Virginia Rail Express To Let Riders Carry Loaded Guns

Virginia Rail Express To Let Riders Carry Loaded Guns
Credit must to the VRE as it shows that it understands its riders have the right to their own self-defense.

Virginia Rail Express
Virginia Rail Express

Virginia –-( With all the howling this week over at the New York Times Editorial Board about Senate passage of the Wicker Amendment, its refreshing to learn that the Board of Directors of the Virginia Rail Express (VRE) voted yesterday to let train riders carry loaded guns.

While the Wicker Amendment passed by the Senate this week requires AMTRAK to let train riders check their unloaded guns in cases onto trains as is done by the airlines, the VRE Board passed a resolution just two days later (September 18, 2009) to let riders carry loaded guns.

So hats off to the VRE Board for doing the right thing and clarifying that commuters can carry guns on trains just like they can off the train. And hats off to Senator Roger Wicker (R – Mississippi) for pushing AMTRAK to allow riders to check unloaded guns – after all, who wants to hold that long gun in your arms for hours and hours on the nice and comfortable Acela Express?

But let's just hope the House of Representatives passes the Wicker Amendment “as is” and not with any rider purporting to ban the currently legal carry of loaded guns by passengers on AMTRAK trains.

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