liberated the first and last concentration camp there.

I saw first hand how defenseless citizens like you and me can be exterminated.

My only wish is that the gang in Washingtron D. C., who want to take our guns, can go rot in HELL.

Shame on them. Thanks for keeping is in tune with the facts.


Here's the text of the bill according to the Library of Congress.

This seems pretty clear to me.



Marcie: Nice link but the bill is dead in the water, it is a non issue.

M. Gene White

I'm glad you think so, but I am very skeptical about this Congress and this President. Keep an eye on them!

I'm passing your thoughts on to

my e-mail list.

R. Hartwell

Wouldn't it be great if you could attach this site to every junk e-mail you recieve. Stop the madness

Pam Pruitt

Thanks for your post. You said you would like to know if anyone is reading your posts on HR45, well, I did, and I passed it to my friends!!

Thanks again,


P J Elton

I was just getting ready to write my congressmen but I read your letter so now I can write about something else. I have a list of those things I am watching. Thank you. I am concerned about HR 875 as it gives Monsanto too much power. we won' even be able to save seeds any more.

R Samuelson

Thanks. I wasn't aware felons could hold public office.

P J Elton

I was just getting ready to write my congressmen but I read your letter. I have a list of those things I am watching. Thank you.

Bill Ernst

I dont think our Goverment is that Stupid That they would try to inforce something like those bills, there are to many gun owners and like myself a Proud veteran that knows how to use a firearm and would defend the right to own firearms. I would feel sorry for the mothers of anyone that tried to come and take mine away. It would start the next American Revolution.


Thank you very much for putting my mind to rest. I almost forwarded the email but now I'll hold on to it. Just in case.

Have a safe and wonderful day.

Melissa Schmidtbauer, Ham Lake , MN

Dean Drerup

You say this Bobby Rush ( Democrat from Illinois ) did time in the pen??? And we wonder why America the Great is not so great anymore. Felons holding office. As Charlton Heston once said " when they pry it from my dead, cold fingers."



Just another Patriot

There is no doubt this will continue to resurface with our present overabundance of anti freedom anti rights elected leaders.

I truly hope it is dead. But facts be known our present leadership is moving in a Socialistic government mode.

America was sleeping when they voted these people in. I only hope they awaken before America is destroyed.

What happened to the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Why do our leaders cast it aside so lightly. Is it time to think about some leadership impeachments?

Renee Adams

Thank you for keeping us informed and educated on what is true and what is garbage.

Without you guys (and girls) I would not know what is true and what is crap.

Now to try and get my family to stop sending me the crap is another story!

Thanks again



You're absolutely right – the bill is dead in a committee right now and won't be resurrected this session. But – just like a good nurse slaps you on the butt a couple of times before she skewers you with the needle – they're getting us acclimated to the idea. It'll be back next year and the next and the next… until it does pass or until we show them why it isn't a good idea to even try to pass it. Unfortunately, there are only two ways to keep it from coming back: Pass it and live with it… Read more »